Chapter Twenty-six: Firsts

Deirdre's heart soared. They had finally gotten through the heated conflict to where they could continue on. But as Rohan's soft lips caressed her hand and the proclamation issued from his heart, she couldn't help but think that perhaps the fire had just begun.

Deep down, she knew that what she was about to do, what they were about to do, is prohibited by law until a royal couple is betrothed. But Deirdre didn't care. She took all of those concerns and threw them out of her mind, locking the door behind them.

She reached for him and wiped away his tears. She did not pull back as he drew her closer to him, practically sitting in his lap on the bed. He caressed her face as if she was the most precious treasure in the world.

"Are you ever going to kiss me?" asked Deirdre.

The request barely left her mouth before Rohan captured her lips.

He poured all of his regrets, his fears, and his love into the kiss, communicating both his past grief and present joy to her. Deirdre's soft lips moving in tandem with his, kissing him back with the same ardor...the future never looked so promising.

Deirdre couldn't think. All she knew was his fire, and she was content to be consumed by it. She trailed her hands down his chest, feeling him quake at her simple touch. She smiled against his lips. Being able to make him react to such a simple touch made her feel powerful, so she continued her exploration. Roaming hands made their way from his muscle-toned arms to circle his neck. Rohan moaned as she gently played with the hairs at the nape of his neck.

The mystic knight of fire had always prided himself with his discipline. He practiced self-control in every aspect of study and training. But when air is added to dying embers, a flame emerges...renewed and ready to devour.

And devour he did.

He plundered her mouth like a dying man gasps desperately for air.

Overcome in her passion for him, Deirdre turned him and guided him down to lie beneath her. Straddled on top of him, she tried to reposition herself. But as she shifted, she accidental jabbed his wound with her knee...


Rohan grabbed his side in pain.

"Oh, Rohan! I'm so sorry!"

"No," he gasped, "this is actually a good thing."

Deirdre raised a disbelieving brow. "A good thing?"

He smiled up at her. "In case you weren't paying attention, we were a bit...carried away."



She sighed. "You're right, I just...I just wanted...I wish..."

Rohan silenced her with a chaste kiss to her temple.

"I feel the same. But we need to do this right, without me defiling your honor!"

"Who needs honor?"


"Yes, yes, fine. As you wish." She lay beside him now, hand still lightly fluttering across his bare chest.

"So are you going to propose, or aren't you?" she asked.

Rohan went stiff. She wanted him to propose? Now?!?

"There are more important things at the moment, Deirdre."

She glared at him. "What is more important than this?" she demanded.

He sighed. "By Dagda woman! There are others that were injured in the attack! I need to see to their health and..."

"Cathbad and Ivar are seeing to their health, and Garret and Lynette have gone to my father to explain things. What other excuses have you got for me?"

Rohan stared at her. "Is that what you think I am doing? Making excuses not to marry you?"

"That is exactly what I think! I LOVE you, Rohan. Do you love me?"

"Of course I do, but..."

"You want to marry me don't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then why the wait?!?!"

"For one thing, I have to face your father. I have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do still. I just need...time, Deirdre. Give me time."

"You've had excess amount of that!"


She just glared back at him. Oh...don't let him win! Stay strong...arg! Why can't I ever stay mad at him when I want to?

She stole a kiss and headed for the door. "Fine. Find me when you're ready. I don't plan on waiting forever!"

The door slammed.

For the first time in his life, Rohan had a significant other in his life. A real relationship with the opposite sex.

Then he pondered her abrupt exit.

"Did we just have our first fight?"

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