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Summery: AU Origins of the Acolytes, and the darkness that they hold within.

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St. Jude – Patron Saint of Lost Causes

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Remy – 20John – 19Piotr – 20

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The Sons of St Jude

Chapter 1: Memories of Fire

Fire, it was everywhere surrounding him and all he held dear. The scorching flames held back by his will alone.

"Johnny! You have to get out here!" his Father shouted over roar of the flames before he began to choke on a lungful of smoke.

"Sorry dad, cant let you burn" the boy shouted back, a maniacal grin on his face. His concentration at his peak, every once, every fibre of his being focused on keeping the fire at bay. Stopping it from consuming any more of their home than it already had.

His gazed searched the room, hunting for a way out, or at least a place to keep his parents safe, already they had been pushed too deep into their home by the flames, the last safe haven against the raging inferno they were already within, his parents bedroom. As the fire frenzy increased, his thoughts flicked like a dying flames remembering how this madness had all began, all because of him.

It had started like a bad Hollywood movie, a bunch of drunks and a rabble of ignorant idiots with burning brands and shotguns, gathered outside his family home, demanding they send John out. His father stood out on their porch defending him and his wife as they stayed locked in their home.

"Go home to your wives and family people; my son has done nothing wrong!" David Allerdycereplied.

"Your son's a mutie freak we gotta protect ourselves from them!" A fat burly man replied, known to friends and enemies alike as a Kelvin 'Warthog' Williams. Leader of this little group of imbeciles that named themselves Friends Of Humanity in this part of the outback.

His father continued to talk to them, reason with them. To John his father was always a hero, he stood there taking their abuse and ridicule and talked to them trying to make them stop before it was too late. They ignored him so he at last threatened to call the cops but they just got angrier till they finally had enough of his voice. Then the true insanity began, a burning torch was thrown at their home, it landed on the roof his father had just finished re-tarring before they showed up. Instantly the fire took hold, and within seconds the roof was ablaze, and the fire was out of control.

"Honey, you have to leave!" his mothers thoughts ripped about the memories of moments before.

John's limited focus snapped for an instant as his mother's voice penetrated his mind that was all the time the flames needed to consume more of the half burning room. Before he could even try to gather his focus to slow the flames, she grabbed his waist and dragged him to the adjoined bathroom.

"MUM! STOP IT, I CAN HELP!" He protested, and fought against her grip. They both stumbled and he hit his shoulder against the bathrooms doorframe, numbing his arm. He pushed her away from himself and grabbed her shoulders to make her focus on him.

His mother Eve Allerdyce, she was a small woman with a big heart and face that could always make him smile. Of what he truly loved about her was her red hair, red as the flames that were trying to consume them. More than her hair it was the fact she had always believed he was special, always believed him whatever crazy story he came up with about dingo and alligators stealing his homework.

"You know what I can do mum, I can stop the fire" he tried to reason with her as he stopped the flames from overwhelming them all.

"It doesn't matter son, you have to get out of here" his father voice came from behind him.

John turned and tried around to tell his dad that he could help "DAD I CAN STO-" before he could talk anymore his father had sucker punched him in the gut driving all the air out of his lungs, he tried to gather his breath and his scattered thoughts as his father caught him before he collapsed to the floor.

"I'm sorry son but this is for your own good" he whispered in his ear as he half carried, half dragged him in to the adjoining bathroom, his mother trailing behind them with tears flowing down her beautiful face. In their wake the flames grew and ravaged the rest of the house and the noised howled behind them in victory.

'Dad, no don't do this, please' he begged and screamed in his mind as his was no longer capable of any physical movement.

His father grabbed his head and forced him to look at him, all he could force his mind to see was he grey eyes everything else was a blur of oranges, yellows and red.

"You have to remember son, your mum and me we will always love you" His voice was gravely and intense with emotion.

"Dad-" he whispered hoarsely it was all he could get out, his voice lost in the chaos and noise of all he knew burning before his eyes, blackness was closing in on him and he last sight he saw the madness of oranges, yellows and reds, accompanied with the beautiful voice of his mothers voice.

"Good night my little Saint"

He woke up with a scream fighting to get out of the back of his throat, his breathing harsh and erratic in the silence of the night, even to his own ears, his body drenched in sweat.

Instinctually his right hand shot out to his chest, his fingers fought clumsily and tried to grab hold of the small medallion that he always wore around his neck. Finally after a few scratching himself a few times he managed to clasp his fist around the small piece of engraved stone. Closing his eyes, he slowly he controlled his breathing and regained his composure.

Slowly he opened his eyes hoping he hadn't woken his team mates and friends, but looking back at him from with the darkness were two red burning eyes. Remy, his mind told itself, that's who he woke up.

"Just a memory mate, nothing to worry about" he whispered in the darkness.

"What about, mon ami?" Remy's smooth Cajun voice asked from the shadows he so perfectly blended in with.

John smiled his trademark maniac grin in the darkness, knowing that the cajuns demonic eyes would be able to see him perfectly as if it was day.

"About our old mate St Jude"

St. Jude, the patron of lost causes, the patron that Remy had introduced him to and they both introduced to their good mate and team member Piotr Rasputin to when they found him, in the middle of a Siberian blizzard, after they took him some place safe and warm.

St. Jude, he was their saint, the one that helped keep their sins hidden with the ever needed help of his little acolyte Remy LeBeau.

"One day mon ami, the fires of hell shall burn for us non?"

If he could see him, John knew he would have his trademark smirk on his face, the one that sent the women wild over him.

"One day comrades" the voice of Piotr rumbled quietly from John right. His voice as always was serious even when he was joking.

"Yeah mates, and when they do we'll let everyone know who really rules hell" he replied with a laughter edged with madness of oranges, yellows and reds.

Any one who may have even possibly overheard them would think they were joking about damnation, and old joke that they have voiced countless times, regardless of whether they had company or not. But for these three young men, it was a reflection of their past sins. John knew his greatest sins, and that of Piotr but he only knew some of the sins of Remy Lebeau. The ones that forced him to go seek company with those similarly damned, to try and save some of their souls even if his own had no chance of redemption. They were the Sons of St. Jude.

"Get to sleep mes amis, we gotta long day ahead" Remy told them before turning.

"Good night comrades" Piotr rumbled.

"G'night mates" John replied and silently wished that none of them and any more bad memories resurfacing within their dreams.

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