Summary: "What are you doing here?" Jareth's smirked widened, his voice filled with amusement. "Curiosity killed the cat Sarah," He frowned slightly "but the cat vowed revenge."

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Curiosity Killed The Cat

By. XxSiMpLe-MiNdxX

Torn apart by rage and fear

Hold on to what brought you here.

Don't let it go.

Never let it go…

"Never Let Go" by Josh Groban with Deep Forest

A wispy cold demeaning air flowed about his stature figure. Making his whimsical hair and royal black satin cape flow like a raging river around his back, blow up towards the sky, flow back down, then start its dance again as the wind pick up its fierceness. A scowl marred his stunningly captive features; high cheekbones were set downwards, mouth slightly ajar, a set of mismatched eyes scanned out before him into what was his sanctuary.


There was nothing left.

Everything was destroyed. The very world he ruled over.

She destroyed it all.

"You can run Sarah Williams, but you can not hide. I will find you my love and you will pay."

With one last look at his ruined palace of immunity, a ghostly smirk crept its way on to his saintly qualities. His still figure began to take on a form of a white bird; snow white feathers sprouted forth from his body, a couple fell and caressed the ground without a sound. A beak sprung out where his mouth and nose once laid, two human eyes narrowed slightly, the mismatched pupils turned to slits in an instant, long slinky legs grew smaller, and razor sharp talons spurred from the knee high riding boots he wore. Where once stood a saintly creature with an aura so full of dominance and power, now stood a disarrayed barn owl as white as the snow in winter, some coal black dots stood out on the feather of this majestic bird. The wings that settled by the bird's side elongated, bringing the owl to its full height, flapping noises swept through the air. The talons digging into the grounds to prepare the upcoming take off. With a graceful jump towards the sky, he was gone.





"What the hell is that?"

"What the hell is what?"




"That's my toe"

"NO! The thing you're holding. The book."

"Yes it is a book, how very perceptive of you"

"Do not mock my intelligence"

Sarah sighed. "What's wrong with my book?" This had been going on all morning and it was getting a little annoying.

But just a little.

"Well there is that slight problem with that very book you hold in your delicate smooth hands, is the wrong book"

"Must you always be so descriptive when it comes to the stupidest things?" Sarah said, sarcasm dripping from her mouth

"Like what?"

"Like my hands for instance"

"First you mock my intelligence now you mock my grammar? Care to continue Sarah? Your already skating on thin ice as it is."

"First of all oh mighty one, I did not mock your intelligence for there is no intelligence to mock. Secondly I don't skate, I glide."

"That is it! I can't take this anymore! Class dismissed!" With that the teacher gave one last glare towards Sarah and dashed out the door slamming it in the process. Sarah smirked.

Cheers filled the room as students started to file off the stage, grab their belongings, and head for the nearest exit.

All accept one.

Sarah Williams stood still on the massive stage, right foot straightened and toes tracing feather light circles around a bent nail in the pine wood floor. She did it again. She had managed to tick off the drama teacher once again with her childish attics in less then ten minutes of class. She didn't mean to make to teacher blow a casket, but the way he's always out to pick on her or make a snide remark about her acting skills, which are perfect, just made Sarah want to throw a bucket of cold water in his face and tell him to wake up and smell the daises. No one is perfect.

Sarah looked down at the worn and torn red clad book, its gold incrusted lettering mocking her with the words that it spelled. In side this unforgettable book was a story that would capture your eyes and steal your soul, it was a story that you would try to react many times and never forget each experience or each role you had played. Caught up in remembering all the time she went to the park to play out the books story, Sarah seated herself on the edge of the stage with her legs dangling out before her and swinging them like a pendulum.

Sarah was so caught up in her own little world that she failed to see the looming figure lurking between the shadows, watching her every move with hawk eyes. The figure smirked at what it saw, "My, my Sarah what a precocious women you have become." The figure whispered into the air of the drama room.

Even though it was a whisper, Sarah still heard loud and clear. Sarah's head jerked up, eyes immediately scanning the room for the intruder. Her eyes landed on the dark corner of the drama room, she felt like she was being pulled in to a black hole and would not be able to escape. Sarah jumped off of the stage a slowly made her way to the corner of the drama room that captured her attention so rigidly. She stopped only a hairs breath away from the alluring shadows that obscured her vision of the intruding figure, reaching a trembling hand out slowly to see if there was anything solid behind the darkness. Sarah's hand met nothing but the wall of the drama room, just a ruff brick wall; Sarah breathed a sigh of relief she had actually thought there would be someone behind those captivating shadows.

Sarah was turning around to head back for the stage when she heard it. Footsteps. Loud footsteps, they were coming up behind her. Fast. Sarah whirled around to meet the deranged person that was stocking her, but all she connected eyes with was that mystery patch of darkness.

"OK, what's going on? Is this some kind of joke? Because if it is, it is so not funny" Sarah said, with a slight crack in her voice.

She was about to turn around once again and head back for the stage when she went very still, her body became a statue rooted to the ground. Hot breath. Someone was breathing in her ear, the stocking figure that was playing tricks on her was breathing in her ear. The breathing did not stop, it continued down her neck and then up again, then the figure chuckled.

The sound vibrated though Sarah's ear and went straight down her spine causing bone-chilling fear to run wild through her body. Judging by how masculine the chuckle sounded, the figure that stood behind her, was a man.

"My, my Sarah, what happened to that brave attitude of yours?"

I have heard that voice some were before, but where?

"What's wrong Sarah? What happened that witty attitude I saw only moments ago? Did it dissipate like the brave soul you once had, Sarah?"

Sarah's face went livid with anger. Not caring if her stocker was armed, she spun around arms in an attaching position. Eyes met nothing but the dim lit drama stage and randomly scattered theater props.

What! Where did he go!?

Sarah's arcane eyes scanned the drama room to make sure it was safe for her to journey back to were her stuff lay near the wooden stage, or to see if she could catch of glance of who ever thought it was funny to scare the blinking day lights out of her.

After coming to a conclusion that the practical joker wasn't going to bother her anymore, Sarah made her way back to her belongings, finally being able to escape this weird place and go drown her sorrows in a big pint of bubblegum ice cream. However, Sarah's eyes widened in horror as she started up at were she left her book on the stage, Her body became still with terror, there on the stage holding the little red clad book was non other then…


The goblin king stood tall on the stage as if he ruled it. I wouldn't put it past him. His light blond hair flying out in every direction on the top of his head and the rest cascaded down around his shoulders. He wore his signature white poetic shirt and a pair of black tight fitting breeches, with riding boots up to the end of his knees. He wore a smirk on his face that shone like no tomorrow. A spotlight was directly overhead, illuminating his features and making the gold lettering of the book glimmer with greatness. 'The Labyrinth' shone brighter in the hands of Jareth then it ever had in Sarah's hands.

Sarah still could not believe that he was standing on the drama room's stage, but after her eyes met the smirk and then his mismatch eyes, realization hit her fast and hard.

Jareth is back. Oh crap.

Sarah did the first thing that came to mind.

She ran.

Jareth laid the forgotten red clad book back down on the pine wood floor near the uprooted nail on the stage. The doors of the drama room swung closed with a 'Bang' as footsteps were heard stomping down the hall, echoing off the lockers and walls.

There was a loud masculine chuckle that reverberated off the walls making it seem the devilish sound was coming from ever nook and cranny the drama room had to offer.

Jareth was back and he wanted something.



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