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It is summer time and Harry is forced to stay at the Dursley's again. He was hoping to stay with Remus because of what happened at the department of mysteries and him now being the only person he can consider family. He always considered him as a second godfather, surrogate uncle.

Every night he has nightmares reliving Sirius falling though the veil and sleeps less and less. Luckily for him the Dursley's kind of left him alone after the Order talked to them at King's Cross station.

It's approaching his sixteenth birthday, but he doesn't think much about it. Because of the few things he had to do, he was able to already have finished all his homework.

On July 30th at about 11:55 PM, he is resting on his bed waiting for his friend's owls when an unknown one arrives. The letter that the owl gives him seems pretty old and he doesn't recognize the handwriting. When he finally opens it and look at the signature he cannot believe his eyes. It is from his mother.

Dear Son,

You are probably wondering why you are receiving a letter from me on your sixteenth birthday. But if you receive it, it means your father and I are dead. I had to write you this letter because there are two important things that you must know.

First, you must know that, despite the fact that he loves you like his own son; James is not your father. In fact, he is your uncle. Yes, people thought that I was muggleborn, but only James and I know, at this point that I am not. We discovered in the summer between our sixth and seventh year at Hogwarts that we are twins, but because of the danger with Voldemort and him killing your grandparents, and being after James, we decided to keep it a secret. Not even Dumbledore knows, and please don't tell him, we don't like him.

Now you must be wondering who your birth father is. Well, this is the difficult part. You might never have heard of him since he did not go to Hogwarts. He went to Beauxbatons. We met the same summer James and I discovered we were twins. He was with us when we discovered since I started dating him then. He gladly kept the secret and accepted that to keep it also at Hogwarts, James and I fake dating each other. His name was Pierre De Vernay, and he is your father. I got pregnant that same summer, so James decided to say that you were his. Anyway, for him it would be the only way to have a child, since he is infertile. So you still are the Potter's heir.

Now to the most important and most difficult news on this day, you are a girl.

I'm sorry to tell it so bluntly but you will start feeling the charm getting off as soon as you finish reading this letter. We couldn't let you be a girl at the time for two things: Voldemort being after us for being the Potter's and because of the Prophecy that Dumbledore had heard about the two of you, if he hasn't told you about it yet, have him tell you the truth. I admit I find him to be a manipulating bastard.

So during the pregnancy, I spelled some charms on my stomach to have you born as a boy. But those charms were to wear off at your sixteenth birthday. I am really sorry to have done that to you.

If you are living at the Dursley's as I am sure Dumbledore decided to do, since you are not related to them you may leave without telling Dumbledore. The only people you are allowed to tell are either your godfather Sirius Black or our other best friend, and your surrogate uncle, Remus Lupin, but absolutely no one else. Indeed, you may have heard of the fourth marauder, Peter Pettigrew, but he is a traitor. Even more if we are dead; he was the secret keeper.

Your real name is Elisabeth Rose Potter De Vernay. But because your father is dead, also at the hand of Voldemort and a very important French noble man, keep only the Potter name while Voldemort is still around.

I am really sorry not to be here with you.

The three of us love you very much.

Your mother,

Lily Victoria Potter De Vernay

When Harry finished reading the letter, he was gobsmacked from all he just learned. As soon as he let the letter on the bed, he started feeling pain in his body and knew he was transforming into his girl self. After a few minutes, he passed out.

When he wakes up, it is already morning and he sees all the different owls waiting for him. But first he looks in the mirror of his wardrobe, and sure enough, he is a girl.

She looks just like her mother, still having the green emerald eyes: the same bone feature as her mother, but with straight dark hair. Because of what her mother told her, she decided to ask Remus to come without telling anyone else to see what they could do.

So she grabs parchment, ink and quill to send an owl to Remus asking him to come right away and not telling anyone, especially Dumbledore.

While waiting for Remus, she starts to look at her friends gifts, luckily, nothing is for boys and she can keep all the stuff; a book from Hermione, chocolates from Ron, jokes from the twins, etc…

She also found a letter from Gringotts asking her to come to the bank as soon as possible. They have different things to discuss with her. So she decided to go with Remus as soon as they decided what to do with her new self.

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