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Authors Note: Hey people! Just so you guys know this is a sequel to 'Does Hinata love Naruto?' But this is not directly afterwards. In that story, they are 16 years old. This is two years afterwards! Sorry I took like a week after finishing that to write this! I just haven't had the time to put it up! I have been really busy with things around my house! Thanx and enjoy:

Hinata woke up feeling very happy! She was going on a date with Naruto today! He had told her that he had something important to ask her. He also asked her to dress formal because they were going to a very formal restaurant… 'I wonder what he wants to ask me. It's probably important...' She thought. O well! She looked at the clock and saw that it was only 6:30am! She wasn't supposed to meet Naruto until 10:30am, so she has to wait 4 hours until she was supposed to meet Naruto.

'Well, I could straighten up my room a bit; I don't eat breakfast for an hour (I know most people don't get up for breakfast at 7:30!). She thought. So, Hinata started cleaned up her room a little and dropped a book on the floor, then all of the sudden there was a knock at the door that made her jump a little.

"Miss? I heard something hit the floor, sorry if I woke you I assumed you were awake and decided to come get your laundry. I am supposed to do it later anyways! Would you like me to take you laundry basket?" One of her maids asked Hinata.

"… Uh, Y-Yes you may c-come in and get i-it," Hinata responded a little startled, "You did not disturb me, I-I was not sleeping, I-I just woke up!" Hinata said as the maid entered her room.

"Um, Alright miss, I'll just take your laundry and leave you in peace!" The maid said grabbing Hinata's laundry and leaving.

Hinata bent over to pick up the book that had fallen o the floor, the realizing that it was her diary she opened it up. She looked at the corner to see when the last time she had written in it was and discovered it had been a month. So she decided to write in her diary before cleaning up her room. After finishing her entry, it was 7:00am. She had 30 minutes to finish picking up her room a bit, get dressed, and lay out some formal clothes for later (she did not want to wear them to breakfast!).

She took 10 more minutes to finish picking up her room, then she went into her closet (yes she has a walk in closet!). She picked out a spaghetti strap lavender dress that went down to the end of her knees, a jean jacket to go over top, and some lavender high heel shoes (you know the kind of that girls wear to proms and stuff?). She was going to go to a nail salon before meeting Naruto to get her finger nails and toes painted lavender. She got dressed for breakfast in a baggy light purple t-shirt, a pair of jeans and light purple flip flops (after all, she is not going to be wearing this all day!).

She looked over at the clock it red, 7:28am. 'Just in time,' she thought as she made her way to the door. She headed down the hall towards the kitchen. When she got their she realized that her father, and sister were their, but her cousin was not or at least… not yet! She sat down at the table,

"G-Good Mourning," Hinata said to her father and sister.

"Hi daughter," Her father (Hiashi Hyuuga) responded

"Good Mourning, older sister," her sister (Hanabi Hyuuga) responded. At that moment Neji walked, exactly at 7:30 o'clock, like always! He just sat down not saying anything, as usual.

With Naruto

He woke up at 7:00, feeling so happy! Today he had a date with Hinata, but not just any regular date! He was going to propose to her! He was a little nervous, cause what if she said no or something like 'It's too soon!' He was going to call her cell phone at 9:00. He wanted to make sure she hadn't forgotten (which of course we know she didn't!).

He went in the kitchen and got out a pan and put some water in it, a pack of instant ramen, and a bowl. He put the water on the stove to boil. 'Better lay out some clothes for later' he thought and went into his room.

He put on his usual (future clothing) black pants, and just so you know he has a black shirt on. He wasn't going to be wearing these clothes all day, just for breakfast! He opened his closet door and pulled a blue dress shirt, a blue tuxedo (you know like the kind you wear to church?), and a pair of black dress shoes.

Then he went into the kitchen and put his noodles in the water. He sat down at the kitchen table, thinking about how he was going to propose. He wasn't sure if he should kneel or grab her hand put the ring on and ask… poor Naruto was confused and nervous! He sat there for 5 minutes and then put the flavoring into the pot, stirred it in, then turned the stove off. He drained some of the juice and then put the noodles in the bowl; he waited for 5 minutes for them to cool a little.

He was still thinking about how was going to propose! He got the ring and reservations for dinner, he was going to take to the movies, then come back and grab blank sit lay on to watch the sun set and then hang outside to watch the stars… question is when should he do it? By the

With Hinata

She had just finished breakfast and was now on her way to the nail salon to get her nails done. It was now 8:00, and she just caught site of the salon. When she got there it was 8:05am. She was still very excited about her date with Naruto! She went inside the salon and there weren't that many people there, so she had hers done right away. It only took 45 minutes. So now it was 8:50, it took 5 minutes under the nail dryer for them to dry.

It is now 8:55, and little did she know Naruto would be calling her any moment! Sure enough right as she got in her car (she has a light blue convertible), Naruto called her cell phone!

"Hello?" Hinata asked.

"Hey Hinata, this is Naruto!" Naruto exclaimed.

"O, H-Hey Naruto! W-What's up?" He asked.

"I just wanted to make sure that you remembered our date today!" Naruto explained.

"O c-course! How c-could I f-forget?" Hinata exclaimed.

"I'm just making sure! I guess I'll pick you up in an hour and half?" Naruto questioned.

"Alright Naruto, I'll talk to you later then!" Hinata exclaimed.

"Ok, bye-bye!" Naruto bid her a farewell (since they aren't married yet he doesn't say I love you).

"Bye Naruto!" Hinata exclaimed. She went home and it was 9:10 so she decided to take a shower, brush her teeth, blow dry her hair (cause she was going to curl it), and other hygienic things like that (in this story she has a bathroom connected to her room)! After she had done those things she looked at the clock and it was 10:00, so she went over to her bed and put the dress, jacket, and shoes (she also have to put her underwear on just so you know!).

She went over to her full length mirror and looked at her reflection. She was satisfied with her reflection. She looked at the clock (they do that a lot don't they?) it red 10:15, she had 15 minutes so she decided to sit at her desk, read and await for Naruto to come pick her up.

With Naruto

After he hung up with Hinata, Naruto decided to also get cleaned up. He took a shower and did what ever else guys do (shave I guess!?). By the time he got out it was 9:45, so he went to his room and got all of his clothes on. He walked into the bathroom and looked at the reflection of his face. He approved of what he looked like. He looked at the clock and it red 10:15, so he decided that he would head over to Hinata's to get there right on time!

With Hinata

She red for 5 minutes and then got bored of reading she just sat thinking about what Naruto had to ask her. She hadn't realized that she had been waiting there for 10 minutes thinking about, so when there was a knock on her door she jumped. 'Who could possibly be knocking on my door?' She thought totally forgetting about her date with Naruto for that minute.

"Y-You may come in," she said to the person a little startled. Just then the door opened and Naruto came in her room, only to make her blush a light shade of pink. 'He has never been in my room before'

"Did I scare you Hinata?" Naruto asked. Hinata wasn't sure what to say or think. Then she found the right words.

"Hi Naruto, no you didn't scare me! I-I just wasn't expecting for y-you to come in my r-room!" Hinata exclaimed.

"Really, well should we start our date now?" Naruto suggested.

"Of course N-Naruto," Hinata said happily.

"Good, because I have been very excited about all day!" Naruto exclaimed grabbing Hinata's hand and walking out of the room.

To be continued

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