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Chapter 9: Breaking the Habit

With the influx of people moving into the Capsule Base, rooming arrangements had to be… rearranged. Everyone had to take a bunk mate or two. Needless to say Trunks had no problem sharing his room with Gohan. Gohan on the other hand, at least in Trunks' opinion, hadn't been looking too well the last few days. He'd seemed tired. Of course if he knew what was going on he'd understand where the tiredness was coming from.

In Trunks room, his arm laid draped around a body pillow he clung to tightly, but other than that he was alone in his bed. Outside and down the hall a light blinked "In use" on the gravity room's door.

Inside Gohan was running laps around the room, and had been for over an hour. The machine against the wall had an LCD display which kept blinking "350". Gohan ran for the wall without stopping, made it with enough force to run up the wall several steps and flip backwards off the wall. He impacted the floor below with enough force to send a low rumbling echo through the room.

Gohan grit his teeth in effort to keep his balance and then pushed himself back onto his feet and kept going. In his mind he had even more of a drive to be stronger now. Everyone expected him to be stronger now. His friends were counting on him. Even if they would be fighting too now because of those new armor suits, it was still up to him to be stronger. That's why he wasn't even thinking of using it right now to help him train. He had to do this on his own so that when he put that suit on… he'd be that much stronger.

Gohan jumped and was in the middle of kick when he realized he had mistimed his jump and was barely able to brace himself to hit the floor. He let out a low yell of pain as he landed wrong, and cursed under his breath. He just lied there on the floor until he got his strength back.

From the gravitron training, he would limp over to the spa and soak for a little while, letting his soar muscles recover. He would then quietly slip back over to Trunks' room, get back in his pajamas, and crawl back into bed with Trunks. He would sleep for less than an hour before Trunks started waking up.

Trunks woke up and noticed Gohan clutching the other side of the body pillow and separated him from it so he could hold him directly. Trunks sniffed Gohan's hair, and it still smelt of fresh shampoo. Trunks chuckled quietly to himself and nuzzled into Gohan a little more, his hands roaming over the boy's sides. As his hand grazed over a certain spot he noticed Gohan cringe in his sleep. Curious, he tried it again, and received the same effect. He decided to pull Gohan's night shirt up to get a better look and saw a big bruise forming on Gohan's abdomen. He knew that wasn't there yesterday. These strange things were starting to worry him, as he knew it was really hard to make a Saiyan bruise.

Trunks got up out of bed and started getting ready for the day. He took a shower, put some stuff from last night away, and got dressed before finally leaning over Gohan's ear and saying, "Hey, it's time for breakfast."

On queue, Gohan's eyes slowly opened and he sat up looking not completely there, but moving at least. He shook his head a few times and rubbed his eyes, "Good, food!" he stretched and climbed out of bed. He found suitable clothing for the day, and got dressed. Trunks couldn't help but come up to Gohan from behind and nip at his ear while he was changing.

"Trunks…" Gohan sighed.

Trunks let out a small chuckle, "What?"

"Don't get me started or we won't be eating for a while," Gohan turned around and put a finger to Trunks lips, pushing him back ever so slightly.

"It's not my fault you have no restraint," Trunks laughed as Gohan continued dressing.

Gohan patted his butt in front of Trunks, "Well you can kiss my ass!"

"Maybe I will," Gohan shook his head as he headed for the door.

Trunks followed him to the dining area. The whole place had become quite lively recently. Trunks understood though, these were people who weren't used to having enough food to go around. Even Gohan was getting used to ordering enough food to actually fill him. It was still fun to watch the heads turn as the two of them walked through the dining room with huge plates filled with stacks of food no ordinary person could finish in a week.

Gohan had been eating a lot lately too, Trunks watched from across the table as Gohan tore into the food like a crazed person, even more so than what was normal for them. The two of them were about half way through their food when Rowdy and Haru came into the room with their plates and headed over to their table to join them.

Haru shook his head as he watched Gohan eat, "If this is how much a Saiyan is supposed to eat, I don't know how you kept from starving for so many years…"

"He's still pretty thin from not eating much," Trunks interjected.

"Point… but not so much more than anyone else…" Haru nodded.

Rowdy couldn't help but stare as Gohan scarfed down his food. "Wow," he whispered as the food vanished with lingering afterimages of what used to be there.

