Summary: "What are you doing here?" Jareth's smirked widened, his voice filled with amusement. "Curiosity killed the cat Sarah," he frowned slightly "but the cat vowed revenge."

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Curiosity Killed The Cat

Famous last words

Frightened brown eyes snapped open but quickly shut closed while cursing the blinding light that shone above her. After adjusting to the brightness of the light, Sarah slowly sat up leaning her back against the armrest and looked at her surroundings. She was lying down on her cozy coach that was stationed in the living room of her apartment; a blanket with a strange white owl with piercing eyes lay innocently across her legs. That's odd, she thought, I don't remember having a blanket like this. As she thought this, the two piercing owl eyes seemed to change into two miss-matched coloured ones that shifted to look right at her. Sarah gave a little gasp but ignored the owl, blaming it on her sleep-induced imagination and continued looking at her surroundings. Her old styled lamp that was a gift from Karin when she moved in was shining behind her and sitting on her side table beside the couch.

Despite the changing eyes of the blanket, Sarah let out a deep sign of relief when she noticed that there was no Goblin king in sight.

"Maybe it was all just a horrible nightmare," Sarah said as she fell back on to the coach and closed her eyes with another sigh, "maybe he left and hopefully will never come back again."

"Really Sarah I thought you knew me better then that." A smooth voice whispered in her ear, causing Sarah to quickly bolt up right on the coach and crane her neck to the side.

Jareth was sitting casually against the armrest of the coach Sarah was currently sitting on with a smile on his lips and a glimmer of amusement in his miss-matched eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Sarah exclaimed as she quickly jumped off the coach and tried to step back.

Bad Idea. Ugh!

Blood quickly rushed to her head, which caused her to blank out momentarily and loose her footing. She prepared herself for the inevitable impact with her floor but looked up when she didn't feel anything.

Jareth stood very close, to close, to her. His arms were wrapped protectively around her waist while her back was flush against his chest, his breath tickling her ear as he chuckled quietly. "That was a silly thing for you to do Sarah, you're lucky that I was here to help."

Sarah immediately took offense and tried to wiggle out of his embrace, but Jareth's hold on her was to strong. "Let go of me Goblin King!"

"Now, now Sarah, is that anyway to talk to someone who is only trying to help?" Jareth whispered ever so sweetly into her ear as one of his hands moved to play with a piece of her hair.

Sarah growled. She didn't like be treated as entertainment for the Kings amusement. "Go to Hell!"

"Ladies first, Sarah."

Sarah had had enough of this and just wanted to go crawl into her bed and have the rest she needed, all of this drama was starting to get to her.

"Why are you here Goblin King? I have nothing of importance to you."

"On the contrary Sarah, you have exactly what I need." Jareth said as he continued to play with her hair. Sarah's back was still pulled against his chest but his grip was slowly loosening.

What could I possibly have that he would want? Unless…

Sarah stopped breathing, a lump formed in her throat. Toby. "Toby…" Sarah said as she started to violently thrash against the Goblin Kings arms, catching him off guard and giving Sarah the chance to free herself and make a dash for a hiding spot (which was behind her coffee table). "You can't have him again! I won't let you! I beat you fair and square, there's no reason for you to want Toby!"

Jareth gazed at Sarah with his calculating miss-matched eyes, seemingly looking into her soul. "I'm not here for the human child, Sarah," he took a step towards her. "I'm here for something more significant," a small smile graced his immaculate features, " much more significant." He took another step toward her, which Sarah quickly countered by stepping backwards. "I won't stand by and let you turn Toby into a Goblin! I just won't!"

Jareth took two more steps this time making Sarah practically jog back a bit, making sure she wasn't getting cornered or smashed against a wall. "This has nothing to do with the child being turned into a goblin, that is the past and I have no whim to repeat it. I do, however, have a plan for you, Kitten." Jareth said as he took three steps this time, quickly drawing closer to Sarah.

Kitten? Whatever. In retaliation, Sarah turned from the Goblin King and darted across the rest of the living room to the other side casting a huge gape between the Goblin king and herself.

As Sarah tuned around to look at the goblin King, she nearly had a heart attach when she found him standing only a hairs breath away. "That was quit a daring move you made, Kitten."

