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An elderly woman hummed softly as she walked through a small street lined with tiny shops here and there. It was snowing, and she had a basket full of flour, sugar, oil, and other items. As she walked, she noticed a small bar-like restaurant and she smiled softly before entering. Moving the cloth hanging at the entrance, she was greeted with a delicious aroma and was blasted with warmth compared to the cold temperatures outside.

"Ah, good evening, Sumi-baa-chan. I thought I would be seeing you soon." A young man, in his early twenties, greeted as he wiped some dishes clean.

"Hello there, Hikaru-san. You're looking well. We were getting worried when we heard you had caught that nasty cold." The woman, now called Sumi, said sitting down and setting her basket down.

"It looks like you're getting ready to bake a cake." Hikaru grinned while starting the stove, pouring in water and other ingredients into a pot that he set on the stove.

"Well, of course. It's the anniversary of that day. Besides...he's beginning to regain some of his other self...I have a feeling this will be our last time together like this." Her eyes were downcast and though she had a smile on her face, some tears leaked out of her eyes.

"Baa-chan..." Hikaru looked at her sympathetically before smiling brightly. "Don't worry, Baa-chan, I know this won't be your last time together. He might go to find himself, but he would never leave you for good. He loves you too much to do that too you. You'll see. He'll probably travel for a bit before coming back. And once he finds his old home, he might even invite you to live with him. Who knows, he could even want to stay here with you."

Sumi nodded and smiled as a bag was placed in front of her. She took out her wallet, but a hand was held up. "This is my gift to both of you. Tell that jerk he still owes me a poker game." Sumi smiled and giggled a bit before bowing in thanks and leaving with the bag.

"I'm home." Sumi opened the door to a small, but relatively comfortable house. The fireplace was lit and the house itself was very clean, which was a surprise since it was a bit of a mess earlier that day. With a fond smile, Sumi shook her head.

That boy... she thought affectionately. As she removed her slippers, she heard a small crash and the door being kicked open.

"Baa-chan! Are you back?" A young male voice called through the house.

"Yes, I just got back. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. By the way, Hikaru-san said you still owed him a game." She said while walking into the kitchen and starting on the cake.

"Heh, he should just give me his money now. He's never beaten me before." The boy snickered. Sumi rolled her eyes and shook her head with an amused smile on her face.

"Oh yes, have you given any thought to what we discussed earlier?" There was a small pause as the activity stopped in the room over. The silence was uncomfortable, but Sumi already knew what the answer would be.

"...Yeah. I thought about it. And I think...I'll do it. I've been remembering things slowly, but the blank holes are driving me nuts. I know my name now, it shouldn't be too hard to find where I lived. I really want to find who I am, so I think I will start traveling."

Sumi stopped her mixing and bit her lip. She knew that this was going to happen, but it still hurt. Although it's only been three years, this boy had become her family, and now he was going. Almost as if he was reading her mind, Sumi felt a familiar presence behind her and someone hug her from behind.

"But you know, you'll always be my Obaa-chan. Even if I do remember who I am and even if I do find a family out there, you're my family too. I'll visit you as many times as I can and maybe we can even live with each other again. Would you like that, Baa-chan?"

Sumi smiled and nodded, even though there were still tears coming from her eyes, she was happy. "Yes, I really would like that...Naruto-kun."

Short and sweet. It may be just me, but it seems that I made the relationship between Naruto and Sumi-Baa-chan a little bit romancy. I tried to change it, but it got even more romancy and I had to stick with the original. Oh well, read and review!