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It was interesting….growing up she had never expected to have these feelings for anyone. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue sky she had to go and fall….fall HARD…for her best friend. In the peaceful silence of Amity Park's city park, a loud groan ripped through the morning.

"Stupid…stupid…." grumbled a young woman, absentmindedly brushing her inky hair back behind her ear. It was early in the morning during the summer and Samantha Manson had decided to go jogging to see if she could clear her head of the images of a tall, dark haired, blue eyed man haunting her every moment. This wasn't supposed to be happening. She wasn't fourteen anymore for god's sake!

Jesus, she was twenty-two now…graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Fine Arts and was planning in a year or two to head back for a Masters in something or other. She didn't have time for guy problems! Hell, she had just finished with one major one. Sighing quietly, Sam swiftly bent down to grab her backpack, but before she could it miraculously picked itself up and was floating just out of her reach.

"Problems ma'am?" A husky disembodied voice interrupted her quiet…

Sam growled lightly and stared at the space before her where her bag was dancing lightly in the soft breeze, taunting her. "Danny, if that's you I really don't have the time this morning for your tricks. Besides, aren't you supposed to be having brunch or whatever with Valerie? Commemorating something or other?"

Suddenly a specter appeared before her, a closed look upon his handsome face as he gripped her bag and looked at her. Over the years, time and ghost fighting had been kind to Daniel James Fenton. No longer was he the short, lanky fourteen year old. Now, there were muscles in places he hadn't know he'd had to begin with, but there was still the same innocent quality to him that had drawn Sam all those years ago. She quickly came to herself, realizing that she was staring into his bottomless, vivid green eyes. A faint blush stained her still snowy complexion.

A husky chuckle escaped Danny's lips as he saw the blush gently grow across his old friend's face. Even in all their years together as best friends, Danny still couldn't put his finger on what made the woman before him. In the years since he first became a halfa, Sam had virtually exploded into womanhood. No longer blatantly into the gothic subculture, she nevertheless never gave up dark colors in her clothing. She still refused to be anything but an Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian and she would never lose the independence that had won Danny and Tucker as friends and kept the rest of Casper High at bay. Looking over her figure with a critical eye, Danny could swear that he had never expected his best friend to become…so…well, for lack of a better word…HOT. Tall for a woman at around 5'8, since she had been out jogging that morning all Sam had tossed on before hightailing it out of her parents home was a black sports bra, leggings and her tennis shoes. Her hair was longer now, layered so that when it was down it fell choppily, each layer brushing her back, shoulders and cheekbones, but at the moment was up in a ponytail. Flushed from her run and still blushing, to Danny, Sam was all creamy skin and rosy cheeks. Belatedly he realized what she had asked him…inwardly groaning, he wondered why she had brought up Valerie.

It was true, this morning he was supposed to be over at her apartment eating brunch for to celebrate their second year together. After graduation, Sam had gone to New York and Tucker had flown to Massachusetts to attend MIT. But while they were enjoying their college experience to the fullest, Danny, as resident town protector against all things ghostly had decided that leaving Amity Park for months at a time just for school was not a smart idea. So he had stayed behind to go to the university there, graduating on time (not that the ghosts didn't try to make sure that never happened….). Unfortunately, Valerie had come to the same conclusion that the town needed her and had stayed behind as well…Sam grimaced slightly, who's brilliant idea was it to leave Danny and Valerie together? Oh yeah, that would be hers…never in a million years had she figured that Valerie would stay behind to continue ghost hunting.

Swallowing loudly, Sam took a step towards Danny and reached out for her bag. Looking into his eyes, never breaking contact, she hesitantly grasped one of the straps and pulled it slowly to her.

The whole time he was openly staring at her, wondering why in the world she was so shy all of a sudden. "Sam?"

She jumped slightly, not expecting him to say her name…it always sounded so different when he said her name than when another guy did. Just the way it left his lips made her want to melt. "Yeah Danny?" Did that sound breathless? She guessed it did from the way his eyes widened slightly.

