Chapter Twelve

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"Oh, No No No, M'lady of The Phoenix is mine and will die in my hands, for no son of the Future Phoenix will rule the land , BUT ME" said Lord De Rasputin.

Madison's eyes shifted as she now looked over to Daggeron as she now closed her eyes as she herself was giving up for living and knowing the fact she lost everything she lived for.

Her body went limp as herself now gave up her will to live.

"Oh No Madison!" yelled Daggeron as he now shed tears for her. The sounds of the birds now stopped chirping as they now flew down to the side of Daggeron as they formed into beautiful Nymphs.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" snapped Daggeron.

No one ever expected that the Light would finally have his soulmate that would complete his life and the life they shared within the Forest of Briarwood. Madison, Madison Rocca now completed that life he longed for, for she was the one who brought the Birds for living, now in their Nymph's form they were all dying the way Madison was now.

"Now you will Witness the destruction of the Light and The Phoenix" laughed Lord De Rasputin.

Now with Bowen approaching Being Lord De Rasputin, there he stood and over heard his words as he spoke. " I don't think so," said Bowen

"The Nymphs, Ooh No, Clare Clare!" called out Udonna as she now made her way to Usanna the Nymph as she slowly moved over to her.

"What Has Happpened Usanna?" asked Udonna as she looked over her throughly.

"The Princess, The Princess is losing her will to live, Please help her or we will perish with her" spoke Usanna .

Lord De Rasputin hid Madison against his chest for Bowen didn't see what was going on.

Lord De Rasputin now turned as he came face to Face with Bowen as his eyes widen seeing madison "What have you done?" asked Bowen.

"You now perish the way your future did" said Lord De Rasputin as he now tossed Madison's slumped body onto the ground as LeeLee managed her way to her. as now Daggeron made his way to check her throughly.

"My future?, what are you taling about " yelled Bowen in anger and confussion.

Rage came within Bowen , seeing Madison unconcious lured his fire within him, now moving from his parents side there he now transformed into the Red Mystic Ranger.

Lord De Rasputin moved also as he watched Bowen's move. "Tonight you shall die or I will curse you into the brightest fire in the sky red Ranger" laughed Lord De Rasputin evily.

"She barely has a pulse, " said Daggeron as he now took Madison into his arms and carried her away from the fight, LeeLee walked beside Daggeron as the man now walked within also with Necrolai in his arms. " Clare , take Leelee and her parents into Rootcore quickly!" demanded Udonna.

"Yes Udonna", said Clare as she showed them the way inside.

Outside, Lord Alianbow and Udonna sighed in relief knowing that Bowen has had his powers, which they thank the wizards for. now seeing their son in a rage as he now fought the mighty Wizard Lord De Rasputin.

Bowen now attacked Armand De Rasputin knocking him down onto the ground, they fought with force and with alot of fierce in them , as they now drew their weapons upon each other and circled. "WHY CAN"T YOU JUST DIE!" yelled Lord De Rasputin.

""The Phoenix never dies, it becomes reborn from the ashes itself as I do" snapped Bowen as he now stood in place as she screamed out "POWER OF THE PHOENIX!" with one swift motion he jumped into flames as he now took Lord De Rasputin down as he now fallen onto the ground.

he gasped in pain as he now stood.

" You will Pay for that!" yelled Armand.

with one motion Lord Armand De Rasputin disappeared as Bowen now unmorphed and moved to Daggeron as he now reached for Madison.

Bowen looked at his mother and spoke "If she dies so will the Nymphs" .

Alianbow moved to his son as he looked at him . Bowen looked at his father as tears now shed upon his cheeks . left alone , Bowen managed his way away from Rootcore as he arrived to the bed like stone as he now laid Madison.

Again Morphing into his Ranger form there he knelt onto his knees.

"In my power I call upon the Power Of The Phoenix I do anything to bring back the one I Love" said Bowen.

with the flash of light , The white Seer now appeared.

"For Why was I calledI appear, Please tell me why I am here", said The white Seer.

" For I The Red Mystic Ranger has called on to you , I beg you now bring back the one I love" said Bowen as he looked up to the Seer with tears now strolling down his cheeks.

"Love?, " repeated the Seer.

" for you I see you never mentioned love to her, for she showed you that her affections were true, and now you say you love her too", she spoke in riddles.

"Yes I do, I was afriad to show my love, when I learned I was to be dead by the Master, I wished for her not to fall with me", expalined Bowen.

" I beg you please, bring her back to me"he added.

"And if I shall , she will belong to the sea, and Ye to the sky of fire"

"No, We belong together, she's my life, My Eternity" said Bowen.

"Ye both will remain together in heart and soul,. but one man is to curse you both to the sky and Sea , his name I speak is Lord Dante Vassante , The Lord of the Fire realms""I know call upon Dante Vassante, Come to take what belongs to Ye" spoke The Seer.

Lord Dante Vassante appeared within the Brightest light as he now revealed his Staff as he now cursed Bowen into the Phoenix of Fire, Man By Night, Phoenix by Daylight.

"I Now Call upon the king of Sea, King Orian come claim your Daughter to be" she spoke once more.

The waters moved rapidly from the Rootcore as it now revealed the MerMan King Orian, as he used his mighty staff as he now cursed Madison , his newly daughter into a mermaid.

" Now if you both truely love each other, one will fight, Lord Armand De Rasputin and these curses will be lifted by the Full moon of The New Year" said The White Seer as she now disappeared.

Becareful how you tear with one tear Madison's fins will appear" she riddled as she now disappeared.

Madison awoke as she looked at Bowen. Her brown eyes now transformed into Coral, as her brunette hair changed to a sand brown beauty.

Bowen watched this change as he quickly spoke "I love you Madison" said bowen as tears trickled down to her cheek.

"And I love you Bowen" she spoke as she now spoke his true name.

His tears now formed her body into a glittery substance alsong with a tail of a fish upon her lower body.

Bowen looked to her body one last time as he now transformed into the Phoenix as he now flown away to Rootcore.

There he now landed beside Alianbow as he pecked the heck out on his face as he flown back to Madison which his father now followed. there he now Saw Madison in her mermaid form . "Please help me into the lake " was all she spoke.

"Madison, You will be with My son and I promise you that", said Aliambow as he given her a smile.

We have to break the curse one way to do it is for our love to be true and to destroy Lord De Rasputin" said Madison as she now swam to King Orain as they now disappeared underwater along with his newly daughters which were the Nymphs of Earth.

The Phoenix now landed upon the nearest Branch as tears trickled upon its fur,

"lets go home Bowen"

The End...

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