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a/n: Ok, so here's the deal. This fic is going to be a multi-chapter because I don't see much of it out there. And I do love a good long read. I don't see much of this pairing out there, either, and personally, it's my favorite. I'm very aware that what seems to be the most popular pairing is Ikki and Akito, but hopefully readers won't be too close minded to give this one a taste as well. And here is my pathetic attempt at making a decent length fic.

Concerning the time and place. It's anime-verse, not manga-verse, so if you have problems with that sorta thing, I did warn you. I'm thinking post anime. Or at least post first season because that's all I've ever seen. (I'm hoping there will be a second season, considering there is still A LOT in the manga that was not covered in the series.)

Emiri's name. I have seen two versions of her name: Emily and Emiri. I don't know if you guys have a problem with that sort of thing, but to get rid of any confusion, I'll be using the name Emiri, just to stick to the japanese roots, I guess. And because I do have to pick a name since she'll be in this story.

My reasoning? Well to be honest, I've always been a fan of the two best friend yaoi bit. I mean, Ikki and Kazu have been friends since the beginning and I think a bond that strong can really lead somewhere, and I like it better than the Akito pairing because that pairing just seems so... sudden. Does that make any sense? I'm not dissing the IkkiAkito, in fact I find it very adorable, and I read it, but I just like IkkiKazu more. And to tell you the truth, I'm kinda sad to see so little of it out there!

I also apologize for any grammer issues/mistakes. I currently don't have word on my computer. Instead I'm using a program called Open Office, which I hate with a passion because it makes it so much harder to do things, including finding and fixing correct/incorrect grammar. It's more or less just a giant pain in the ass with limited abilities. So work with me here, people. Give a girl a break. So if there are any problems I am sorry, and if you'd like you can always let me know and I can fix them on the next update. And one more thing. And wording joiningslikethis are all fanfiction's fault, I've learned.

And another thing. I would really love it if you reviewed! Please and thank you! And I have my plot sorted out, (kinda), but I am ALWAYS open for ideas and suggestions and I like to hear what the readers want. I never promise that it will be slapped right away into the story, but you never know...

one more thing. I am using a crappy program called open office which I think is another word for suck. It's hard to work with and it doesn't help me with the words and settings like I want it to. I really need to find someone with Word...

Summary: YAOI IxK (some IxA IxR SxK KxE) Storm Riders. Murder. Friendship. Trust. Betrayal. Everything is connected. Ikki is trying to understand a new enemy and fix his friendships. Fragile feelings are juggled. Boys will be boys...

Pairing(s): There are several pairing in this story, or at least from how I'm planning it all.


one sided Ikki/Ringo



but over all, the main pairing of this fic is IkkixKazu.

If anymore come into play later, I'll be sure to mention it in an author's note.

Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If they did, though... ohhhh if they did...

Warnings: Yaoi, shonen-ai, language. I haven't decided on how graphic I'm going to get.

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