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A Poke-Team Complete.

Written by Sara.

Rika (VO): The teams met a nerdy fan named Buzz Blitzman, who hated Sara's guts, but secretly liked Eilony & Mallory. When Buzz got kidnapped by the Saurians, who wanted the formula he devised to chemically manufacture bulerium crystals, Mallory & Sara saved the day. After Buzz helped beat Ol' Scaly Butt & made friends with Sara with some convincing from Charmander, he became a Chosen Trainer. Wonder if he'll fit in and make a good Trainer.

Sara Cicero here. It's a normal day at my new pal & fellow Trainer Buzz Blitzman's place at Unbridled Technologies. He's in his room with his Buddy Chimchar.

Buzz: Chimchar, should I practice bass?

Chimchar: Char.

Buzz: Okey-dokey.

He takes out his bass and starts playing it.

(Bass guitar playing)

Chimchar plays with the TV remote, and turns the TV on. Buzz stops playing to listen to the TV.

TV: Coming up after "Sailor Moon", the hour-long U.S. premier of…

Creatures: Digimon: Digital Monsters!

As soon as he saw that commercial, he contacts me using his Poke com, I answer my com.

Sara: Hey Buzz-man, what's up, buddy?

Buzz: Sara, at 4:30, change to the anime channel, new cool show is gonna premier.

Sara: Whoa cool, I'll tell Gosalyn & Louie.

Buzz: Hey, why don't we come over and watch it together.

Sara: Yeah, sounds awesome.

(Puck shoots by) All the Trainers; Josh, Gosalyn, Louie, my sister Eilony, Buzz, myself & our Poke-buddies are all in the Rec. room of the Pond headquarters.

Sara: Oh boy, here it comes.

Louie: I heard about this show.

Josh: I've been waiting all week to see this.

Gosalyn: Ditto.

Soon, we're watching the hour-long, commercial-free U.S. premier of "Digimon: Digital Monsters."

Motimon: Hurry up! For having 2 long legs, you boys are awfully slow.

Sara: For a little guy with no feet, he sure is fast.

Nosedive (N.D.), Duke & Mallory come & see the show.

Nosedive: Whoa, it's the new show, "Digimon".

Josh: Sure is.

Gosalyn: Awesome, so far.

After the hour-long premier, we come into the Ready Room.

Sara: Man, that was awesome.

Eilony: You said it, sis.

Nosedive: "Digimon" must be the coolest anime show in the known universal next to "Yu-Gi-Oh!"

Josh: Kind of reminded me of the show ours is a spin-off of.

Duke: It does?

Sara: Yep.

Wildwing comes by.

Wildwing: Hey guys, how was "Digimon"?

Trainers: It rocked!

Nosedive: Yeah Wing, you should've seen it when Agumon used his Pepper Breath attack on Kuwagamon.

Wildwing: Do all Digimon have "Mon" at the end of their names?

Sara: Yep.

Gosalyn: Well, I'd better be going, my Dad's gonna pulverize me if I'm not back for dinner.

Louie: Ditto.

Buzz: Yeah, same here. Later guys.

Josh: See ya tomorrow at the Ducks' practice, Buzz-man.

Josh: And don't forget, we're gonna look for a new manager for us tomorrow.

Buzz: I won't forget.

The Earth Trainers leave. (Poke ball swoops by) The next day, Buzz arrives at the Pond for practice, but unfortunately, they still don't have a position for him.

Buzz: That sucks.

Sara: Well, what else is left?

Josh: Yeah, we already have 6 mascots. And that's only reserved for Pokemon.

Buzz: Yeah. And I'm a bit young for pro hockey.

Josh: Yeah. Mal, Tanya & N.D. are the only exceptions in "over 18" & "guys only". You can try towel boy or bench warmer.

Buzz: Well, they may not sound terribly exciting, but I can give it a go.

Chimchar: Chimchar.

So, Buzz tries bench warmer first, but he takes a disliking to it in only 5 minutes later.

Buzz: Eh, this is boring.

