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Chapter Nine

When they all got back to Domino, Joey and Mai turned to their friends and said "if it weren't for all of you we wouldn't be standing here now. Mai turned to Tea, Ishizu and Serenity and said "will all of you stand beside me when we get married?" Tears were starting to fall and they all said "you know we will." Then Joey asked the guys "will all of you stand beside me?" "Hey dude, you don't have to ask you know that we will Tristan said." Then Mai turned to Seto and said "I know that there isn't any love lost between us, but I have one question to ask, will you give me away?" Everyone held their breathes and then Seto walked over to Mai and said "I'd be honored and then he kissed her cheek." Mai reached up and touched his cheek and he smiled at her and walked off with Serenity by his side.

As Joey was driving back to his house, Mai touched his leg and he kind of jumped. "Hey stop that now or we won't get home" Joey said and they both laughed. When he turned off the engine Joey undid his seat belt and opened the door and went around to open the door for Mai. As she got out he took her in his arms and they kissed and then Joey picked her up and carried her into the house. They never made it to the bedroom, in fact they barely made it inside. Clothes were thrown everywhere and they laid on the floor and they made sweet love right there. As Joey entered Mai she smiled and kissed his lips and that was all it took. Oh they had made love before, but this was really out of this world. They both were panting when it was over and Joey smiled down at her and said "lady that was one for the record books" and they both laughed. Joey got up and helped her off the floor and they went to the bedroom and made sweet love all night long.

The Wedding was at the Park and everyone was there. Standing beside Joey was Yugi, Yami, Tristan and Duke. One the Bride's side was Tea, Ishizu and Serenity. Seto was standing waiting for Mai to get ready and when she opened the door to the small trailer that she was using, he smiled and bowed to her. "You look beautiful" he said as he offered her his arm and they began to walk to where Joey was standing. As Seto placed her hand in Joey's the Minister asked "who gives this woman to this man" and everyone there stood up and said "we do." The Minister smiled and then he said "both Joey and Mai have written their own vows and Mai will you say your vows first."

Mai: Joey you came into my life like a tornado and you blew me away. You stuck to me and never gave up and you showed me what friendship and love was really about and for that I will always love you. You are my knight in shining armor and I will always be there for you and give you all my love till the end of time.

Joey: Mai when I first saw you well lets just say that my heart rate went up (everyone laughed) and then when I saw how determined you were to win I saw the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It has been a long and bumpy road and sometimes there were detours but eventually we found each other and I showed you that love could make the world go round and you showed me just how real love was and for that I will always love and honor and keep you safe forever.

The Minister asked for the rings and then Joey and Mai exchanged rings and recited the Wedding vows and then the Minister asked "is there anyone who doesn't think that this man and this woman should be married speak up or forever hold you peace. Then he pronounced them man and wife and said "you can kiss your bride." Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to proudly introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wheeler and everyone stood and cheered. Mai turned to Joey and said "we finally made it." and they kissed each other.

The End...

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