"Look, you've been back for a while now and we haven't had much of a chance to get together…would you want to maybe do something tomorrow?" Still floating in midair, He grinned sheepishly and rubbed his gloved hand behind his neck in a classic nervous manner. Sam must have turned a little redder because he continued to ramble, "I mean I know I've been busy with the ghosts and work and Valerie…but I haven't seen you in months and Tuck's not here this summer with that stupid internship of his in Japan so I just figured…"

Laughing softly, Sam quickly held up her hand to stall the rest of his sentence, "Danny, that'd be fine. I'm free tomorrow, look why don't you just come by my place. I mean if you still remember where it is." At that she grinned at him just as he grinned back. He nodded, "It's a date…I mean…uh…I'll see you then Sam!" And with that he simply disappeared, leaving nothing behind but a sudden gust of wind.

She smirked, even after all this time he still got flustered easily.

Way, way up in the air, a distant speck of black against a backdrop of blue, Danny stared at the equally distant black speck that was quickly picking up speed as it moved towards a pricier side of town. Knowing he was high enough up in the air that no one could possibly hear him Danny gave a loud groan. How could he…no, he was late…he was supposed to be at Valerie's right now. Another groan ripped its way from the halfa. Even after two years together Danny hadn't found a way to tell his girlfriend that he was the ghost that she hated with a fiery passion. They still fought on a weekly basis and then always afterwards she would call his cell demanding he came over right away. Apparently fighting his alter ego was horny work. Not that he was complaining…at least not at first he wasn't.

Moving with the various air currents, Danny floated among the clouds above the city, just thinking before he had to brave the lion's den and head to Valerie's. He had just been doing a quick sweep of Amity Park when he had decided that flying through the park would be the quickest shortcut to Valerie's when he had almost quite literally ran into Sam. Lucky him that flying Air Phantom included anti-lock air brakes.

Blushing, Danny had to admit it had taken him a second to recognize his friend. It had been almost a year since he had seen her, not since last August and it was June at the moment. He smirked, she had changed a lot. The curves she'd had before leaving home had finally all filled out; leaving the leggings she had been wearing to show each curve and swell of her legs and ass. Danny's blushed deepened as he then contemplated her sport's bra; her breasts hadn't been that big last year had they? Whoo boy. He knew she was single, though they hadn't seen each other in ages, every week or so the two traded emails in order to be updated on the other's life. It would have been three, but Tucker was currently so busy that if he managed to call at least once a month both Sam and Danny considered themselves lucky, but it was only for another two months and then the techno geek could come home.

Thinking about Sam, plus the lack of air that high in the sky made Danny's jumpsuit almost painfully tight against his body. Resting his head in the palm of his hand, Danny sighed. Life as Valerie's boyfriend wasn't at all like he'd imagined in high school. She was more than slightly controlling, like when she called him demanding sex after her battles with Phantom. Sometimes, to Danny, it just felt like he was a replacement for the time being for someone else. But for the life of him, Danny couldn't figure out who.

In fact, if he was completely honest with himself Danny had to say that the spark in their relationship had completely disappeared almost a year ago. Around that time Valerie became even harsher, and at times Danny could have sworn he'd heard her pant another name as he was buried deep inside her. Course to be perfectly fair he wasn't exactly faithful there either….little over a year ago he had stopped thinking of Valerie during sex and had started imagining someone else. Someone who had just popped back into his life wearing a sports bra and leggings. Making up his mind finally, Danny straightened his jumpsuit and nosedived in the direction of his girlfriend's apartment.

"Hi Honey, I'm home!" Danny sang quietly as he gently opened the front door to Valerie's loft. Silence greeted him. Frowning slightly, Danny dug into his front pocket for his cell phone though he couldn't remember it going off. Glancing at the screen proved he wasn't crazy, his phone hadn't rang and he was half an hour late for the anniversary brunch. "Val? Where are you?" Danny called a bit more loudly as he walked into the hallway leading to the kitchen, dining area and back bedroom. A muffled sound reached his ears, very faintly but growing louder and louder as Danny steadily made his way to the back bedroom.

Standing outside the door, hand poised to turn the doorknob and enter the room something made him stop. Leaning towards the door, Danny placed his ear against the wood.

"Oh…uh…yeah…right….YES… OH GOD….AGAIN, HARDER! TU…" Just then an ear shattering moan pierced through the doorway. Knowing that moan (albeit not when it reached THAT pitch but still…) Danny quickly turned the knob and walked in to see the shock of his young life. There in the bed that he and Valerie had shared countless times was his girlfriend and best friend. "Tucker?!"