Sarah tried to step back but her back only met the cold flat surface of her living room wall. How the hell did I get so close to the wall!? She was now pinned to a wall with her enemy towering over her looking immensely amused. "S-stop calling me that! I'm not your Kitten or anything else for that matter!" Sarah practically screamed in exasperation

"You really are quit beautiful when your scared," placing a finger on her trembling lips he leisurely dragged it up and down her jaw line, never breaking eye contact. "And I can call you anything I like, Kitten."

Sarah moved her face away from his offending hand, "stop that! Just stop! What do you want and what are you doing here, Jareth?"

"Isn't it obvious, Sarah? I'm here for you."

Sarah's eyes widened, blood draining from her face. . "Me? What do you want with me?"

Jareth's fingers resumed there stroking as his eyes stared at her for a moment. "Now that, Sarah, is something you're going to have to find out."

As a last attempt at freeing her self, Sarah said the first thing that popped into her head. "You have no power ov-!" Sarah was cut off as Jareth's mouth swooped down to hers, stealing her words with a kiss. Sarah stood there in total shock. She had never been kissed like this before, sure she had been kissed by a couple of boys but none even compared to this one. Sarah thought about kissing him back; it might actually be enjoyable. But the fact that it was the Goblin King –Jareth– giving her this kiss made her retaliate and think again. Just as Sarah was about to bite his lip for kissing her, everything went blurry and she completely blacked out for the second time that day.

Stupid Goblin King! Was all she though before she falling into a pair of warm secure arms.

"Famous last words, Kitten." Jareth chuckled as they both disappeared in a cloud of dust with a faint poof.

Two heavy wooden doors swung open as Jareth strode in, Sarah's unconscious form cradled protectively in his arms. He looked about the enormous room with a blank expression before continuing his journey to the huge mahogany canopy bed that was on the right side of the glorious room. He gently slid Sarah out of his arms and set her on the mattress of the bed, carefully resting her head on the fluffed pillows. He then pulled the covers from under her and laid them on top of her dozing body to keep her warm. His gaze slid up and down her body with a caring look in his eyes, his hands gently sweeping some hair from her face; his fingers lingering a little longer on her lips and cheeks then necessary. It was an affectionate gesture to say the least.

"Are you fond of this human women Master?" Said a voice from beside the dresser that was across from the bed.

Jareth didn't answer. Instead he continued to stair at Sarah's face still longingly stroking her features at his leisure.

"Master?" Said the voice once again.

Jareth finally took his eyes away from Sarah's slightly pale features to look in the direction the voice came from. "I am." The Goblin King retorted with Sorrow stitched in his voice.

"Then why are you going to such great lengths to have her in the labyrinth, Master?" The attentive voice asked.

Jareth gave a small smile, "because, Pierre, she's is worth that and much more."

"Then why not simply tell her master? I sure she would understand."

"Some how I doubt that Pierre. She still thinks I'm this great evil villain that has come to cause trouble once again. She would have never come willingly even if I did tell her the truth." Jareth said this with a frown on his face as he once again gazed at the sleeping beauty beside him.

"She will understand someday Master; she just needs some time to come around." Said 'Pierre' with a sense of wisdom.

"I suppose your right Pierre." Jareth gazed at the general direction the voice was coming from; the thing was still shrouded in shadows hiding the figure from view. "I have some business to attend to and am unable to look after her. Would you do me the favor of making sure Sarah stays out of trouble?"

"Sarah? So that's her name…" Pierre said with interest playing at his words, "yes Master I will gladly keep an eye on Miss Sarah for you while your busy."

"Thank you Pierre, it is very much appreciated. If there is anything that goes wrong in my absences then don't hesitate to come and alert me." Jareth made a move to leave but turned around, obviously remembering something. "Also, make sure that the spies are positioned in various places around the room, tell them to make sure she doesn't leave the room and that they must be hidden from her view. I don't want her wonder around the castle."

