Itachi's Ninja Quest.


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Itachi looked around.

"Everything clear." Itachi whispered.

Tip-toeing, Itachi's first mission was to steal mom's nail polish.

How could he resist the purpleishness?

If you don't like purple, you're should just go suck on...a sharp nail.

Itachi dashing across the hallway to the room, sliding the door closed. Pushing himself close to the wall, he looked around again, and peeked over the edge of the dresser!

"AHA!" he coughed.

"I shouldn't scream that loud.." He mumbled, reaching over the dresser and picking up the bottle.

"Mission 1: Complete!" He smirked, padding down the hallway to his room to paint his nails.

"Mission 2: Begin!" Itachi poked his head out of his room. He side-stepped out, moving against the wall.

His mission, get Sasuke.

Itachi made it to Sasuke's room with no problems. He hopped over to Sasuke's crib, and peered over the edge on his tippy toes.

Baby Sasuke reached up, smiling and cooeing.

"The face of evil I tell you! EVIL!" Itachi yelled.

The door swung open, with his mother standing in the doorway.

"I could've sworn I heard something.." She mumbled, shrugging and closing the door.

"That was close." Itachi took a deep breath as he crawled out from his hiding place (under the crib).

Itachi reached into the crib, grabbing the cooing Sasuke and cradling in his arms.

Itachi opened the door, peering out.

"Clear!" He piped, dashing on his toes to the kitchen.

Sasuke cocked his head to the side curiously.

"Goo?" He questioned, reaching up to grab Itachi's hair.

"Shh!" Itachi scowled at him.

Itachi made it to the kitchen safely.

He quickly made his way to the trash.

Itachi put his foot on the pedal,the top flipping open.

He raised baby Sasuke above his head.

"Good-bye, DEMON-CHILD!" He yelled.

"Itachi have you seen--" His mother's eye's widened.

"What. The. FU--"