Sara: Yeah. Let's try the next thing.

He then tries towel boy, but all he does is hand the guys towels then dump them in the laundry.

Mallory: Dull job, huh?

Buzz: Well, it's all right compared to bench warmer.

Charmander: Char.

Meanwhile, Josh & I aren't having much luck finding us a manager.

Sara: So, tell us a bit about yourself, Jerry.

Jerry: Well, I'm a partial to stamp collecting. Like to see some?

Josh: Maybe another time. Do you like video games or sports?

Jerry: No, I think those are boring & childish. Wanna see some stamps?

Sara: Another time. Next!

The next guy comes in.

Guy #2: Hello, I'm Morris and I'd like to apply for the manager job.

Sara: All righty, tell us a bit about yourself.


Morris: Oh, hold on. (answers cell phone) Hello? Yes honey, I'm applying for the job as manager.

Josh: Oy, like we need another guy whose ear is glued to his cell phone. Next!

Just after Morris leaves, as luck would have it, we get a Saurian alert.

Sara: All right! A crisis!

Josh: Whoo-hoo.

Buzz: Sweet, my first mission as a Trainer.

(Puck swoops by) Once we got in the Migrator, me & Buzz start arguing.

Both: (Get in the same chair) Hey!

Sara: That's my seat, Birdbrain!

Buzz: Is not, Weirdo!

Both: (Bickering)

Wildwing: Hey! Both of you, shut up!

Sara/Buzz: Aw!

Sara whining: But I always ride shotgun.

Buzz: I'm the new guy.

Louie: Guys, can't you argue later?

Sara/Buzz: O.K.

We get there; Draguanus' goons & many Hunter Drones are at a jewelry store.

Siege: The Ducks & twerps!

Chameleon: Now, give us that Charmander.

Sara: Over my dead body!

Charmander: Char!

Wraith: That could be arranged immediately.

He throws a fireball at us, but we dodge.

Eilony: Squirtle, Bubble Beam!

Squirtle: Squirtle!

He fires Bubble Beam on them.

Josh: (Whispers in Buzz's ear)

Buzz: Chimchar, use Scratch.

Chimchar uses scratch on Chameleon.

Chameleon: Aah!

Buzz: (Chuckles) Now for Ember!

Chimchar shakes himself and little flames scatter on the Saurians.

Saurians: Aah!

Siege: Let's get outta here!

They teleport out of there.

Louie: All right, we stomped the bad guys.

Buzz: Thanks for the tip, Josh.

Josh: Don't mention it.

Sara: Say guys, why don't we go somewhere and see the rest of your Pokemon?

Louie: Yeah, but not at my place 'cause I don't want my family or neighbors finding out.

Gosalyn: Not at my place either 'cause of the same reason.

Buzz: Then, how 'bout my place? Fritz already knows.

Eilony: Sure, it's fine with me.

Sara: Ditto.

Charmander: Char, Char.

End of act one

The Saurians are back in the Raptor with Draguanus.

Draguanus: I will have that Charmander even if I have to scour this planet 'til doomsday. Oh, what else can go wrong?

Siege: Uh, there's something we should probably tell you, boss.

Wraith: The twerp you didn't want to see ever again, he's one of the…Chosen Trainers.

Draguanus: What?! (growls, smoke comes out of nostrils)

Chameleon: So, boss, what's the next plan?

Draguanus: First, I'll find out where the twerps are.

He turns on his big screen; on it are me & the Trainers at Unbridled Technologies.

Draguanus: Aha. Here's where those twerps are. You three, go over to Unbridled Technologies and get me that Charmander.

(Puck flies by) We're at Unbridled Technologies, where we meet up with the Earth Trainers.

Gosalyn: Hey guys. Glad you can make it.

Eilony: Yeah, I've been itching to see what other Pokemon you have.

Josh: Say, let's say see 'em in a battle.

Sara: Yeah, I haven't battled since we left the Pokeworld.

Louie: Isn't fighting wrong?

