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This story takes place five years after Yami had defeated Dartz and destroyed the Orichalcos. All of the "gang" had graduated from High School and they had begun lives for themselves. Tea had gone to New York to seek a career in dancing, Yami and Yugi were with Solomon on a dig in Egypt, Tristan and Duke went to America where Duke opened his own business dealing with his "Dice Games", Bakura, Ryou, Malik and Marik were in business together and owned a nightclub called "The Endless Night", Seto and Serenity were engaged to get married, Mokuba and Rebecca were away at College and Joey with the help from Seto had his own Auto Parts and Garage called "Joey's Fixit Shop." One afternoon while the shop was really busy a red Mustang Convertible pulled into the parking lot and a beautiful blonde woman with a body that any man would fight for got out and walked into the shop, this is where my story begins……………

Joey was behind the counter waiting on customers when he heard the bell ring and he glanced up and when he saw who came in, his heart nearly stopped beating. There stood Mai Valentine and she really looked great. When he was done with the last customer Joey walked around the shop looking for her and when he found her he didn't know what he was going to say. Mai looked up and there stood Joey and did he ever look good! She smiled and walked over and said "hi big boy" and they both started laughing. "When did you get back?" Joey asked her. Mai walked over to look at something that she knew nothing about and said "got in last night and my damn car is giving me trouble." "Well you came to the right place Joey said, want me to look at your car for you and see if I can figure out what's wrong?" Mai smiled at him and he nearly passed out. His body was reacting to her and he didn't want he to know how she was effecting him so he turned around, but not before she noticed that he was getting aroused and she smiled to herself and thought I can still get him hot and bothered and she closed her eyes and thought he is getting me that way too. Mai showed Joey where he car was and he said "can you leave it here and I'll check it myself?" She said "can you give me a ride to my motel?" Joey smiled and said "sure let's go."

When he got to her motel he got out and opened the door for her and when she stood up they were so close that she had to brush against him to get by the door and she felt how erect he was but being the lady that she was, she didn't say anything to embarrass him. Joey took a deep breath and said "I'll call you when I find out what's wrong with the car" and then he did something that took both of them by surprise, he kissed her cheek and turned to walk away but Mai grabbed his hand and he stopped and looked into her eyes and she kissed his lips and said "want to go out to dinner with me?" Joey couldn't think let alone talk so he just nodded yes and she smiled and said "pick me up around six tonight" and then she walked into the motel leaving Joey standing there sweating bullets and trying to walk and having a hard time. He finally got back into his car and drove back to the shop and started checking her car. As he was driving back to his shop, he thought back to the last time he saw her and how there was so much anger towards him and then he saw tears welling up in her eyes as she walked away.

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