"Of course, Master. Right away, Master"

Jareth turned around and laid his hand on Sarah's cheek while stroking the soft skin with a glove-clad thumb. He then leaned down so his mouth was less then a centimeter from her ear and whispered in a soft smooth voice. "The truth will come my love, the truth will come. Be patient." With a grace a king can only posses, Jareth dropped a chaste kiss on Sarah's forehead and exited the room with one last parting statement to Pierre; dust swirling in his wake.

This was getting ridiculous, really it was.

"Drop dead you inanimate object!" Sarah said with as much superiority she could muster

Sarah had only woken up an hour ago with another start but this time she did not sigh in relief after she had realized that she was not in her apartment but rather in a lavishly decorated room that was not her own. She had almost jumped out of her skin when she heard a voice ask her if she was all right. Sarah had looked around for the owner of the voice but only seeing an old styled mirror near the dresser across from her. She had commented that if they didn't show themselves then she was going to find a blunt object and find them her self. The voice had merely chuckled and comment on how she had a spirit like no other they had ever seen. That comment alone hadn't calmed Sarah down. She demanded that they show themselves or else. The voice chuckled once again and told her that he (Sarah guessed it was a man by his rich deep accented voice) was over by the dresser. As Sarah cautiously looked around the area she had commented that she did not see him and asked if he was playing a trick on her. Sarah had then asked if he was friends with the Goblin King. The voice had burst in to a fit of laughter and promptly told her to turn around. Sarah did and was met with the image of her self in the old styled mirror, out of curiosity she had then placed her finger on the frame of the mirror and traced its numerous lines.

A couple of giggles erupted from the mirror and Sarah immediately jerked her hand back as if she had been burned, she then lost her balance and fell to the ground in total shock. Once the giggles had subsided, the mirror had informed her that his name was Pierre and he was honored to make her acquaintance. Noting her sudden muteness Pierre had continued on and told her that he was once a great magical creature who had committed a felony and was sealed in the mirror for all eternity as punishment. Sarah had eventually got use to the mirror named Pierre and had started to converse with him in a civilized manner, she found him to be a great listener. She also found that he liked to talk about him self constantly and far to often.

So, here she was talking to a spirit with an enormously large ego and a mouth, if it were visible, the size of Russia.

"I take quite offence to that, Madam." Pierre retorted in defense

"I bet you do."

The mirror would have pouted…if it could have.

There was a tension that filled the somewhat cozy room and a silence that could have stretched on forever if it hadn't been for that little 'A-choo' and then an equally loud 'bless-you' coming from the direction of the closet that was looking strangely suspicious.

Either the mice in this castle were loud sneezers or some freaky thing-two freaky things- were watching Sarah.

Sarah suspected the later.

"I believe there are things in the closet that are watching you, Miss Sarah." Pierre said in a matter of fact tone. Sarah was this close from rolling her eyes and yelling 'duh' to the overly proud object.

"I believe you should see to who the miscreants are before they have a chance to cast any of there evil plans upon you, Miss Sarah."

This close. She was this close to killing the stupid thing.

"Aren't you the one who's suppose to be keeping an eye on me and making sure nothing bad happens?"

Pierre decided to say nothing. Then it seemed to glimmer slightly as if to say yes.

"Does this not count as danger that could inevitably lead me to getting in trouble or worse me escaping? Then the Goblin King would be very disappointed with you, you don't want him to be mad at you, do you?

Pierre said nothing again and, instead, glimmered.

Twinkle. Twinkle.

It was like a freaking star at Christmas.

"Miss Sarah, I believe you have forgotten that my main purpose is to watch you and make sure you do not make mischief. I am, and I make it clear to you, not made to move and run about like a barbarian." The mirror stated.

Ok, now Sarah had to role her eyes. The moment just called for it.

"Fine! I'll go see who sneezed," Sarah said with a sigh, "and what ever is in that closet better be a mouse or god help you I will smash you into tiny unidentifiable pieces! Super glue wouldn't even put your pieces back together!"

"Madam does seven years of bad luck mean anything to you?" The mirror said with a hint of malevolence, "I would hate for young lady such as yourself to be in a spot of trouble."

Sarah rolled her eyes, "if you're so worried about me then why am I the one going to the closet?"

"Because, Miss Sarah, unlike you I am bolted to the floor and seem to be missing a pair of moveable legs."

