Greetings fellow authors! Sorry I haven't updated so long, you won't believe all the time I had to put up with writer's bllock. Anyway here's a new KP story for all you KP fans out there, enjoy!

My Story

I stared at blank space as I tried to reflect at my thoughts and everything that happened in the past, I was too late to admit my feelings to the woman I loved and there was nothing that I could do about it anymore.

I was too scared to reveal my true feelings to her because I thought that it would affect our friendship, how stupid I was to let fear get in the way of my love for her. My name is Ron Stoppable, and this is my story:

I was 25 years old and I already graduated from Lowerton Community College while Kim graduated from Upperton Community College. I already had a job in Bueno Nacho as Chief Advisor for its affairs while Kim is studying in Medical school.

We were leading promising lives and futures, and being near with Kim again was the best part, being apart from her wasn't exactly what I called bearable. How I longed to be with her again when I was still in college, I would always write or call her just to be in contact, sometimes I would call her on the phone every 5 minutes and she'd always be annoyed at it but would still take my calls.

I thought that me in Kim would be together again, being friends? No, I wanted our relationship to be more than friends. I finally realized that I loved Kim, that I wanted her, and that I needed her.

I was falling all over for Kim and I was happy, I thought that I had the chance that other men didn't have, that I was the luckiest guy on earth, but…I was just fooling myself back then.

One day I heard the last thing I wanted to hear…Kim had a boyfriend! I was a bit shocked to find this out, and so was everyone else, Kim was already dating a guy who she never knew before, his name was Nathan Richards. Kim's parents were a bit wary of this at first, but after seeing Kim's new boy, they consented when they saw how perfect he was, he was a robotics engineer and a biologist, and he was a very fine young man which Mr. Dr. Possible commented (yuck!) but it was lost for me because it was obvious that Kim had found the boy for her-no!

I didn't want that Nathan for her, I wanted to be the boy for Kim, I wanted to be together with Kim, but all of it is lost because Kim loved Nathan and not me, she only saw me as her best friend and that's all she'll ever see me as…her best friend.

It felt painful that the woman I loved loved someone else. Nathan was everything I wasn't, handsome, successful and intelligent. He was far beyond compared to me, I was just some Chief Advisor for some fast food franchise, I thought that I still had a chance, to get her back, for me to have her, but I was wrong, I never had a chance, not before, not now, not ever. I was delirious of my emotions. I didn't know what to think except that it was already too late for me.

Kim was having the time of her life with Nathan, spending every precious moment with him. That's when I found out the fateful truth; Kim and I were never to be!

Now a year three years went by and Kim was now a Paediatrician, Kim had her own office and everything. She fulfilled everything she expected to happen and we were already 28 years old. Things were going fine as the days went by after Kim's new job, me and Kim still talked and still spent time together, the only special moments that I could cherish, but the thing that I least expected happened. It happened during a date with Nathan, I thought it was just like all the rest of the dates that they went on, but I was wrong.