Gohan finished the last piece of food and leaned back in his seat with his eyes closed looking content, "Ahhh…" he sighed. His eyes opened and widened as he looked around, "Haru, Rowdy, when did you guys get here?"

The three practically face planted into the table. "You're really in your own world when you're eating aren't you?" Haru asked while keeping his balance.

"Sorry," Gohan rubbed the back of his head embarrassed.

Trunks finished his food also and pushed himself from the table, "Well then it's time to get to work."

Rowdy jumped up from his seat, "Can we come see how you train?"

Trunks blinked a few times, "Umm… That's a little difficult…"

Gohan smirked, "Sure!"

"Alright!" Rowdy yelled.

"Gohan?" Trunks asked looking confused.

"We can tone it down just for a little bit so they can watch," Gohan winked.

Haru got a bad feeling but nodded, "I've wanted to see exactly just how strong you two are for a while anyway."

All four of them set their food aside for the serve bots to take care of and headed for the training area.

"We always train in the gravity room," Gohan opened the door and let everyone inside. Trunks was still wondering what Gohan was planning.

Haru started looking nervous, they hadn't been in here before, but he'd heard what it was like.

Gohan was at the back of the room setting the machine when Trunks walked over to him and whispered, "Be careful alright, they're jus…" Gohan shushed him with a finger to the lips and pointed to the machine. Trunks saw Gohan had the machine set to "3". Gohan snickered evilly and pressed the activate button.

"You guys might wanna brace yourselves," Gohan mentioned as the room's hue changed colors.

The two of them looked around confused and were suddenly forced to the floor. Haru managed to stay on his feet while Rowdy was down on all fours. Haru forced himself to stand up and get to a better posture, "Goddamn!"

Rowdy also started pushing himself off the floor and to a better position, "God I feel like I weigh a ton…"

"You're a long way from there!" Gohan laughed.

The two of them looked over finally and saw how Gohan and Trunks seemed to have absolutely no trouble standing in the place. Gohan walked right up to them as if it were normal. "Gee…" Rowdy stared in disbelief.

"It gets a lot easier once you get used to it, try jumping around a little," Gohan hopped from one foot to another again as if the strain wasn't even there.

Haru felt his leg almost give out under him as he shifted his weight around, "Oh man, hell no!"

Trunks shook his head, "Gohan's just giving you guys a hard time, the first thing you should do once you get your balance is try walking, it's going to seem hard at first, but you'll get used to it. Just try not to drag your feet too much."

Rowdy did the best he could, lifting a leg and taking a long step, then setting it down with a loud thump. "Shit!" he breathed hard trying to move around.

Haru wasn't fairing much better, "This is fucking hard!"

"This is three times normal earth gravity," Gohan said with a smirk. "So let's see Rowdy you normally weigh about eighty five pounds or so… that means right now you're body weighs two hundred and fifty five pounds."

"Damn I swear it feels like more!" Rowdy's face strained as he moved slowly.

"I have to admit, you guys are strong to be able to even move at all, normal humans would have just plopped on the floor and been completely immobilized probably at two times gravity."

"Thanks… I think…" Haru slowly paced over to the wall to have something to lean against.

"You guys might think you're feeling weak and all right now, but trust me, you'll feel a big difference once the machine turns off." Gohan cheered them on.

Rowdy joined Haru by the wall, "That still doesn't make it any easier to move, I can't believe you can move around so easily like this, you must be really strong now!" Rowdy smiled brightly.

Gohan realized he'd never shown either of them his powers, "You want to know how strong I really am?"

Haru and Rowdy perked up wondering what Gohan meant by that, "Huh?" they asked.

The air started to fill with static, and a few bolts of electricity formed around Gohan, "Well, do you?"

"I think he wants to put on a show," Haru laughed.

Trunks shook his head, "Here we go."

Gohan's stance lowered, his legs spread, and his muscles visibly tightened. A few more bolts of static formed around him before his body started glowing. With a sudden flash of light, Gohan's aura flared out and illuminated the room in a brilliant white light. The force of Gohan's power forced the air in the room to move rapidly making strong gusts. Gohan's mouth opened, a low tone escaping his throat rising in pitch as he continued to power up.

A few bubbles were released from the oxygen tank to his brain as a reaction to what Vegeta was sensing. The floating head turned and looked to the ceiling, "No… Kakarot's brat… is…" His virtual eyes narrowed, "It can't be… but that power well… could he be close…?"

