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Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny split up in to two rooms next to eachother when they arrived at the Leaky cauldron. They headed up first to get settled and changed and then met in the hall at the same time laughingly they joked as they headed downstairs for some food. "I think we've been around eachother FAR to much if we're changing clothes in the same amount of time." laughed Ron, Hermione snickered and linked her arm in to his as Ginny and Harry wrapped in eachothers arms chuckled behind them as they walked down the steps.

They all Headed to the bar and greeted Tom the bar keeper "Hey Tom." grinned Harry "Could we get a table and the house special for food for us all and four butterbeers please?" he asked.

"Ofcourse Mr Potter." said Tom cheefully as he lead them to a table he asked how they all were.

"We're great thank you tom." replied Hermione politely.

After Tom had left and then returned with there orders the four sat and talked about there plans for the next several days.

"Do you think the prime-minister will listen to us?" asked Ginny

"I think he will, but we may have to demonstrate that we can help." replied Ron ever the strategist.

"And how do you propose we do that?" Asked Hermione.

"Well I suppose we can either duel eachother...or show him some memories depending on what he is open to," Ron responds while eating.

After talking over there plans the four stayed up just talking about the past and the future when midnight rolled around they headed to bed.

The next morning they left the Leaky Cauldron heading to Downing Street.

"Does anyone know how we're getting in?" asked Harry when they arrive and noticed how busy it was and they were stuck behind police tape.

"Well we could just walk in." suggested Ginny with a grin.

"I don't see any other way, asside from apparating," Added Harry nudging her.

Hermione and Ron laughed as they headed in to an alley and attempted to apparate landing back in the alley on there butts.

"Okay that didn't work." stated Ron

"No kidding doofus," retorted Ginny

"Okay why didn't it?" Asked Harry before the siblings could argue.

"Guess someone put wards up." said Hermione the others rolling there eyes thinking that was obvious "Hey he asked!" she defended and Ron and Ginny nodded turning to Harry who shrugged.

"Ok, so who's up to walking in?" asked Ginny with a smirk.

"Guess we don't have a choice." said Hermione

They all stood up and walked past the Police line there magic automatically disrupting the video feed from the camera's and distorting and pictures taken, they got to almost the door before they were surrounded, Harry looked to his friends then the Police

"Take me to your leader." he says with a grin causing his friends to groan.

The officers looked at eachother wondering who these whack-jobs were and arrested them quickly and efficiently or they thought was efficiently but the four friends let them thinking this was as good

as they were going to get for now.

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