"Danny!" Tucker was shocked, but one glance at Valerie showed she wasn't. In fact, her face seemed to say that she had been waiting for this to happen. The dark skinned man quickly covered himself with the comforter and face his best friend, "Danny, man I am so sorry…she told me you two had been broken up for a while!" Glaring at Valerie, Tucker nevertheless managed to have a look in his eye that Danny hadn't been able to produce for a long time. Valerie took her time adjusting the sheets around her body as she finally sat up and leaned against the headboard, lovingly she caressed Tucker's face before facing her boyfriend.

"Hello Danny, when you didn't show up earlier this morning I figure you'd forgotten all about the brunch. I was going to tell you then, but I guess here is as good a time as any…um, Tucker and I have been seeing each other for…" here she gave her partner in crime a quick glance and nodded, '…six months? Yes, six months. I'm sorry Danny, I never wanted it to end this way but we couldn't help it." She at least had the grace to look embarrassed as she admitted she'd been cheating for half a year. But Danny still looked confused about something.

"Tuck, I thought you were in Japan for an internship?" Tucker seemed to relax with the nickname and squirmed a bit, embarrassed, his glasses still a little crooked in his face as a sheepish smile crossed his face. He lightly shrugged his shoulders, "Well…turned out that they already knew they wanted me for the job and I was only needed to be there for four months instead of six for orientation. I just came back two days ago."

Nodding, Danny suddenly turned his back to them. Still waiting with baited breath for Danny's explosion of rage, Valerie and Tucker didn't move another muscle. What came next was a huge shock to both. Instead of a thunderous rant like they were expecting, soft chuckles, then full blown laughter was heard. Danny's entire body was convulsing from the gales of laughter he simply couldn't keep in any longer. "Hahahahaha…you two…hahahaha…for months….oh that's just too hilarious" Wiping a tear from his eye Danny suddenly stopped laughing. "And perfect."

The next day, Sam Manson was rudely awakened by her heavy curtains being whisked to each side allowing the sun to pour into the room. "AHHH!" Screaming she sat straight up in bed, gasping for air. Hearty chuckles greeted her desperate pants for oxygen.

"FENTON! Try that again and I'll make sure you become full ghost!" Sam desperately rubbed her eyes, she rasped at him, her voice hoarse from sleep and shock. Danny thanked the gods above that he was invisible at that moment; last night apparently Sam had decided to wear only a lacy camisole and boy shorts underwear to bed. Shuddering slightly he also noticed that her lips were rosy and full, in the back of his mind he wondered what she would taste like.

"C'mon Sammy…you said we could hang out today" He pleaded, acutely aware of the breathless quality to his voice as she slowly slipped out of her bed. First one long, slender leg followed swiftly by the other…then her thighs….gulping frantically Danny closed his eyes willing his erection to go down.

"Never…yawn….call me Sammy." Yawning, Sam rose out of her bed brushing her softly waved black hair out of her face as she stretched her arms. Frantic, Danny turned visible, he was now openly staring. Her light purple lace camisole barely reached her belly button and did nothing to hide the generous breasts she had somehow grown into over the years. From there Danny felt his eyes rove downwards, past her toned stomach and the too short (groan) boy shorts and all the way down to her toes. Damnit, he even found her toes to be a turn on. Smirking, Sam finally stopped stretching and glanced at the man in her room, "Like what you see?" She never expected what was next.

Like lightening, Danny took two steps and he was inches away from her. The air felt like it was electrified, goosebumps traveled up and down Sam's body. She was all too conscious of Danny being that close to her and knew if he did anything she would have to reckon with a really pissed Valerie. "Damn him and myself…why the hell do I still have to love him?" Trying to breathe steadily through her nose, Sam smoothly looked up into Danny's face and realized her mistake too late. She wasn't staring into ice cold blue eyes, but burning green.

As though he couldn't possibly wait another second, Danny swooped down and captured her lips with his. Two sensations immediately hit him like a punch in the stomach: one, Sam's mouth was soft as hell and two; he simple couldn't get enough and needed more. Nibbling around the edge of her soft bottom lip, Danny gently moved her backwards so that Sam's knees hit the side of her bed. Danny bit her bottom lip gently, and as Sam gasped in surprise he thrust his tongue into the warm cavern.