Gohan's chi flashed a last time as he stood there, his aura still flaring around him, but much calmer now than a moment ago. Trunks stared at Gohan, squinting his eyes. It had been for only a moment, but for that brief split second he could have sworn he felt much more power within Gohan than what he was sensing now.

Haru and Rowdy slid to the floor. "Wow…"

Gohan smirked and used super speed to move around the room in a way that made it look like he was practically teleporting to Haru and Rowdy. Gohan flipped and kicked in the air, then disappeared and was punching elsewhere.

Once Gohan was done showing off, Rowdy couldn't keep from staring with his mouth hanging wide open, "Wow… We'll never be strong and fast like that!" Rowdy sounded very impressed.

"Yeah…" Haru just sounded in deep thought.

"You guys never know, if you keep practicing, get used to three times gravity, push it to five, maybe to ten, it's possible!" Gohan winked to them.

"Aren't you a positive thinker?" Haru just shook his head again.

Gohan was smiling quite pleased with himself but then noticed Trunks giving him a funny look, "What's wrong Trunks?'

Trunks immediately snapped out of his critical daze, "Oh, nothing, don't worry about it."

Gohan nodded but got a funny feeling that something was bugging Trunks, and he was worried he was the cause. He showed Haru and Rowdy a couple more tricks in the gravity room like energy balls and flying which they both swore they would never be able to do without the suits.

"I just don't think it's even possible for Humans to do stuff like that…" Haru stated doubting himself.

Gohan chuckled, "What if I told you that there are other plain regular humans who regularly train at twenty times gravity and can do all the same tricks I just showed you?"

"I wouldn't believe you," Haru laughed.

Trunks finally spoke up again, "It's actually true, if you ever run into Tien or Yamcha, they're capable of doing just that, so it's not impossible… we have to admit it's nowhere near easy, but it's very possible if you do it right."

Rowdy's face lit up, "Wow! I wanna be able to fly on my own and shoot lasers from my hand! That'd be awesome!"

"One step at a time," Gohan gently patted him, "First you gotta get used to this higher gravity so you can get stronger."

After a little while longer in the gravity chamber, Haru and Rowdy started to look worn out. Trunks decided it was time to give the two of them a rest, and he shut the machine off. As soon as the gravity returned to normal, both of the two human boys got a wide eyed look on their face.

Gohan smiled, "What's up?"

Rowdy hopped from one foot to the other, "I feel so light! Like I could fly!"

"Not quite yet, but trust me it's a good thing."

Haru looked over his hands, "Wow… after just a short time I really do feel stronger… We need to do this more often."

"Anytime you want, you guys can use one of these rooms," Gohan cheered them on.

Trunks nodded, "Yeah as long as there's a gravity room available anyone can use them, and we'll show you how to operate the machine so you don't hurt yourselves. For now though why don't you guys rest up a little bit, you don't want to go all out so soon or else you'll never want to train like this again."

"That's a good idea, come on Rowdy, we can rest up in the sauna or something cool like that." Haru motioned to the door.

"OK I guess…" Rowdy wasn't too thrilled, "We'll meet up later right?"

"Yeah definitely, at least by dinner you know," Rowdy smiled at Gohan and then followed Haru out the door.

The door shut and Trunks chuckled to himself. "What is it?" Gohan asked.

"You have cool friends Gohan," Trunks returned to the gravity machine to get ready to start actually training.

"I know," Gohan smirked as he watched Trunks turn the gravity machine up to "100" times gravity, "A hundred huh? Is that gonna be OK?"

"I figure we got seventy five down, so we have got to keep pushing it." Gohan nodded to Trunks statement and awaited the machine while trying to compensate internally how much extra to give and how much more to hold back.

The two of them put in a more serious training sessions for a few hours. They finished and decided to shower up before joining Haru and Rowdy for dinner. When they got to the shower Trunks tried to follow Gohan in, "What are you doing?" Gohan asked a little startled.

"I'm going to take a shower with you?" Trunks raised his eyebrows for emphasis.

"Truuunks…" Gohan whined trying his best not to seem nervous, "We don't have much time right now, we're supposed to meet Haru and Rowdy for dinner soon. We can play all you want after dinner, how's that?"

Trunks did catch the hint of nervousness in Gohan's voice but played it off like he hadn't, "OK Gohan, then hurry so I can shower next and we can eat."