"Well, that does pose a problem now doesn't it?"

"Why yes Miss Sarah, it does."

"For a mirror, you sure are annoying."

"Same to you Miss Sarah, same to you."

"Alright then, here I go…" Sarah cast one last disgruntled look at the mirror and then fixed her gaze to the closet on the far side of the room. She slowly started to make her way over, one nervous step at a time. When she was close enough to the closet door with her hand stretched over the doorknob did she look to the mirror only to find that the annoying object was nowhere in site.

"What-?" Sarah was just about to comment when the closet door was swung open catching Sarah by surprise. She lost her balance and fell backward on to the polished hard wood floor with a thump.

"Oow…" Rubbing her sore bum, Sarah didn't see who the intruder that burst from the closet was.

"Sarah…? Sarah! Are you okay?"

Startled by the fall and hearing her name, Sarah looked up into the concerned eyes of a weary mud covered face. Finally coming out of her stupor and realizing who had spoken, Sarah immediately jumped up, forgetting about her sore bum, and quickly embraced the stranger.

"Hoggle! Oh I've missed you dearly! What are you doing here? How did you find me? Jareth hasn't kidnapped you too, has he?"

"What are you talking 'bout Sarah? Jareth didn't kidnap me!"

"Then what are you doing here, Hoggle?" Sarah stepped back from Hoggle, giving him a confused look.

"I'm here to help you Sarah," Hoggle looked at her anxiously "yeah that's it! I'm here to help ya."

Sarah looked at her friend and watched as his eyes darted around the room as if looking for some unseen danger.

"That's great Hoggle! You can help me get out of the Goblin City and get back to my apartment and then I can – Hoggle? Is there something wrong?"

Hoggle cast Sarah an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry Sarah, but I ain't allowed to let ye leave."

A lump formed in Sarah's throat making it hard to speak as she gazed at the sorrow that shone in Hoggle's eyes. There was something he wasn't telling her, and it obviously caused him pain.

"What's wrong Hoggle? Why can't you let me leave?" Sarah had a sneaking suspicion that Jareth had something to do with this. He's always up to no good.

"I just can't Sarah, please try to understand."

"I can't understand you Hoggle if you don't tell me what's going on!" Sarah said, she was starting to feel tired again.

"If I tell you Sarah then you're going to hate me, and I don't want you to hate me." Hoggle said as he looked away from Sarah, a shameful expression spread across his face.

Sarah quickly embraced Hoggle again, catching him by surprise. "Hoggle I could never hate you! Don't think for a moment that I would ever hate you or any of my friends from the labyrinth! If you don't want to tell me then that's fine." Sarah shifted her weight slightly so she could stair at Hoggle's eyes.

"Its not that I don't want to tell you, Sarah, its just that I can't tell you!" Hoggle said in an exasperated voice.

"What do you mean Hoggle? Has Jareth done something to you? Is he holding you captive?" Sarah looked at Hoggle with anger burning in her eyes. "Tell me Hoggle!"

"It's nothing like that Sarah!" He tried to look into her eyes but she was still embracing him making it hard for him to look at her directly.

"I knew Jareth was up to his old tricks again! That rat!"

"No Sarah! Don't think that! Jareth-"

"Really Sarah, I find myself to more of a owl then a rat." Jareth said from his position leaning against the doorframe of Sarah's room. His eyes darted from Sarah to Hoggle, noting that Sarah's arm were still wrapped around Hoggle's shoulders. "And I would appreciate it if you would not hug my employees, it gives the wrong impression." Jareth said in a cool voice.

Sarah snapped her head in the direction of the door, her eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. "Jareth…"

"Yes Sarah, me."

Quickly recovering, Sarah let go of Hoggle and took a step backwards, her eyes blazing with anger. "What do you want Goblin King? And what do you mean by employee?"

"I mean, Sarah, that Hoggle is not a lowly subject who spray's fairies for a living anymore, he now works for me" Jareth said as if he were talking to a child.

"What? I don't understand." Sarah looked away from Jareth to cast a wounded look at Hoggle, but Hoggle seemed to be more interested in the ceiling then her.

"In other words, my dear Sarah, I would like you to meet one of my most trusted spies."

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