A ragged moan found its way from Sam as she finally gave into his kiss. All thoughts left her as she thrust her own tongue in an effort to gain some sort of control. But just as their tongues were battling, Danny gently used his hands to feel and memorize the shape of Sam's body. Finally he came to the conclusion that she had too many clothes on, pulling back slightly Danny couldn't help but grin at the sight before him. Sam was lying on her bed, hair mussed, lips bruised, her entire upper body was flushed and she was breathing heavily. Panting slightly, she lifted her hand and gently traced the outline of Danny's face. "Danny, we can't…what about you and Valerie?"

At that, his grin widened to a full blown smirk. Leaning to the side, propped up by his elbow he gently traced shapes on Sam's stomach as he talked. "Well, it turns out that she and Tucker have been seeing each other for six months now. I walked in on them in the bedroom yesterday at Valerie's after I left you at the park." He laughed gently at the look on Sam's face, "I know, I was shocked too, but it all made sense…for so long I had gotten the feeling she wanted someone else anyway."

Sam lay there for a second, her face scrunched as if thinking. Then suddenly she sat up, just barely missing hitting Danny in the head, shoved him off of her and walked across her bedroom. "How dare you!" Sam shrieked, grabbing her robe and agitatedly tied it tightly across her middle, "How DARE you, floating in here, kissing me like that and then telling me that you were dumped last night. Daniel Fenton I refuse to be anyone's rebound girl, especially yours! So if that's all you want you had better get the hell out of here before I find my combat boots!"

Stunned Danny just stayed slumped on the bed for a moment, "WHAT?! Sam! No! That's not it at all!" He jumped up and ran over to her, "How could you possibly think I would do that to anyone, let alone you?" He grabbed her arms and forced her to look him straight in the eye, "After I caught them I couldn't help but laugh, because I knew that Valerie wasn't who I wanted. She hasn't been in my dreams or my thoughts for months now. Sammy, don't you see?" His eyes, now back to their crystal clear blue, poured into her. It was like ice water was in her system; all she could do was shiver. "D-d-danny, what are you saying?" Unshed tears swam in her eyes, a few leaking and creating tear tracks down her face.

Danny gently wiped the tears from her face, smiled and then softly kissed her. That was all she needed. With a passion she thought had been lost for years, Sam grabbed him and forced him back upon the bed. With a dazed expression on his face, Danny looked up at the violet eyed beauty standing above him, with a grin he grabbed her and pulled her on top of him.

They started kissing softly, gently. As if making up for all the years apart, all the tears, all the pain, all the memories. But soon, Sam slipped her tongue back into Danny's mouth. Moaning desperately, Sam fought with the buttons on his shirt, unable to undo them in her hazy passion. Stunned and completely turned on, Danny quickly grabbed her hands before they tore a hole in his shirt. "Sam, check it out." He grinned and quickly went intangible, leaving his shirt and pants somewhere under Sam's bed. She chuckled, "Thank god for that nifty little power there ghost boy", Danny merely smiled and then in a blink of an eye had flipped them around. Now on top, Danny was going to use it to the best of his advantage.

Slowly, he started making his way down Sam's already writhing body. Moving from her lips to her creamy white neck, he was sucking and biting, marking her as his. Grabbing her hands for a second time, Danny pinned her to the bed as he suckled harder on her pulse point and collarbone. Panting, Sam was frantically trying to wrest her hands back from her lover, unfortunately for her his strength had definitely increased since he was fourteen. She wanted to touch…to taste…to sample her Danny in all his glory. Slowly, and with the reverence of a devout worshipper, Danny gently moved his hands down Sam's torso to the hem of her camisole. Softly, with just the whisper of lace, he pulled it off of her body to take in the entire beauty of her upper body. Suddenly shy, Sam tried to cover herself. She was no virgin, but this was Danny…his every thought mattered to her, what if he didn't like what he saw?

For a third time, Danny held on to her hands. He just could not believe that he had passed on Sam for Valerie. The thought of doing just that seemed blasphemous right now. Where Valerie had been pleasantly filled throughout and curvy in the body, Sam was curvy too, but slender all over…and white…and so, so soft. Danny felt he could just stare at her all day. Her breasts were full and beautiful, tipped with a rosy nipple that made him think of chocolate kisses, they way they were begging to be tasted. Slowly, so as not to scare her, Danny lowered himself and kissed her lips, just tasting the flavor that was purely Sam. He was intoxicated by her, there was no other explanation. While kissing her, his hands were busy gently kneading her breasts and stroking the nipples until they were peaked. Beneath him she was shaking with want, her hands buried in his hair.