Eilony: Don't worry, Lou-edge, don't think of it as bad fighting. Think of it like video game fighting.

Josh: Yeah, and the Pokemon think of it as playing.

Louie: Well…O.K.

Turtwig: Turt.

So, my friends & I get to another part of the building.

Sara: All righty, who's gonna battle who?

Josh: Pull names out of a hat.

So, Buzz wrote down our names on a piece of paper, tore them apart from each other and put them in the Cap, I swirled them around.

Sara: Okey-dokey, a battle would be… (pulls first name out) Me. Against… (pulls second name out) Gosalyn.

Gosalyn: Keen gear.

Sara: Now, another battle will be… (pulls out name) Buzz, against… (pulls out name) Josh.

Josh: Awesome. (puts arm around Buzz's shoulder)

Buzz sarcastically: Oh joy.

Sara: And lastly, but not leastly…

Buzz: That's not even a word.

Sara: Shut up. It'll be… (pulls out name) Eilony, against… (pulls out name) Louie. Not surprising 'cause there are only two slips of paper left.

Eilony: Awesome!

Eilony/Louie: (High five)

Buzz: Who's going first?

Sara: Rock-paper-scissors.

Both: 1, 2, 3!

We do rock-paper-scissors, he does rock and I do scissors.

Sara: D'ohh!

Buzz: Rock crushes scissors.

Josh: All right, let the battle begin!

The boys get into position.

Josh: We'll use all our Pokemon. Don't think I'll go easy on ya just 'cause you're new.

Buzz: I won't.

Josh: Ooh, I always wanted to do a double battle. That's 2 Pokemon against 2.

Buzz: Awesome.

Josh: I'll start with… Koffing & Pinsir, go!

He throws 2 Pokeballs and releases his Koffing & Pinsir.

Koffing: Koffing.

Pinsir: (Grinding noise)

Buzz: Hmm. (activates Pokedex in Poke com)

Poke com: Koffing, the Poison Gas Pokemon: Koffing embodies toxic substances. It mixes the toxins with raw garbage to set off a chemical reaction that results in a terribly powerful poison gas.

Buzz: And the other one?

Poke com: Pinsir, the Stagbeetle Pokemon: Pinsir has a pair of massive horns, protruding from the surface of its horns are thorns.

Buzz: Oh boy. Pokeballs, go!

He throws 2 Poke balls, they reveal Nidoking & Dragonair.

Pokemon: (Call out)

Sara: Aw man, a Dragonair! I don't believe it.

Eilony: Forgive her; she's a total dragon-freak.

I activate my Poke com's Pokedex.

Pokedex: Dragonair, the Dragon Pokemon: Dragonair stores an enormous amount of energy inside its body. It is said to alter weather.

The Pokedex then identifies Nidoking.

Pokedex: Nidoking, the Drill Pokemon: His thick tail packs an enormously destructive power. With one swing, he can topple a metal transmission tower.

Josh: All right, let's get this show on the road. Koffing, use Sludge on Dragonair. And Pinsir, use Tackle on Nidoking!

They do so; Koffing spits out black gunk at Dragonair and Pinsir Tackles Nidoking.

Buzz: Oh yeah? Well Nidoking, use Horn Attack on Koffing and Dragonair, use Twister on Pinsir!

Nidoking: (Roars)

Dragonair: (Trills)

Nidoking rams his horn at Koffing and Dragonair summons a tornado which hits Pinsir.

Josh: Hang in there, Koffing! Use Smog and Pinsir, use Seismic Toss on Nidoking!

Koffing: Koffing!

He fires out a blast of poisonous gas.

Nidoking: (Coughs)

Dragonair: (Trills?)

Just then, Pinsir came in and used Seismic Toss on Dragonair, slamming him into Nidoking.

Both: (Grunting)

Nidoking gets up with no problem but Dragonair has a little trouble.

Dragonair: (Grunting)

Sara: Uh-oh, Dragonair looks kinda beat.

