O.k. this is my first fanfic I hope you like it!!!!


I always thought I would be with Edward forever. Or at least I thought he would keep his promise not to leave me. I actually trusted him to not leave me. But I never thought he would leave without telling me. Maybe he thought it would be less painful if I didn't know that he was leaving. But it hurt just as bad. I had been trying to convince him that making me a vampire would be better for us. I tried to tell him that I wouldn't regret it.

But he didn't listen. So he left while I was at school. I ran to his house but I knew what I would find. Nothing absolutely nothing. That nothing left me with the empty feeling, and for the first time in my life I felt completely and utterly alone. I sat in his room for what felt like hours, hating him yet loving him.

That's when it all happened.

I was startled by a noise. I look up and there was the one person who wanted me dead above all others.

Victoria. She looked at me with a vicious look. She then grabbed me and bit down into my skin. The burning began. I had never felt like this in all my life. I felt nothing but the pain in both body and heart. She grinned at me. I finally understood. She was going to let me live through this hell and when I was finally changed she was going to kill me. I wasn't afraid I knew some part of me wanted to die. But if I was going to die I was going to take her down with me.

The pain was unbearable but I didn't udder a scream or a whimper. I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of knowing just how much it hurt. So I endured three days of hell.

Finally the pain stopped. I sat up. She then launched herself on me. But instead of her tearing me to bits it was the other way around. I tore her to pieces.

When I was done I burned them just like they had done to James. Some part of me hoped they would be together where ever they were.

I knew that Bella Swan was done. She was weak. I was powerful. I don't regret being a vampire. I just hope that the Cullen family never runs into me

If they do they will regret it.