Gohan tapped Trunks on the nose, "Be right back." Gohan shut the door and turned the shower on.

Gohan pulled his clothes off and looked at himself in the mirror real quick. His thoughts were right, in the brighter light of the bathroom you could clearly see the bruise marks on his torso from his falls at higher gravity settings. He wasn't as concerned with the dimmer lights of the bedroom, but Trunks would notice for sure with the white bathroom lighting.

Gohan sighed to himself, he didn't want anyone to know how hard he was pushing himself because he didn't want anyone to worry about him. He knew he'd get a good talking to for pushing his body as hard as he had been. He didn't leave himself with any other choice in his own mind. He had to do this for everyone.

Gohan washed himself quickly, then toweled off and dressed before heading back out and leaving the bathroom for Trunks. A few minutes later Trunks was done and the two were heading down to the dining hall again.

Trunks really was growing concerned, he spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on with Gohan, and why Gohan didn't want to tell him. He had been hoping that he'd be able to point those bruises out to Gohan in the shower today and get some answers… But Gohan managed to avoid the scenario. If nothing happened soon he'd have no choice but to simply confront him on the issue.

Trunks was lost so much in thought that he almost didn't notice when Rowdy and Haru joined them this time.

"I wonder if that's another cool Saiyan Power, to just leave to another world inside your own mind and not pay attention to anything going on in real life," Haru waved his hand in front of Trunks' face to finally make him respond.

"Sorry," Trunks grinned a little sheepishly and sat down to eat with the others.

After dinner, the four of them wondered around the complex hallways just talking amongst themselves. Haru looked back over at Gohan, "You know Gohan there's something I've been meaning to ask you," he and Gohan started walking a bit ahead of the group not realizing they'd left their other two companions out of earshot.

Rowdy fell back so he was pretty much walking side by side with Trunks. He didn't say anything but Trunks could tell he wanted to. Rowdy made this humming noise like he was about to talk but didn't. Trunks could tell he was feeling a bit uncomfortable for some reason.

"What is it?" Trunks finally asked him hoping to break the silence.

Rowdy gave an awkward look to Trunks then sighed, "OK Trunks… forgive me if I'm totally wrong or something but I have to ask you… Are you and Gohan… ummm…"

It was Trunks turn to look a little awkward, "Are we?"

"Well… Are you two like… together?" Rowdy was really pushing his courage, Trunks could tell, so he decided to be upfront with him and hope the kid understood how things were.

"Rowdy… well yes, we are." There he said it.

Rowdy nodded, "Have you guys like… fucked or anything?"

Trunks couldn't help but laugh and hope no one heard, Rowdy blushed, "That's putting it delicately," Trunks laughed a little harder before calming down enough to answer, "But yes, we have."

Rowdy smiled and nodded, "OK well listen, and just promise you won't be mad OK?" Trunks perked up and gave Rowdy a funny look, "It's nothing bad!"

"OK go ahead," Trunks urged him to go through with it.

"Well… OK you see… Haru and I are the same way as you and Gohan you see…" Rowdy stammered nervously. Trunks nodded now fully understanding how these two particularly shared a deep bond, "I already talked to Haru about this and he's OK with it, but I need to ask you."

Trunks looked oddly down at Rowdy kind of wishing he could get to the point, but understanding this wasn't easy for him whatever it was, "Go on, what do you want to ask me?"

Rowdy sighed, "Iwanttohavesexwithgohan." He said so fast Trunks barely understood him and almost fell over.

Trunks did his best to not make the kid feel uncomfortable; "You want to have sex with Gohan?" he made sure to clarify just to be sure.

Rowdy nodded, "You see we've been friends for a long time, but I've only ever done something kinda sexual with him once, and since then I've thought about what it would be like to do it with him and just fantasizing about him all around."

Trunks rubbed his forehead, he thought this situation was actually pretty funny, before he could say anything to reply Rowdy added in "Youcanwatch!"

For a second time Trunks' eyes widened and he about fell over. Rowdy thought Trunks' reply was going to be no for sure but Trunks turned his face up towards his again, "Listen…" Trunks tried to think of how to word this to come out right, "if you and Gohan want to have a little fun, that's fine with me, I mean you two have been friends for a long time and it's OK for friends to play with each other if you know what I mean."

Rowdy lit up and was about to say something before Trunks continued, "And on your other offer, just let me know when and where and I'll be there."

