Epilogue – Viva Las Vegas

One Year Later

Harry smiled at Draco as they walked through the main strip in Las Vegas, hand in hand. They had decided to come here as a belated honeymoon, though as soon as they had mentioned it to their friends, they had all decided that that was a spectacular idea and had decided to tag along. Thankfully there were enough hotels that they didn't have to share one, but Harry was slightly upset to learnt hat there was no Tanjiers.

Dean and Bal had also decided to treat this as a sort of Honeymoon as the two had mated once Dean had finished his education, though perhaps strangely enough, was the paring of Flees and Hermione, who preferred to call him Malachi. Now that one was just plain odd and made Harry shudder with some of the images running around in his mind.

Right now however, they were heading towards Caesars Palace to meet up with everyone. Pansy had eventually managed to smile again, getting over the death of Millie and Theo, but had been helped by everyone in their group, having a brief fling with the Twins before they decided to call it off and just be friends.

Remus and Severus had admitted to having been seeing each other for a year before the final battle and were now living with each other in the dungeons of Hogwarts, spreading terror through the students with pranks and detentions. The terrible duo of Moony and Snape.

Bill, Charlie and Tonks all still lived together in Harry's cottage and still denied that there as anything going on between them, but no one actually believed them and they didn't particularly try hard to convince them otherwise. They had all decided to stay back in Britain to help round up the final couple of Death Eaters that managed to get away.

Seamus and Blaise were now going out, having been forced to acknowledge their feelings for one another by Pansy, who had been fed up of their moping around the house for days on end, avoiding each other and moaning to Pansy about their feelings.

Neville stayed on at Hogwarts, becoming the new Herbology Professor, though no one was particularly shocked at that one. They were shocked however when the Sorting Hat chose him as the new Hufflepuff Head of House.

Ollivander was the same as always, making wands for all the new first years that happened to pass his way and always managing to make them jump by appearing out of nowhere, especially when his renegade son was sitting on his counter.

And the goblins formally announced their loyalty to the future heir of Tartarus, making the Ministry, who was still being lead by Fudge, sweat and wonder who this mystery Demon was. Having never found out that it was in fact Harry.

Now however, they were going to meet with their friends for a night out and to share some news with them.

Harry and Draco walked into the foyer of Caesars and looked around for their friends. Seeing them all in a crowd near the back, they walked over and were hushed when an excited Dean saw them and dragged Harry over to the crowd.

"What's going on?" Harry whispered to Dean, getting hushed once more by someone in the crowd and trying to hear what the people in the middle were saying.

"They're filming an episode of CSI. Grissom and Greg are over there looking at a body!" Dean whispered back excitedly, making Harry look at him in shock, and then begin to elbow his way through the crowd.

"Oh my god. This is so brilliant! Do you think Eric Zmanda will give me his autograph. Oh god!"

"Remember your married to me, right?" Draco whispered in his ear, licking the shell and making Harry shiver and turn his head to look at him.

"How could I forget?" Harry asked, kissing him quickly on the lips before turning back to watch the scene being shot.


An hour later and everyone had managed to drag Harry and Dean away, well Bal and Draco had by pretending to find the other more interesting and thus making Harry sulk and Dean to reluctantly turn away form the scene and follow the others, though not before he and Harry had gotten Eric Szmanda's autograph and a kiss on the cheek for Harry.

They walked through the strip and managed to actually find a restaurant that would seat all eleven of them. They had tried to decide whether or not Flees should have a glamour cast on him, and in the end decided against glamours as a whole as they weren't sure whether or not all the electricity would effect their magic and plus, the muggles would probably think he was trying to be quirky, as long as he didn't twitch his tail to obviously.

"SO then you two, what was the news you wanted to tell us?" Hermione asked once they had been served their food?"

"Oh god, with all the excitement of getting to meet Greg, I had completely forgotten!" Harry said, eyes still twinkling with excitement, and touching his cheek again, grinning widely and making Draco narrow his eyes at his mate.

"Hmph, if you act like that over a kiss on the cheek, maybe you should go after him." Draco said, stirring his spaghetti around his plate.

"Oh posh, I wouldn't give you up for the world Dray. Now stop being silly and eat your meal." Harry scolded, making everyone around the table snicker into their napkins or hands (depending on who they were.)

"The news?" Pansy prompted from her place between the twins.

"Oh yes, sorry, Draco and I have decided that we think we might be ready to try for a baby." Harry said, making the girl squeal in excitement and the men to offer their congrtualtions.

"In a couple of years time." Draco finished with a grin, making everyone glare at them as they chuckled.

