Chapter 4

The NCIS sedan pulled up to the Carson household minutes later. The agents quietly got out, guns drawn.

"Federal agents. Don't move!" Gibbs yelled as they burst in the door. The man, who had been standing in the middle of the room, contemplating the knife, froze.

"Drop the weapon," Gibbs said dangerously. With a clatter it fell to the ground. Tony moved forward with the cuffs grinning.

"Jerald Carson, you are under arrest for the murder of Bill Landers…" he told him smiling. Carson let himself be cuffed.

Back at the office they had congregated in Abby's lab. There had been no problems proving the murderers guilty. Abby had been able to confirm that Carson's knife was the murder weapon. Both of the Carson's had been taking away and Tony was the one who had figured it all out.

"Good work today," Gibbs said gruffly. The team smiled knowing that praise was rare.

"There's just one thing that's been bugging me," McGee said to Tony.

"What?" asked Tony surprised.

"Why were you so…" his question trailed off as he tried to come up with the right word.

"Insufferably happy?" supplied Gibbs.

"Yeah," agreed McGee. Tony was smiling bigger than ever. He looked from Gibbs, to McGee, to Ziva and finally his eyes turned to Abby, the only person who wasn't watching him intently.

"Because of this," he said, and Abby turned to meet his gaze. He swept her up in his arms and she returned his embrace kissing passionately. To them the rest of the team seemed to fade from the room. It wouldn't have mattered to them if the building blew up around them. All there was, was Tony and Abby.