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"Who the hell are you people?"

The moment those words left his lips, everyone became silent and were looking at him with confusion evident on their faces. Naruto took this chance to break away from the crowd and he was in the middle of the road again, but everyone was still staring at him. As he stood by Hikaru, the ramen maker was putting together the pieces in his mind until, suddenly, a lightbulb appeared over his head and he smacked the blond on the back.

"Well, that was fast, wasn't it?" He asked with a cheerful grin.

"Eh?" The slow blond asked. Hikaru sighed and rubbed the back of his head.

"Isn't it obvious? Okay, look here. Everyone is calling you by your name, they're crowding around screaming 'NARUTO'S ALIVE!', and a guy you think you don't know just went up and gave you a noogie. Either they have one hell of a welcoming party, or we just found your home." Hikaru grinned. Naruto looked at him with wide eyes before clearing his throat.

"...I'll go with 'one hell of a welcoming party'. GET ME AWAY FROM HERE!!!" He tried running off, but Hikaru seemed to expect that, for he grabbed Naruto's collar, preventing him from taking off.

"Get back here." He said sourly with an anger mark appearing on his forehead. Looking at the crowd, he lifted the blond up. "All right, do you all know this kid here?" He asked bluntly.


"Shut up, you."

"Um..." Sakura, Hinata, and Kiba walked out of the crowd and in front of the pair. "We do...Naruto, don't you remember us?"

"Eh heh, to be honest…no I don't." Naruto said scratching the side of his nose. "B-but please don't be upset! I don't remember anything past three years ago! I mean, I only just remembered my name a few weeks ago!"

You could hear the murmurs of surprise going through the crowd and the three in front of them looked at Naruto sadly. "You mean…you honestly don't know who we are? Who you are?" Hinata asked.

"Pretty much. I mean, I think I got my first name, and I have been having small flashes, but they're really short, only two seconds long and I hardly ever really remember what they were about." He explained.

Hikaru decided that it was his time to speak and he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "Hey, how about we get a drink, and maybe you can help us out here. You have no idea how much this guy was jumping around when we first set out on this. It took him forever to settle down!"

"You really want me to hit you, don't you?" Naruto asked with a snarl. Hikaru only replied with loud laughter as he shoved the blond in front.

"Let's get going. As soon as I make sure you're in safe hands, I'll need to go back and tell baa-chan you're all right." He said with a smile. Naruto grumbled a little bit, but made no further objections. Hikaru decided to go into a small bar, where they sat at a booth. There was an awkward silence as they ordered their drinks and Naruto fidgeted uncomfortably at the intense gaze the three Konoha nins were giving him.

"So…do you think you can tell us what you know about this gaiki here?" Hikaru asked, patting the blonde's hair.

"Don't call me that!" Said blond snapped, but was ignored.

"Ano…well he was born here, and we went to the ninja academy together." Hinata started.

"Yeah, he had tried to graduate early, but failed the test three times. Actually…we were told that he had failed the test the last time, but he came during the team assignments saying he passed. We were never really told how." They noticed, to their confusion, Naruto groaning and Hikaru's face splitting into a grin.

"HAH! TAKE THAT, I WAS RIGHT! YOU OWE ME 50!!!" He declared loudly. The blond banged his head on the table and handed Hikaru a bill, and he swiped it with that grin never leaving his face. "Sorry about that. We made a bet a while ago that he was a ninja. I thought he was. He thought it was impossible, but I'm telling you, the things this kid can do without even trying. There was no possible way he wasn't, at the very least, training to be a ninja!"

"Do you have to boast about it? Besides, it's a minor loss compared to, what, over 500 from beating you in cards." The reply to that was a stuck out tongue and he laughed.

"But, anyways, please continue." Hikaru said, still grumbling about being reminded of the many card games he played and lost.

"Well, three years ago, we were sent on a mission. Our sensei, Naruto, Sasuke, another teammate of ours, and me." Sakura paused, not too comfortable about talking about that day…but if Naruto is back, then she shouldn't have to worry about that. "It was supposed to be simple. Find a scroll and bring it back. You were complaining the entire time, saying the mission was way too easy…turns out it wasn't so easy after all. We were attacked. Well, actually, I was targeted first. I had dropped one of my own scrolls and the enemy thought it was the scroll we were looking for. During the battle a poisoned kunai was aimed at Sasuke's heart. You pushed him out of the way and it hit you instead. While your were trying to get the kunai out, you lost you balance and…fell off the cliff."

She was trembling by this point in the story. She remembered the pure fear that she had felt at that moment. When they couldn't find his body she kept on telling herself, 'he'll be fine, Naruto won't let a simple river kill him'. She kept on waiting for the day he would come into the village, grin, and tell them that he couldn't be the future Hokage if he's weak enough to let a river do him in. As pathetic as it may sound, Sakura had depended on his very presence. He was the one constant in her life, there to annoy her, to comfort her, to make her laugh, to piss her off to the point where she would knock him into the cement. She had managed to become a little less dependant when he left for a couple of years, but at that time she knew he was coming back. When they announced him dead, there was a hole. A hole for him to come in crying 'morning Sakura-chan!'

Hinata, seeing Sakura's distress, decided to continue for her. "There was a river under that cliff leading to a waterfall. No one should be able to survive that, but you always seemed to survive through the impossible, so we still searched. We looked for you for an entire month before Tsunade-sama finally broke down and signed the document confirming you were killed in action."

"A month…Sumi-baa-chan said it took you about that long to even wake up." Hikaru murmured to himself. The three Konoha ninjas looked at him curiously.

"Sumi-baa-chan is the woman who found me at the river. I woke up and I couldn't remember anything. She said that she had found me there and took me to her home to treat me. The house was pretty far inland, she was only at the river to get some rare herbs that grew there. That must be why you couldn't find me." Naruto said, pondering the thought. Sumi told him she found him lying on the shore of the river not too far from where it would open into the sea. They may have decided they shouldn't bother going around those towns, because, if they did, then they would have found him. She had gone to all those towns asking if they knew a boy by his descriptions.

"That means it really must be you…" Hinata was smiling widely. Although there was no doubt this was Naruto, there was still a chance, however slim, that they had the wrong guy.

"Wait, we've got to get him to the Hokage. If she thinks we're keeping her from seeing him, you know what she'll do. Come on!" Kiba announced.

"Oi, Naru! ("DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!") I'm heading back to Sumi-baa-chan! We'll be back to visit, that's for sure. Avoid getting into too much trouble, runt!" Hikaru called before heading to the village as Naruto was dragged to the Hokage Tower.

"Uchiha-senpai, that's the last of them." A jounin said as he took out a sword from one of the many dead bodies that littered the ground.

"Hn." Was the only reply they got from their stoic leader. The other three sighed and shrugged. Everyone knew that Uchiha Sasuke didn't talk much, but, really, this was getting ridiculous. What kind of leader barely says even three words their entire mission?!

"If we head out now, we should be back in Konoha in about two days." Another said. There was a sound of relief from the other two. They honestly couldn't stand staying with the living brick wall for more than that exact amount of time.

"Then what are we waiting for?" The three left, knowing their leader would be coming soon after. Sasuke stood there, looking at the bodies on the ground. He then turned in the direction of his teammates and took off.

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