Summary: The trio plus Ginny find themselves in the past only to realise that they are the founders of Hogwarts. Almost AU.

Spoilers: 1 through to 5 books

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Authors Note: Sirius did not die in this story.

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I would like to thank my beta Jessica for well beta'ing but still keeping as much to the original as possible cheers darling

Founders! Us?

Chapter 1 Beta'd

Harry Potter walked into the compartment his friends Ron, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger were sitting in.

"Hey guys" greeted Harry.

A chorus of "Hey Harry" went around the compartment.

The trio, which had become the quartet over that summer, had decided to arrange to meet at a certain compartment instead of wondering along the train trying to find each other. Usually the gang would arrive at platform nine and ¾ together but this year Harry had spent the last two weeks of the holiday with just Sirius and Remus at number 12 Grimmauld place getting to know each other better. Mrs Weasley who insisted that they spend the rest of the holiday at home instead of at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix while Hermione had gone on holiday with her parents to Japan she had jostled Ron and Ginny along with their siblings back to the burrow.

Harry chuckled as he entered completely and sat down next to Ginny as it looked like Hermione and Ginny were nagging Ron about something.

"What's going on" Harry asked Ginny as it looked like Hermione had gone from nagging to full blown argument.

Ginny who was starting her fifth year whilst the other three were starting their sixth year had decided that she would leave the once bushy haired girl (her hair had now straightened out to wavy) to argue with her brother.

"Nothing much, Ron just hasn't done most of his summer assignments as usual and Hermione has decided that she would blow off steam by nagging and now arguing I went along for a laugh although I figured it was more amusing to watch her go at it instead." she replied with a grin on her face which Harry matched. They both then tuned into the conversation cough argument cough

"And what lame excuse do you have for not doing it then Ronald Billius Weasley!" Hermione ranted

"I was busy with…other things" Ron answered lamely

"What other things hmm" she looked at him with an expression which clearly stated 'nothing you are going to say is going to be good enough' and Ron seemed to understood this as he just looked away luckily or unluckily depended on how you look at it. They were saved from the awkwardness of the argument by a flash of blinding light. It seemed that it came as soon as it left. The only thing left in the compartment was a chess piece that Ron had been playing with and had dropped in the shock of the light.

Close to a large forest next to a great lake stood a decrepit looking castle looking as if it was in dire need of repair. Suddenly a blinding flash of light appeared and when it cleared there was four very shocked and out of place looking teenagers along with two owls in cages, a cat in a basket and four trunks.

"What the bloody hell was that" Ron asked bluntly, standing up along with Harry and Ginny. Hermione was too busy starring at the decrepit castle in abstract horror to reprimand his use of language

"Dunno" replied Ginny

"Hermione are you ok" Harry asked Hermione in concern after noticing the look on her face.

Hermione shook her head in disbelief and pointed to the castle, the heads of her friends turned to look at what she was pointing at. Ginny fell back onto the floor in shock when she recognised bits of the castle. This told them that this castle was in fact their beloved Hogwarts.

"Oh Merlin!" She exclaimed

"Is that Hogwarts?" questioned Harry

"What happened to it?" Ron asked in horror.

Hermione finally standing up helped Ginny back to her feet shook her head and replied that she had no idea and suggested that they should go up to the castle with their belongings and see what they could find out. Harry being the paranoid person that he is since Voldemort was after him reminded them to keep their wands out at all times.

Not knowing what to expect they trundled up the path or what was left of a path into the entrance hall which didn't really look like the entrance hall that they once knew as debris was lying everywhere. They all looked around with looks of despair. Ron suggested they make their way to the headmaster's office. Once they reached the spot where the gargoyle used to be Ginny chocked back a sob and covered her mouth in horror at the noticeably absent gargoyle. Harry walked slowly up to her and put his arm around her shoulders whilst Ginny clung onto him.

"Shh, Gin it's going to be ok, we just need to figure out what's going on" he tried unsuccessfully to reassure her.

"Maybe we should go down to Hogsmeade and ask what happened to everyone" suggested Hermione.

Nobody having any better ideas that is exactly what they did, they also decided to shrink their trunks and put them in their pockets. Hermione let Crookshanks out of his basket while Ron and Harry let Pig and Hedwig out of their cages instructing them not to go far. Harry asked Hedwig to keep an eye on Pig and she hooted softly as though she understood and took off with the much smaller owl trailing excitedly behind her.

On the way down to the village Ginny had calmed down considerably and only held onto Harry's hand (they had started dating in the summer holiday and were plotting away to get Ron and Hermione to admit there feelings towards each other.)

When they got down enough to see the village they all stopped short.

"Merlin help us, this is strange" Ginny said looking wide eyed down at the village which was significantly smaller then what they remember and old fashioned looking.

When they reached the village the people that happened to be walking around looked at the four oddly but carried on with their business. Hermione the ever smart one got up the courage to walk up to one of the business people and asked in the politest voice she could muster what the full date was as she had a suspicion about what was going on. The man chuckled at her and shook his head but never the less answered in kind.

"Well my dear it is September the 1st in the year 990" with considerable effort to hide her shock of being proven right this time when she really didn't want to be she thanked the man and went back to the others. She motioned with her hand for them to follow her back to the castle.

Looking at her oddly but never the less following her back the way they came. Halfway back to the castle Ginny decided they had been in the dark for long enough and asked the girl what happened. Hermione the usual calm and collective of the group took a shaky breath and sat down at the bottom of the nearest tree trunk and buried her head in her hands. Ron knelt next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hermione?" he softly questioned.

Hermione started chuckling and that response was so unexpected that he fell backwards into the mud which sent the two standing into a laughing fit for a few seconds before remembering that the still laughing girl hadn't answered the question so they stopped and looked at her expectantly waiting for their answer and they were not disappointed.

"We're in the past," she said between laughter, once she had calmed down she explained properly to the rest of what the man said. At first they were in denial but when they looked at the situation logically, at what they had seen they believed it. What other choice did they have the evidence was overwhelming, and it was then decided that due to the fact that its seems that Hogwarts hadn't been founded yet that they should go back up to the castle and take refuge there and eat the sandwiches Mrs Weasley had made for them for their dinner and hopefully get some sleep.

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