"You got us all dressed up for a meal for some big news and that was it!" Flees deadpanned, making Draco grin widely and nod and Harry to hum his admittance.

"Well can you at least make up some news, or tell us something that we don't know?"

"Oooh! I've got one! Draco and I will be going to Tartarus for a while soon." Harry said, making Flees and Bal raise their eyebrows.

"Really?" Bal asked after a couple of minutes of silence.

"Yep, you wanna come along?"

"I don't think I would be welcome with my human mate."

"Meh, Gramps won't mind, surely." Harry said shrugging his shoulders in nonchalance. "I mean, he did invite Remus to go live there."

"You do have a point, but I think that was because you grandfather did not wish to come to blows with a werewolf. He may have won, but he would have lost you. It was really the lesser of two evils." Bal told him, making Harry scrunch up his nose.

"Fine whatever, well we're going there and Remus is coming with us, though it should only be for a month or so. We thought we should tell you." Harry said, shrugging and then spearing a piece of tomato and placing it in his mouth.


"So what are we going to do later on?"

"Gamble?" Blaise suggested, making Draco snort into his napkin and look at Blaise in amusement.

"Sounds good to me. Shall we head back to Caesars?"

"Sure Harry, though I doubt they are still filming CSI there."

"They might be." Harry mumbled, making Flees chuckle and Draco shake his head.


"Where's he going?" Pansy asked once they had finished their meal, watching Harry walk off down the strip.

"Let's just hope he stops." Draco drawled, before taking off after Harry, the rest following them.

"What is he doing now?" Hermione asked, watching as Harry stopped by a vendor and then looked around him, as though searching for something in particular.

"I really have no idea what goes through that boys mind sometimes." Draco answered, shaking his head in defeat and walking up to Harry and placing his hand on his shoulder to stop him from walking off again.

"Draco! I may need your eyes!"

"Er... Alriiight. As long as they stay in my head." Draco answered wearily and then looked at him expectantly.

"Can you see anything?"

"It depends on what you mean by see. If you mean lots of lights and people, then yes, if you see something else, then no."

"No then. I just though I had seen something else, but I think I was wrong."


"I've been seeing weird things since I collapsed on the battle field."

"Like what?"

"Snakes around signs and such."

"Well you did inherit Slytherin's blood or powers or whatever."

"Powers I think."


"Hey guys! What's going on?"

"Oh Harry's seeing phantom snakes."

"Oh the usual then." Flees said, nodding his head and wandering back to where Hermione was talking to Pansy.

"How come he knows?"

"He's my familiar, he's in my mind. I bet Bal knows a lot about you as well."

"Not as much as Flees seems to know about you."

"Well he is my protector."

"And Bal was sent to protect me!"

"Yeah well..."

"Oh forget it."

"Thank you. I really do love you."

"Yes, you keep telling me." Draco drawled, pulling Harry to his side.

"Maybe he wants reassurance." Flees suggested as he and Hermione walked over to them.

"You know I love you right?"

"Of course I do." Harry said, uncertainty wavering his voice.

"Oh for the love of-"


"Nothing dear. Would you like to return to our room and I can show just how much I love you?"

"No, I want to go to Caesars Palace."

"Fine. Whatever you want Harry, and I will try my hardest to give it to you."

"Yay! Can I have a Rolex?"

"What's that?"

"A watch."

"Do you need it?"

"Not really."

"Do you really want one?"


"Then why ask?" Draco asked in exasperation, making the others snicker.

"Dunno. Well then, shall we head to Caesars?"

"Yeah, come on!" Dean exclaimed, grabbing Harry's and dragging him towards the said casino.

"I love Las Vegas!" Harry said, throwing his arms in the air and running after Dean and whooping.

"Does he realise that they aren't actually old enough to gamble here right?" Pansy asked, catching up with Draco, who sighed in exasperation and giggling when Draco shook his head in defeat.

"I don't think that is actually going to stop them. They have managed to get fake id's."


"Yep, I don't know where and I know want to know either. I do know he got one for all of us. I think he has them all on him."

"We can gamble?"


"Did he really?" Seamus asked suddenly, making Draco jump and Blaise snicker.

"Yes, now why don't you all go bug Harry. He's the one with the id's." Draco snapped, making the others snicker then run after Harry.

Bal stepped up next to Draco and snickered, making Draco look up at him and grin.

"I suppose we should go after our mates to stop them from getting too carried away." Bal suggested, heading towards the Casino after the others.

Draco sighed and then took after Bal, hoping to be able to find Harry in the Casino. "Indeed. Viva Las Vegas."

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