Rowdy grinned evilly, "How about tonight?"

"A little anxious huh?" Trunks chuckled.

Rowdy nodded quickly, "I've been wanting to for a while!"

Trunks thought to himself, "OK, then how about once we all get done here we head back to my room?"

Rowdy licked his lip and nodded, "OK."

The four of them walked around for a bit longer, and ended their outing with a few games of pool at the recreational area. After the first game, Rowdy and Haru had to make Gohan and Trunks promise not to cheat with their powers again. They had a lot of fun for a while longer and decided it was about time to turn in for the night.

Walking back down the hall, Gohan stretched and turned and noticed Rowdy looking at him with a strange wicked smile, "What?" he asked him.

Rowdy shook his head, "Nothing."

Trunks noticed and grinned to himself. They got to his front door and he entered the code to open it. As the door opened all four of them walked in and Gohan was feeling a little confused.

"Is something going on?" Gohan asked the bunch of them.

"Come on!" Rowdy grabbed Gohan's hand and dragged him into the bedroom.

"What is it?" Gohan still just wasn't grasping what was going on around here.

Rowdy sat Gohan down on Trunks' bed, "Guess what!"

"What?" Before Gohan's mouth closed, Rowdy moved in and kissed Gohan's lips. Gohan's eyes shot wide then he looked at Rowdy confused when they separated. He then saw Trunks and Haru drag a couple of chairs in from the living room and sit down facing the bed.

"You know Gohan, I'd been hoping for a long time that someday you would join in with me and Haru at night you know." Gohan took on a look of understanding, and he immediately looked over to Trunks who just smiled at him.

He looked back down at Rowdy who was grinning hopefully up at him waiting for the OK to proceed. Gohan's breathing deepened as his gaze continued to fall on Rowdy, still remaining silent.

"It's been a long time since I first thought about sex with you, but after that night a while back when you came back to the Rogues after we thought for sure you'd been caught and probably killed, we looked over and saw you jerking off in bed and since then I haven't been able to get that image out of my mind."

Trunks couldn't help it and let a laugh escape, but was quickly silenced by the dirty looks he got from both Rowdy and Gohan, "Sorry," he grinned sheepishly. He couldn't help but think how cool it would be to catch Gohan masturbating also.

Rowdy turned to look back up Gohan again and tried to think of how to finish what he had to say. What Trunks had told him earlier popped into his mind, "So what do you think Gohan? Do you want to play?"

(Scene Removed)

Gohan, Rowdy, and Haru finally all passed out exhausted on the bed. Trunks looked over them all and smiled. This night had turned into something much more intense than he had thought, but he didn't regret it at all. It was the most fun he'd had… ever… But all of this was threatened… Time was running out… and he couldn't allow himself the luxury of falling asleep with his friends.

Trunks dressed and headed for the gravity room. Just about everyone in the whole complex was asleep or off doing other things at this hour. Trunks took a look at the machine inside and sighed. He knew Gohan would be upset with him for training so much without him… but he had made that promise after all. Setting the machine to two hundred times gravity, Trunks began his workout.

Two hours went by of lifting weights and cycling through full body work outs. Trunks wiped the sweat from his brow and shut off the machine. He stretched tall before pulling up the machine's usage log and deleting the entry from it, just as he'd been doing for a while now.

Trunks eyes widened as a new thought entered his head. He stared at the console for a moment just from the shock of the notion.

"He wouldn't know how to do that… would he?" Trunks scratched his head thinking about how clever of a boy he knew Gohan was. Deciding to put the issue to rest, Trunks set to work on restoring the deleted entries from the gravity chambers.

He had an idea that he should find about thirty of his entries recently deleted in the system. To his shock the system returned over sixty deleted entries. Starting from the oldest, Trunks examined them. His mouth dropped as he watched the gravity intensify steadily from one hundred to three hundred and fifty times normal gravity. He sank against the wall knowing only one person could possibly be pushing himself that hard… and finally piecing together all the strange things that had been happening… Gohan's strange injuries… The deep hidden power well… It was all stemming from this…

Trunks started laughing to himself realizing he thought himself so clever putting in extra training time and not realizing Gohan was putting in even more early in the morning while he was too passed out to miss him.

