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Summary: Ryoma Echizen, Pro-Tennis player is back in his home town to find a temporary wife to fullfill his mother's dying wish for him to settle down. As he looks for the perfect woman, destiny had provided it for him with someone, namely Sakuno Ryuuzaki. And not only that, Ryoma meets with his old Sempais as well.

Chapter One: My Hostage, My Hero


"Hey! Tomo" Sakuno called as she entered the shop

"Hey! Sakuno, how's your date?" Tomoka Osakada, Sakuno's long time friend asked.

"It went well, even if it's not what I had expected." Sakuno said putting an apron over her

"What do you mean?" Tomoka asked as she busied herself in decining a cake.

(A/N: Okay before we continue Sakuno here owned her very own Bake Shop, Tomoka works for her. And for the Seigaku Regulars, they are Pro tennis players in Japan and is scheduled to fight a tennis tournament in the U.S. Team vs. Team.)

"Well I didn't expected that he will cancel our date after we ate dinner." Sakuno said making herself a coffee.

"He canceled your date after you guys ate dinner?" Tomoka said sounding disbelieve as she admire's her work.

"He said that he ws tired and he needs to work tomorrow for he have a moning shift." Sakuno said as she finish preparing her coffee.

"Well, I still don't know why you wanted to date a cop. When Atobe-san had asked you out the same time he did." Tomoka complained.

"Hey, not because you're happily married with a Pro-Tennis player doesn't mean that I would be happy with an ex-tennis player too." Sakuno said sipping her coffee as her friend Tomoka blushed.

So many years had pass but Ryuuzaki Sakuno never thought that she would see the day were her friend Tomoka would become less loud and would blush at a mention of a certain Pro-Tennis husband but now she thought wrong, ever since that certain Pro-Tennis player had asked her out, she had change, come to think about it even Tomoka's husband had change from being the snake that he is into a loving husband to Tomoka and a good friends, to her and the old regulars. Truely sometimes Sakuno would want to find Ryoma wherever he was just to thank him, for if Ryoma hadn't left Japan in his freshman years for the U.S. Open then Kaidoh or should she say the boys tennis club and her wouldn't have change this much. But thanks to him, he left and it had change everyone's life.

"Sakuno, did you even here what I said?" Tomoka asked when Sakuno didn't answer her.

"Gome, Tomo-chan, what did you say." Sakuno said coffee frogtten.

"I said, maybe the reason why you didn't want to date a tennis player or anyone who plays tennis is because there's only one tennis player in there." Tomoka said pointing at Sakuno's heart. "Don't tell me until now, you still feel something for Ryoma." Tomoka said and when Sakuno didn't answer her back that only confirmed the truth that her friend still love Ryoma and as for the date with a cop gone bad, Sakuno probably was okay with it.


"I'm going out for fresh air." Sakuno said as she made her way towards the door.

"Okay." Tomoka said with a wave. "By the way, you're coming tonight right?" Tomoka added before Sakuno could be fully out of the door.


"Sakuno, something never change." Tomoka said with a sigh "Tonight, remember Saturday night, Kawamura Shushi?" Tomoka added to clue in her clueless friend.

"Oh, I totally forgot." Sakuno said hitting herself in the forehead. "Of course, i'll go." Sakuno added looking at Tomoka who smiled at her.

"Very well then anata would pick us up here." Tomoka said and then proceed to her work while Sakuno left for fresh air.


"Echizen, where are you?" The man on the other line of Ryoma's cellphone asked.

"I'm in Japan." Ryoma simply answered back.

"What on earth are you doing in Japan? and why didn't you tell me that you're flying there?" The man asked then added, "You missed practice and a press conference did you know that?"

"Hai, Hai." Ryoma answered with no regret at all "Don't worry Steve, I'll be back as soon as I can to train and all but, right now, I really have something important to do." Ryoma explained and was about to end the call when Steve stop him from doing so.

"May I know what's that important thing you needed to do there?" Steve asked suspiciously.

"I'll tell you when I accomplish it. Ja." Ryoma said and end the phone call.

As Ryoma walk around the park, he remembered the reason why he was in Japan and while thinking, something had caught his attention...

"Thief! Help somebody that guy got my purse!" an old lady shouted pointing at a guy wearing a black jacket, Ryoma who saw the guy running near his direction run after it...

"Blast this guy!" The thief said as he run faster.

"Hey! Stop!" Ryoma ordered who still run after the guy.

The thief keeps running until there's nowhere to run. Then he saw a girl who was walking near his direction and without thinking he grab her and pointed a knife to her throat...

"AH!!!!!!!!!!!" The girl shouted with fear.

"SHUT UP!!!" The Thief said looking at her then to Ryoma who was now in front of them "Don't come near or I'll cut her throat." The thief added pressing the knife a little on the girl's neck.

'Sakuno...' Ryoma thought as he saw who the girl in the thief's arm. Years had pass and even though she change physical, she still have the same expressive brown eyes.

'Ryoma...' Sakuno thought and before she lost conciousness she saw Ryoma grab the thief's hand where the knife was and everything was lost to her.

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