Alright, here is the second story, this is not a nice, fluffy one that the other one was. It's not nice at all in fact. There is rape in this one, so if you don't like it, please skip over it. I'll start working on the next one soon, which will be TasukixChichiri. This one is very short, I don't even like writing this sort of thing, but it was a challenge. The characters are based on Nakago and Tamahome from Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yuugi.

Pairing: NakagoxTamahome

Midnight of the Black Rose: A story of Deepest Hatred

Tamahome groaned softly, his arms had fallen asleep again, his shoulders ached beyond reckoning and his head throbbed from where he'd hit his head when he was captured. "Damn that Nakago," he whispered, his thoughts drifting to Miaka, and the rumors that she had come down with some mysterious plague. He prayed to Suzaku to watch over the priestess, since he could not, and he chided his logic for giving himself as a hostage when Miaka had obviously needed him more. A lot of good I can do her now, he mused, looking up to the chains that held him suspended from the ceiling. Nakago, the leader of the Seiryu Seven, and his sworn enemy, had captured him trying to escape the Kutou palace. He had resolved that he would go to Miaka and help her, but Yui, the priestess of Seiryu and his beloved's best friend had betrayed him to her general.

So now Tamahome could be of no good to anyone, and he figured he would probably be punished for his escape attempt. "It doesn't matter anyway, I had to try for Miaka," he whispered to himself. "Still being the brave hero for that little priestess?" The deep voice came from the door of the cell, which from the Suzaku warrior's position, he couldn't see. But he didn't need to see to know whose voice it was. "Nakago," he said, his voice calm but full of venom, "Miaka is sick, she needs me."

"And that plea is supposed to get me to let you go? I care nothing for the Priestess of Suzaku. I only care that the Lady Yui is happy long enough to summon Seiryu. And for some reason, which eludes me, you make her happy." Nakago moved into the room, his boots clicking on the hard, stone floor. "I wonder Tamahome, what could be fitting punishment for you. Clearly you do not know what it means to be my prisoner, and I will have to show you that it is I who control things here in Kutou. You are along way from Konan my friend," he chuckled, but there was no mirth behind it, and the sound sent a chill down Tamahome's spine. The Seiryu warrior unfurled his whip and lashed it across the younger man's back, Tamahome winced in pain but didn't give Nakago the satisfaction of crying out. He braced for the next one, but much to his surprise, it didn't come. He heard foot falls behind him as the general walked up, very close to the hanging fighter. "Tamahome," he said, his voice a menacing whisper, "Do you know what it means for a true warrior to take off his armor for someone?"

Tamahome furrowed his brow, familiar with the saying, but he couldn't figure out what relevance it had to his situation. Not until the blond haired man moved his mouth to the wound on his back, licking the blood away. The Suzaku warrior tried to squirm away from him, but the bonds where too tight. Nakago pressed himself against Tamahome's back, and he could feel that warmth of bare skin against his throbbing back. "What are you going to do?"

"Break you," he said simply and without emotion, "Anyway I can." The General pulled Tamahome's tattered pants down, running a strong hand over the curve of his buttocks. He ran a finger in the crevice of his rear, pressing roughly on his opening. "That hurts you sadistic bastard!" Tamahome cried, his hands making fists, thought his bound arms could do little to stave off the Seiryu warrior's advances. Nakago licked some more blood from the wound, sending a shiver of pain and pleasure over the other warrior. He wrapped his arm around Tamahome's waist, using his hand to play with the soft skin of his exposed member. The proud Suzaku warrior grimaced against the pleasurable sensations that ran through him, determined to not give into Nakago.

The Seiryu warrior was intent however, and firmly ran his hand over Tamahome's hardening erection. The smaller man fought hard, but eventually he could not contain himself. He let out a small moan, and Nakago took this time to strike. Pulling his own trousers down, he placed his own member against Tamahome, thrusting deep within him. The Suzaku warrior cried out in pain, tears springing to his eyes, "You bastard!" he yelled through clenched teeth. Nakago began to roughly move within him, each time causing Tamahome to yell in pain. Nakago resumed his stroking of Tamahome's member, the pleasure making the younger man relax a bit, and he found that the pain lessened. Nakago pounded into him, running his hand over the Suzaku warrior just as roughly, intent on bring the man to orgasm through his uninvited attentions. "Let yourself go and it will be over sooner," the blond man whispered in his ear.

Tamahome tried not to enjoy the contact, but he felt his body growing hot despite the burning ache he was also feeling. He released himself into Nakago's hand with a painful shudder, and the Seiryu warrior's movements became fast and brutal, causing the dark hair man to cry out in agony. His attention was now fully on Nakago and his large member, violating places not meant for that kind of intimate contact. The general finally peaked within him, digging the nails of one of his hands into the fighter's hip, hard enough to draw blood. He pulled out and replaced his pants before coming around to look in Tamahome's eyes. Nakago moved his hand up to show him the white substance in his hand. "This is part of you," he licked it off his fingers, in a slow and sensual movement. Then he took the Suzaku warrior's face in his hands and kissed him roughly, so he could taste his own essence in the general's mouth.

"You are mine Tamahome... I have broken you and before long, you won't even see me as an enemy. Just you wait and see." With that Nakago punched him across the face, knocking him out cold. He went out of the cell and looked to a guard, "Dress him, in case Lady Yui comes down to see him, and if you tell anyone about this, you'll be next."

"Yes sir," was all the man said as he went in to clean up the battered Suzaku champion.