Chapter 1

Tony was already sitting at his desk when his boss arrived for work that day. He watched as Gibbs glanced around, saw Tony, kept walking, and then did a double take.

"What?" he asked innocently as Gibbs gave him a searching look.

"Just one of the few times you've ever beaten me here DiNozzo," Gibbs told him. Tony just smiled as he fired up his computer. Gibbs watched almost in amazement as Tony began to sort through the mountain of paperwork that littered his desk. Gibbs stood there momentarily shocked. Tony working. It was almost unreal. At that moment Ziva walked in, closely followed by McGee. She stopped in her tracks, McGee nearly running into her, as she shot a questioning look from the busy DiNozzo to Gibbs, standing at his desk looking disbelieving.

The phone on Gibbs' desk rang suddenly, breaking the silence. Gibbs answered as Ziva and McGee continued to their desks.

"We've got a case," he told them hanging up the phone. Tony jumped to his feet as though electrocuted and ignoring his co-workers looks, was the first to follow their boss into the elevator.

"Is it just me, or is Tony acting a bit…" Ziva began to ask when Tony was out of earshot.

"Weird?" suggested McGee, "Yeah, he is." They exchanged a slightly worried look, before rushing into the elevator after him.

A few minutes later they arrived at the crime scene, and Tony surprised them again. They were at the home of Petty Officer Erin Landon, who had been found dead by her next door neighbor, who had come over while Mr. Landers was at work. The body was almost completely naked, dressed only in her underwear, and was sitting on a couch. She was quite attractive. The team stood around, waiting for Tony's usual obnoxious comment, but it didn't come. They were all staring at him, as he looked around the room at the crime scene.

"What?" He asked, finally noticing their stares.

"Nothing," McGee muttered, and they dispersed to investigate the scene. When Ducky finally arrived, Gibbs went to meet him.

"Oh my," he said, when he spotted the body, "I bet Tony had something to say about this one."

"Actually he didn't say a word, Duck," Gibbs informed him.

'Well that's very uncharacteristic of him," Ducky replied as Gibbs nodded, "Maybe our Tony's finally growing up."

"Or he's up to something, "accused Gibbs. Ducky agreed.

"Yes, or that."