From her lips, Danny placed feather light kisses down her neck, leaving soft swipes with his tongue to sooth the bites he had placed earlier. He knew what he wanted, but what did she want? Did she want him too? "Sam…" He mumbled into her skin, going down the pathway that led to her breasts. "Shh…Danny, it's alright…please, I want this…I need….you…" She gasped into the air, and what was all he wanted to hear.

He worked his way around her plump breast, careful not to touch the areola just yet; sucking gently on the underside he could tell that Sam wanted more by the way she was moving and grabbing at him. Finally, he kissed the tip, and suckled her, laving it with his tongue and grazing it with his teeth in ways that made Sam shudder and gasp his name. From the first one, he repeated the affections on its twin before moving even farther down her body. Dipping his tongue into her bellybutton, Danny was hearing sounds from Sam he desperately wanted repeated.

For Sam, it was like she was in heaven. For years she had dreamed Danny doing this and now reality was twenty times better. Once leaving her bellybutton, Danny stopped and gazing at Sam, placed his thumbs on the sides of her panties and gently, tantalizingly, drew them down her legs before tossing them across the room. Giggling slightly, Sam reached for Danny and drew him towards her until she was able to flip him. Now, once again she was on top. Gently making her way down his body, to a part she was most interested in, Sam slid her hand from his shoulder down to the front of his boxers. Shuddering slightly at the feel of her touching him all Danny could do was whisper her name, "Sam." Smiling wickedly, Sam granted his wish. Gently, she drew his boxers down and tossed them in the same direction as her panties. Glancing down she was surprised at how large he really was. Breathing harder now, Sam grasped Danny's length in her hand and started exploring. He was so hot, hard and soft…."Sam!" Came Danny's ragged gasp as she lowered herself farther, tasting him. Gently sucking along his shaft, Sam massaged his balls and licked around the head, tasting the precum. Moving faster now, Sam had a rhythm going, with Danny moaning loudly, his hips moving gently in time with her mouth. Knowing how it would end and not want it all to be over, Danny pulled her up and kissed her hotly on the mouth, before moving himself farther down her person.

Softly massaging her thighs, Danny kissed, licked and nibbled the inside of her thighs before moving higher. Twisting slightly and moaning heavily, Sam desperately wanted him everywhere at once, but one place in particular. Finally, he couldn't help it any longer; soon he was licking and tasting her core, like she was the finest wine he had ever tasted. Lapping harder, Danny quickly turned his attentions to the bud of nerves that seemed desperate for attention. Sam all but launched herself up and off the bed when he touched his tongue to her clit; no man had ever done that before. "Danny…now…please, I need you now…" She was moaning, panting, and twisting heavily…unable to break the beautiful torture. "Danny….oh…yes…please...please...more…HARDER…DON'T STOP!" Bright lights dancing in front of her eyes, and a rushing sound greeted the end of her orgasm. Pleased with her reaction, Danny smirked and then positioned himself finally at her entrance. Pushing slowly, they both groaned at the feeling; pure pleasure.

They gradually built up a rhythm, working faster and harder towards their mutual goal. Once they'd both reached their peaks and were basking in the afterglow, both Sam and Danny knew it was time to talk. Still slightly sweaty, Danny brushed Sam's bangs out of her face. "Sam…", now embarrassed all she could do was blush heavily and as far away as she could with Danny still within her. "Sam, I don't want this to be a one time thing. I didn't come here for a 'Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am' deal. I was an idiot before, I knew deep down how I felt, but I was just too scared to say it. And now before you run away, scared that we've done something stupid just know…I've loved you for years, longer than I ever truly realized. I couldn't live any longer without telling you."

Shocked, flashing violet eyes met ice blue ones. "Finally, O Clueless One gets it!" She smirked, giggling at his shocked facial expression. "Oh Danny, you can't tell me you never realized how much I loved you? I loved you through your parents, my parents, Paulina, Valerie, Tucker and years of ghost fighting. Just know that I have loved you for years and still do." With that she kissed the tip of his nose and smiled at her lover. He grinned, "Well in that case…can I just mention how much I love that you taste like chocolates and wine? In fact I think I need another taste test" And with a growl, he grabbed the laughing Sam and pulled the blankets over them.