No own JN. Read and review. okay, be forwarned, this story is not like my other stories. thsi story will have lots of adult concepts in it, but this story will have a storyline too, so try to bear with me.

Before you came

Chapter 1: A glimpse into the lives

Life in Retroville before Jimmy Neutron was not a peaceful, paradise-like town. In fact, before Jimmy came, Retroville was one of the worst cities to live in. It was crime-filled, with rapist and corrupt politicians everywhere. Hardly anyone trusted anyone. the girls of Retroville were not allowed to go outside unless it was to a friend's house, and even then they had to have their mom or dad accompany them. This is the story of before Jimmy came to Retroville.

Cindy Vortex was a young, hot girl, and had the reputation of being the brain in class. She had 3 friends; Carl Wheezer, a boy with a lot of allergies, but was charming in his own special way, Libby Folfax, a African-American girl who had an excellent fashion sense along with a taste for music, and Sheen Estavez, a Mexican boy who was hyper and who has a obsession with a cartoon called Ultralord. Cindy has a school-girl crush for Carl, but she would never say it to anyone, not her friends and not even her parents, although she had a feeling that they all knew, except Carl of course. Cindy was the kind of person to hide her true feelings, especially if it comes to matters of the heart. Cindy, while thinking of something to do, decides to call Carl, Sheen, and Libby up, so they could hang out. Cindy dials Libby's number first. The phone rings and rings, and finally, on the third ring, Libby picks up.

"Hello." said Libby, groggily.

"Hi Libby, sorry if I woke you, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out today with me, Carl, and Sheen." said Cindy.

"Are we going to make trouble?" asked Libby.

"Of course!" said Cindy.

"Then I'll be right over." said Libby, who proceeded to hang up the phone.

"Perfect." said Cindy, to herself, with an evil smile on her face.

The next person Cindy called was Sheen.

The thing that Cindy heard was a fart on the phone line. Then she heard laughing.

Once the laughter stopped, Sheen said "I'll be over in a minute Cindy. Oh, and I'll get Carl for you." said Sheen.

Sheen and Cindy hang up the phone simultaneously.

Cindy goes downstairs and steals her parents car keys. At that moment, Libby, Carl, and Sheen arrive at Cindy's house. Cindy waves the stolen car keys in front of her friends, and they nod understandingly. They all enter the car. Cindy was in drivers seat, Libby and Sheen were in the back seat, and Carl was on the passengers seat. Cindy fires up the engine, and she, after she backs out of the driveway, speeds off like a hell-rider. They enter an abandoned highway, like the highways in the scare movies. When they enter the highway, Sheen and Libby start to have sex, leaving Cindy and Carl to do what they want. They don't say anything for a while. In a surprising move, Cindy places her hand on Carl's "package" and starts to play with it. Carl simply sits back and lets her do what she is doing. And so, with this setting, Cindy and her friends drive off to go make trouble. Unfortunately, they trouble they get into would be the worst trouble they have ever gotten into. Trouble that would put their entire beings in danger.