07.08.09: Completely Re-Written

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Title: Introductions
Couple: Shino/Kiba
Summary: Kiba is informed of his plight.
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- - -

Like scarecrows that fuel this flame we're burning
Demolition Lovers by My Chemical Romance

- - -

There was a staring contest happening in the middle of Counselor Iruka's office. One of the parties being the counselor himself, the other being a pissed off teen.

Unlike the brunet before him, Iruka was keeping his anger in check as he sat behind his oak desk, hands folded atop a few scattered papers.

"You are failing." His tone, at the moment, was calm, despite this being the third time he's repeated himself.

Groaning dramatically, as if the fact that they were in the same room together was slowly killing him, the teen slumped back into his seat, teeth grinding, making his prominent canines flash in the light cast from the fluorescent bulbs above him. "What's your point?"

If anything, the boy was dynamic. Everything about him shouted 'LOOK AT ME' without looking too out-of-place. His wild chestnut brown hair, his dark eyes, the vivid red triangle shaped markings on his cheeks. There had been an inquiry about the latter, it turned out it was a family thing.

The teen was a force of nature that could barely be controlled by the staff. Iruka could only wonder what he would be like if he was one of the loner troublemakers.

Iruka could not withhold a slight spasm of his hands that pushed a few of the paper to the floor. "You are," he paused for a second, "failing."

The teen's mouth slacked open, twisted with slight disgust. "Can I go."

"No, I need to tell you how your tutor is going to be, Inuzuka." Iruka steepled his fingers and leaned back in his chain, waiting for the coming explosion.

"What?" Kiba barked out, bursting up from his chair. His hands slammed down onto Iruka's desk and gripped it tightly.

"Tutoring, Inuzuka. Tutoring."

"Like fuck I'll let some old perv breath down my neck and tell me I suck!"

"It's either tutoring or no football." Iruka lifted a hand to his head, rubbing his temple.

Kiba made no reply at first. "So," He finally growled through gritted teeth. "Who would my tutor be?"

"Aburame Shino."

"Wait? That new freak?" Kiba's grip loosened slightly, his expression switching from rage to confusion momentarily as he tried to place the name with a face.

"Nice to meet you." A deep voice muttered from behind them.

Kiba whirled and nearly tripped.

A dark haired teen was standing at the door.

"Mother fucking ninja?" Kiba blurted out, his eyes flickering over the other teens form.

He was tall, that much was obvious, but an overbearing black sweater swallowed his body. It was tight enough to show he was lean, but not if he was just another scrawny emo kid. His jet black was swept back and held in place by a black cloth headband. Headphones hung around his neck and dark-tinted glasses adorned his face.

"You sent for me, sir?" The tone was polite but didn't invite idle chatter.

Kiba drew up to the other and stood, literally, nose to nose with him. Another intense staring contest started one Kiba's side, but after a moment Shino slid around the other and walked up to Iruka's desk. He casually pulled his backpack from his shoulder and sat down.

After a beat, Kiba was back in his own chair, looking as if he'd just eaten something sour.

"He is your tutor. Got it? He will decide where and when you meet. And you will do as he says. Moreover, you will be respectful. He is new, but he also has a GPA over 4.0. Got it? Respect him." Iruka punctuated the last statement with a pointed stare at the pair of red Van's Kiba had kicked up onto the edge of Iruka's desk, upsetting a can full of pencils.

Kiba's mouth twitched, and for a moment he looked as if he might try and argue some more, but he finally nodded stiffly.

"Good, now leave my sight."

Kiba was out the door in mere seconds but Shino took his time, said pleasantries, tipped is head in goodbye, and then was gone.

Iruka slumped down into his chair and covered his face with his hand.

God, he hoped they could fix each other.

- - -

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