He finds her smiling, blooming, and five months pregnant in a one-bedroom apartment in Meguro, a couple of kilometers south of his office.

She leads him promptly into the living room, and the first thing he notices is a grand piano taking up most of the space of the room.

"I'm sorry. You know how foolish Tamaki is," she says with a laugh upon the sight of his startled eyes. His eyes soften at her laughter, understanding her words, and he hands her a packet of tea.

"It's peppermint; goes well with sweets and won't make you nauseous," he says, and with a smile she goes to the kitchen and takes a teapot from a cabinet. While waiting for her, he takes his time to scan the room, realizing how smaller it is compared to what he remembers of her previous home back in high school, but it is just as clean and organized. The windows are facing east, allowing the sun to bathe the room with warmth and light, and it gives a good view of the neighborhood and of a park nearby.

"I thought you're going with the twins," she tells him upon returning with the tea.

With a small "Thank you," he takes a sip and grumbles, "They're late, so I went ahead," and she tries her best to stifle a giggle, but fails miserably.

"What's so funny?" he asks, indignant, and inwardly noting how time managed to breathe in wisdom in her dark eyes while keeping the mirth and naïveté he has always known her for.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I haven't heard you talk like that in a long while, that's all," she says. Her voice sounds wistful, and he feels his cheeks turn warm. Running out of things to say, he averts his gaze to the window, and watches passers-by walk their way to the train station. He finds the neighborhood far from superior, but there is something about its plainness that gives it a distinct atmosphere. He cannot put his finger on it, but it soothes him. Perhaps, it is the idea of her walking the same streets every morning, groceries in hand, and sometimes dear Antoinette's leash, or maybe it is the thought of her looking at the same view in the humbly furnished apartment, humming an old tune she remembers of her childhood while knitting (though he is still quite unsure if she knits), he cannot really tell.

"So how's your day?" she asks. He knows it's her attempt to start a conversation, but a part of him cannot help chuckling at the thought on how everything looks like a scene in a TV drama, or maybe even a movie. She, sitting across him with her long chocolate hair catching light from the sun, and him, sipping tea she poured, like a man of the house who just came home after a day of hard work.

It is, of course, impossible. He is, after all, the best friend of her husband, and she is the wife of his best friend. It is not the other way around: he as the husband (or even the wife); and it will never be possible, so he answers her with a small, "Fine as always," and they end up having nothing to talk about – which is strange since they have known each other for years. Of course, there has to be something they can talk about. Heck, even people who just met minutes ago can talk about something – the weather, the coming winter, even the tea, but silence hangs in the air, and neither of them attempts to slice through it.

Time simply passes, minutes seeming like hours. It feels like forever; but it is not forever, because forever has no end, and that moment ends when the door opens, revealing another man with groceries in hand.

"Kyoya! You're here early. Oh! Look! I did the groceries today! I think I am actually getting good at this," his best friend says with his childish grin, holding out the grocery bags like prized trophies. She scolds him lightly for taking so long, but her voice is so light and tinged with amusement, and it does not seem like she is scolding him at all.

Her words make everything so clear, and he smiles at their antics, at the same time wondering why his chest feels so heavy as if somebody has put heavy weights in it.


An Ouran Host Fanfic by Akizuki Sai

Standard Disclaimers Apply

"So what are you planning to name the baby?" he asks them over lunch, attempting to tuck his thoughts at the back of his mind, knowing far too well that the couple will be worried if he remains silent the whole time.

It is, apparently, the wrong question to ask, for they have not decided on any yet – and are still bickering with each other about it every time the topic is raised.

Tamaki, having spent half of his life in France, wants to name the baby Marianne or Francois if it is a girl, or Pierre or Basile if it is a boy (they still don't know the baby's gender). Haruhi, on the other hand, wants to name the child after her deceased mother or after its grandfather if it is a boy.

Listening to the two bicker makes his head ache, and his chest heavier (though he does not know why), so he decides to change the topic by asking her about her pregnancy.

The bickering, much to his relief, halts, and she starts to talk about her food cravings; how she loves strawberries (especially if it's cooled in the fridge for a couple of hours, and topped with a small amount of cream), and how she one day ends up wearing one of her husband's oversized shirts because her blouses do not fit anymore.

In the middle of her story, she mentions their plans of staying in Karuizawa till she gives birth next spring, and Kyoya, surprised and confused, looks at Tamaki questioningly. He is not aware of any plans of moving to Karuizawa, but before he can ask about it, the rest of the former Host Club members arrive, lively and excited.

"I thought you're going back to the Suoh Estate," Kyoya manages to say to Tamaki after lunch. Haruhi is at the bedroom, taking a nap, and the twins are doing the dishes (after much protests – they have given up as soon as Kyoya gives them a deadly glare), while Mori and Hunny are out to buy some sweets, and it is just the two of them at the living room, Tamaki, playing the piano. The first movement of the Mozart Sonata in D Major for 2 Pianos – Haruhi's favorite. It is also the piece that made Kyoya cry. Once.

"Grandmother still disapproves of our marriage," Tamaki tells him, his hands focused on the keys.

Kyoya says nothing and closes his eyes. He is tired. He has not been sleeping well for the last couple of weeks (med school, as well as his position at his family's corporation, has taken up most of his time) and his heart still feels heavy. It is past one in the afternoon, and he is full (Haruhi's cooking is wonderful), and Tamaki's playing makes everything look like a blur to him.

"I see," he says after a long pause. "What do you plan to do from now then?"

"We'll do fine," is all Tamaki says, and Kyoya gives a small smile, looks at Tamaki straight in the eye, and says, "Idiot of idiots" with a chuckle.