Buzz: Hang in there, Dragonair! Dragon Rage attack on Koffing, and Nidoking, try your Double Kick on Pinsir!

Dragonair uses Dragon Rage on Koffing and Nidoking kicks Pinsir multiple times.

Pinsir: (Growls)

Koffing/Pinsir: Uhh.

They both go down.

Sara: Both Koffing & Pinsir are unable to battle, victory goes to Dragonair & Nidoking!

Buzz: Yahoo! Great job, guys.

Nidoking: (Growls)

Dragonair: (Trills)

Josh: All righty, then. Return Koffing & Pinsir. Now, I'll choose… Hitmonchan, Geodude, go!

He releases his Hitmonchan & Geodude.

Hitmonchan: Chan!

Geodude: Geodude.

Buzz: Huh?

Buzz activates his Pokedex.

Pokedex: Geodude, the Rock Pokemon; when sleeping deeply, it buries itself halfway into the ground. It will not awaken even if hikers step on it unwittingly. Hitmonchan, the Punching Pokemon; this Pokemon is said to possess the spirit of a boxer who had been working towards a world championship.

Josh: All right, Hitmonchan. Finish off Dragonair with your Ice Punch!

Hitmonchan: Hitmonchan!

His fist turns a light blue mist and hits Dragonair.

Dragonair: (Screeches)

He's down.

Eilony: Dragonair is unable to battle, Hitmonchan wins!

Buzz: Return Dragonair. (returns Dragonair, takes out another Pokeball) Pokeball, go!

He throws it and releases a Rhydon.

Josh: Whoa! A Rhydon! (activates Pokedex)

Pokedex: Rhydon, the Drill Pokemon, the Evolved form of Rhyhorn; Rhydon has a horn that serves as a drill. It uses it to destroy rocks & boulders.

Josh: Be careful, guys.

End of act 2

Just before Josh can attack, 3 green shadows appear out of nowhere; Draguanus' goons.

Trainers: Uh-oh.

Josh: Siege, Wraith & Chameleon.

Siege: Sorry to interrupt your little battle.

Chameleon: But Draguanus wants your Charmander. So give him.

Sara: Lemme think about it. Thought about it, no!

Charmander: Char!

Eilony: Besides, there's six of us, and only three of you.

4 Hunter Drones appear out of a green shadow.

Wraith: You were saying?

Sara: No matter, we have reinforcements also.

Poke-Buddies: (Call out)

The Poke-Buddies, Josh's Geodude & Hitmonchan and Buzz's Rhydon & Nidoking (whom are already out) jump in front of us.

Trainers: Go!

Pokemon: (Call out)

The battle rages on, and destroys a lot of the building. Then I come for a final blow.

Sara: Charmander, end this battle with Fire Blast!

Charmander: CHAR!!!

He lets out his powerful Fire Blast, after that the Saurians leave.

Trainers: (Cheering)

Fritz: Ahem.

Trainers: Huh?

We then notice Fritz with a not-very-thrilled expression on his face.

Buzz: Heya Fritz, we got rid of the bad guys.

Fritz: I'm glad about that. But look what your friends did to my building!

We all see that the place is in bad shape.

Sara: Oops.

Josh: Oh cripes.

Fritz: Never ever use those monstrosities near here again!

Buzz: Does that mean I don't have to live here anymore?

Fritz: I'll have to think about that.

Sara: Later Buzz.

Buzz: See ya.

The other Trainers & I leave. (puck swoops by) After a couple days, Josh & I still haven't found a good enough manager, until…

Guy: All right, you worthless squirts! I'm gonna whip you into shape and make you real rock stars & Pokemon Trainers! Especially you, (points to Josh) tubby!

Josh: Hey, I'm plump but not fat.

Sara: Next.

Josh: And FYI, these are love handles.

The tough, nasty dude leaves and in his place is a grungy-looking guy.

Guy: Hey, my name's Ryan Martin and I'm applying for the job of your manager.

Sara: How do you feel about video games & sports?

