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Sam ran from the gas station, blood on his t-shirt and hands, a panicked look on his face. His feet were sore from running for so long and his head was pounding so badly he though he was literally dying. His darker side had overcome him in a moment of weakness and made him take an innocent life for no reason other then to prove to Sam that he could make him kill.

That poor gas station attendant didn't have to lose his life simply to prove a point, but his dark doppleganger knew that killing innocent people would weaken Sam's resolve and soon allow him to fully take control and it was working, Sam heard the darker side's evil whispering more and more as he ran. It took all he could to keep himself from calling Dean and telling him where he was, that would be the final blow the dark side would take, Dean was Sam's hold on his sanity, killing him would be the way the darker side could take over and Sam knew that.

He had simply stopped to rest at the gas station while waiting for Ellen to come, when suddenly, like he was a spectator in his own boyd, he began to attack the attendant who had so kindly asked if he could do something for him. There hadn't been anyone else in the gas station and Sam had been smart enough to disconnect the security camera and take the security tape with him so not to incrimminate him, he had enough trouble dealing with the evil inside him without having to deal with police on the side.

"You can't control me." He said aloud, knowing the evil within could hear and was laughing.

"Come now Sammy, you really don't think that you can actually continue to hold out against me, I grow stronger as you grow weaker and soon you will be nothing more then a weak pathetic voice in the back of my mind as I kill everyone you hold dear." A small pause came before he continued. "Starting of course with your meddlesome brother Dean."

Sam practically jumped out of his skin as his cell phone rang, he looked at his phone and was surprised to see Dean's number appear on his phone. A part of him wanted to turn to his big brother for help, to help him get out of this entire mess, but a larger part knew that it would be lethal for Dean if Sam met up with him again, he strongly resisted the urge to pick up the phone and continued running.

It wasn't long before he found an old motel alongside the road, it looked deserted and was perfect for Sam to clean himself up, the smell of the blood was beginning to make him nauseous. He wraped his coat around himself to cover the blood on his shirt and stuck his hands in his pocket before walking into the motel. The motel could use a lot of renovations, that much was clear as he walked into the dusty place, an older man was sitting at the desk reading a paper while mumbling under his breath.

Sam walked up to the desk and tapped a little on the desk, getting the man's attention. "Room?"

Sam nodded. "Please."

"25 dollars a night, you can pay when you check out." Sam thought that was odd, but said nothing, simply took the key that was handed to him and made his way to room 62. He opened the door and was greeted with an old room, but it was clean. Sam headed into the bathroom and stripped out of his bloody clothes before turning on the shower. He stepped in, the hot water soothed his tense muscles and washed away the dirt, grime, and blood from hs body, he wished he could wash away the evil just as easily.

"Keep wishing boy, a lot of good that will do you."

Sam sighed, the evil's mocking words leaving a dent on his confidence, hopefully he would have more of a control over the situation after a good nights sleep.

Dean sighed as he got Sam's voice mail again. He knew he shouldn't be calling his brother, but dammit, he needed to know if he was ok. He was back at the hotel he and Sam had been staying at before all this bullshit occured. He had already taken out his frustrations on the wall and knew that the hotel staff wouldn't exactly be happy with the state of their now dented up walls.

He sighed as he turned his phone off and began to pack up his things, he had spoken to Ellen who had said she going to get Sam, only to haver her call back later saying Sam wouldn't pick up for her anymore.

He heard a knock on the door and figured it to room service. "Not now." He shouted half heartedly.

He heard a familiar voice on the other side of the door, muffled and annoyed. "Open the damn door Dean."

Dean sat up immediately, his heart racing as he bolted from the bed over to the door. It couldn't be, it just couldn't.

He flung open the door to see a figure standing there, Dean's voice caught in his throat a moment before finally speaking. "Dad?"