"That little…" Trunks had to think this through carefully, and figure out how to let Gohan know he'd caught him without pushing the wrong buttons… of course this discovery also revealed that Gohan was training a hundred and fifty gravity levels higher than he was which would mean… Gohan was getting fucking strong…

It was all so much to take in. Trunks wasn't sure why Gohan would even do this… did he not trust him? Did he consider him weak? Trunks realized he shouldn't think like that as he had been doing the same thing with protecting his mate being his sole driving force. That's when it snapped. Trunks could feel it, as if Gohan's emotions were still lingering inside the training room. He felt the need to protect Trunks… but also the need to protect everyone. To protect his friends with whom he was sleeping comfortably beside. To protect all the people he knows on the outside. To make up for the failure to protect his family in the past…

A tear fell from Trunks' face. Somehow he knew this all to be true. Gohan was trying to carry the burden of the world on him. He needed to be shown that he wasn't alone…

Gohan had woken up at his usual training hour of four in the morning and managed to slip out of bed without waking anyone. He felt more tired than usual, but the memories of the night before just spurred his determination forward. Without looking back he dressed and marched to the gravity room.

All the lights were turned off as Gohan stepped into the room. The red glow of the keypad was the only thing Gohan had besides memory to guide him through the chamber. Gohan pressed a few keys flickering on the lights and turned to shut the door.

Gohan stopped dead cold as leaning against the wall by the door with his arms crossed was Trunks. "Good morning Gohan" he said calmly.

"Trunks… Ummm… hi?" Gohan stammered.

Trunks sighed, and pushed off the wall. He slowly walked across the room and noticed the look on Gohan's face which was amass of confusion and slight fear. Once Trunks was close enough, he wrapped his arms around Gohan and pulled him into a tight hug.

Gohan's confusion only intensified, even if the fear diminished a little. "Trunks… What are you… ow!" Gohan shouted as the tender spot on his side was poked.

Trunks smiled down at him, "I know what you've been doing." Gohan gulped in anticipation, "We've both been a couple of idiots you know?"

Gohan cocked his head to the side, "Huh?"

"Because here we are breaking ourselves to pieces for each other, not stopping to realize we're in this together," Trunks spoke softly but seriously.

"What do you…"

"I know before I said a lot about being careful and taking it easy… but neither of us listened and we both ended up putting ourselves through a lot more risk than necessary by trying to hide it. If we're to find out where our limits really are Gohan… we need to do it together. Be there for each other. What I mean is… Things are desperate and we both realize that so no more kidding around. No more putting up fronts and holding back during the day only to kill ourselves at night. We're in this together, all… or nothing."

Gohan realized what Trunks was talking about and figured out what Trunks was doing as well. "Yeah!" Trunks held out his arm and Gohan repeated the gesture, clutching Trunks hand tightly the two shook making a warrior's promise.

"We'll do this, together."

The day dragged on, and old men seemed to never rest anymore. Especially not one particular old scientist who fiddled away uncaring of the hour doing everything he could think of to improve his design. It was almost perfected… the ultimate procedure of enhancing cellular structure with cybernetic fortification. Thanks in part to the acquisition of valuable Saiyan DNA, unfathomable android power was in arm's reach. As far as Dr. Gero was concerned, it was ready to be tested.

A steady tapping broke Dr. Gero from his schematics as someone dared to knock on his private lab's door. Cursing under his breath, Dr. Gero opened the door and found a young black haired human standing in front of his lab.

"I'm VERY busy right now, so this better be good!" Gero demanded.

"I'm sorry sir," the boy bowed quickly in apology but didn't appear the least bit frightened of the man's outbreak, "I overheard some of the other scientists talking that you're working on procedures to make people stronger… much stronger than even the battle suits…"

Dr. Gero looked around before pulling the boy into his lab and shutting the door, "Indeed I am… Now… would I be correct in assuming this is something desirable to you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good… Now understand the way I work is once started… there is no going back… the change is absolute and very permanent."

"That's fine… Just please… Give me the power I need to help my friends and make a difference!"

Dr. Gero nodded, "Very well, what is your name?"

"Ashuta… Ashuta Haru…"


End Chapter

OK wow… This chapter puts most of the other chapters to shame in terms of length… (unless you're reading the cut version again) I really wasn't intending on dragging it out so long… But I was writing this mostly late at night working on very little caffeine, and things happened, and I got emotional, and tried pushing that onto the characters… I think a lot of the dialogue sucked, but I think I at least got the point across.

Plenty of action lies ahead so I hope everyone is ready for the story to heat up!

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