Ryan: Oh, I love playing sports & video games, I'm also a fan of such anime as "Digimon" & "Yu-Gi-Oh!"

Josh: Do you spend 24/7 on your cell phone?

Ryan: No.

Sara: Sweet. I think I'm gonna like this guy.

Josh: Me too. Ryan, you're hired.

Ryan: Awesome. You don't know how much this means to me.

Chimchar: Chimchar!

Just then, Buzz comes in with loads of his stuff and Chimchar on his shoulder.

Buzz: Hey guys.

Sara: Yo Buzz, meet our new manager, Ryan Martin.

Buzz: Hey. And guess who's moving in with ya?

Josh: Who?

Buzz: Me.

Sara: Awesome.

Buzz: Yeah, Fritz talked it over with the child welfare people and now, I'm living with you guys.

Sara: Sweet.

Chimchar: Chimchar, Chim.

Charmander: Charmander.

Bulbasaur: Saur.

Josh: I think our Poke-Team's complete.

Buzz: Yeah.

Chimchar: Char. (makes peace sign)

Sara: Hey, that reminds me, we never finished our battles.

Buzz: Hey, you're right.

Josh: How 'bout one on one for you & me?

Buzz: Fine by me.

We get to the parking lot and Josh & Buzz face off towards as I am the referee and Ryan watches.

Sara: All right, you'll each use one Pokemon, no time limit.

Buzz: Go for it, Chimchar!

Chimchar: Chim-Chim-Char!

Josh: Let's do it, Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Chimchar and Bulbasaur face off towards each other.

Buzz: Chimchar, Flame-thrower!

Chimchar: Chim-CHAR!

He fires a Flame-thrower.

Josh: Bulbasaur, dodge and use Vine Whip!

Bulbasaur: Saur!

He dodges, but is hit in the foot by the flames.

Bulbasaur: Ack!

Even though he's limping, he still uses a Vine Whip on Chimchar.

Chimchar: Chimchar!

Bulbasaur lifts him up and bashes him constantly on the concrete ground.

Ryan/Sara: Ooh…

Ryan: That's gotta hurt.

Sara: Vine Whip is one of Bulbasaur's special moves.

Buzz: Ohh! Chimchar, Fury Swipes!

Chimchar: Chim-Char!

Chimchar releases himself from the vines and scratches Bulbasaur constantly.

Both: (Growling)

Josh: Fight back with a Razor Leaf!

Bulbasaur uses a Razor Leaf attack which gets Chimchar off him.

Chimchar: Aah!

Josh: Now for Tackle!

Bulbasaur goes in for a Tackle, but isn't fast enough due to the burn on his leg. To which Buzz uses this to his advantage.

Buzz: Chimchar, dodge!

Chimchar dodges by leaping off from Bulbasaur's head.

Bulbasaur: Saur?

Chimchar: Chim-Char!

Buzz: Now for Flame Wheel!

Chimchar: Chim-CHAR!

He becomes a raging wheel of flame and launches at Bulbasaur.

Josh: Bulbasaur, dodge him!

Bulbasaur tries to dodge but it's too late for Chimchar hits him.

Bulbasaur: (Grunting)

Josh: Whoa!

Bulbasaur tries to get up, but collapses in a second, indicating that he fainted.

Sara: Bulbasaur is unable to battle; victory goes to Buzz and Chimchar!

Buzz: All right! Yeah!

Chimchar: Chim-Chimchar!

Chimchar leaps into Buzz's arms as Josh goes to Bulbasaur.

Josh: Hey pal, you put up a tough fight. There's always another time.

Bulbasaur: Bulba.

We all go back inside.

Kari VO: Well, ever since Buzz moved into the Pond with everyone else, things got better than before, like thanks to Buzz, the ice rink can turn over into a Pokemon stadium. Also, Sara & Buzz can argue as much as they want, but if things get ugly, Charmander, Chimchar and Grin are around to stop them. Also, the Trainers like their manager more than the Ducks ever do theirs. As Josh said, the Pokemon Trainers team is now complete.

The End.