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Title: Hands
Kiba makes a decision.
Author Note:
It drags most of the time. Sorry.

A big question you guys seem to be asking is:
'I wonder when/how Shino and Kiba are going to hook up.'
What you should be asking is:
'Are they going to stay together?'
I'm not so sure on that.

Word Count: 3,980

- - -

And as we're touching hands, and as we're falling down
Demolition Lovers by My Chemical Romance

- - -

He really shouldn't be so freaked about this.

Being gay wasn't like catching the flu.

It doesn't rub off on people.

Even if it did, Kiba would have caught it long ago.

Also, it's not like he himself had never acted homosexual. Look at the kiss with Genma just a couple short weeks ago. Sure Genma has kinda long hair like a girl. But, that doesn't make him a girl. Not in any fashion of the word.

Or that time, freshmen year, with-

Now Kiba was starting to worry himself. There was nothing to panic over. He was fine.

He was fiiine.


Groaning, Kiba clutched his head and rocked.

No need to freak out. When Neji came out sophomore year he didn't care.

Neji was also his friend. His ally. His comrade.

Okay, so maybe that's stretching it, but the point stood that Kiba didn't care.

Just gatta stop thinking about it.

"HOLY-!" Kiba jerked, arms flailing.

He looked down, chest heaving. "Kami, Akamaru." Laughing, Kiba reached down, petting the top of Akamaru's head. "Your wet nose is not pleasant you know."

Akamaru ruffed happily, burrowing his nose under Kiba's thigh before flopping down.

Kiba smiled fondly, ruffling the small dog's ears.

At least Akamaru never threw anything new at him.


"Big game Friday." Kurenai clapped her hands, gathering everyone around her.

The team pumped their fists in the air, giving a cheer.

Kiba perked, no longer able to feel the fatigue. That's right. First game of the season. Or rather, the first non-scrimmage game of the season. Time to show all those other bastards how hard they had worked during off-season.

A hand smacked his shoulder and he half-turned to see Naruto standing behind him, grinning broadly. "Ganna be awesome."

"Shut up back there!"

Both teens snapped back to attention, terrified of the consequences.

Kurenai frowned at the boys in disapproval. "As I was saying." She scanned the team with a hard look. "First game that matters. It also means we'll be tougher when it comes to grades."

Kiba was standing so straight he felt like he would snap in half.

But her eyes passed right over him without lingering. He sighed in relief.

"If any of you little bastards are caught slacking, you will not be on the roster."

Everyone held their breath, knowing anyone of them could be screwed in a second.

"So," She cast a final look around, finally letting a small smile grace her face.

Kurenai-sensei really did look beautiful when she wasn't scowling. Kiba managed to keep his own grin in check at the thought. Asumi-sensei would murder him just for thinking it.

"Do your best, stay on track, and for the love of God, stay sober tonight. The last thing we need is one of you sorry ass punks hung-over on game day." She waved a hand dismissively. "You can party after you win. Now get the hell out."

Kiba obeyed, darting from the field along with the other guys. He came up beside Naruto, reaching up and ruffling the blonde hair that was already a mess. "I can't wait! We can show those bastards from Sound Academy who's fucking boss!"

Naruto flashed a cheeky grin. "Shouldn't be that hard, just look at their schools name!" He said, folding his hands behind his head. "Ganna be a buncha band kids with jock straps!"

Kiba laughed loudly, his hand squeezing Naruto's shoulder as he tried to keep himself steady.

Naruto just kept grinning like a mad man, "Hope they learn quick that their not supposed to put the ball in their mouth and blow, neh?"

The statement sobered Kiba's mood up and he hated that it did. Usually he'd just be laughing harder at such a thing, but now it just seemed weird and. . . He didn't really know. But he managed a wide grin for his friends' sake. "I hope they know before the game."

If Naruto noticed a difference in his attitude, he didn't say anything. "Yeah." He said with a sighing tone but Kiba didn't understand the point of. "Hey," Naruto was looking at Kiba directly now, trademark smile still in place. "A bunch of us are getting together tonight. No beer or anything, just a movie night kinda thing."

Kiba thought about the prospect of lounging in a room with friends for a night. Didn't sound too bad, he needed to start going out again anyways.

Naruto kept on talking. "Really it's the girls that wanna do it but us guys figure there'll be entertainment for us too." He made a weird sashaying movement with his words.

Kiba sniggered, finally dropping his hand. "What's the movie?"

"Dunno." Naruto shrugged half-heartedly, humming softly for a moment. "I think they were trying to decide between a chick flick and a horror movie. But they were leaning toward horror cause they remember the last chick flick we watched together and how Choji ended up sobbing like a girl."

Kiba remembered that and winced a bit. It was The Lake House and the boy couldn't stop crying when Holly was back in the house after Denny had died. "Yeah, but that time we watched Saw, Ino kept shrieking like, well, a girl."

"It's a problem, they'll figure it out." Naruto reached out and caught a hold of the locker room doorknob. "Damn I need a shower."

"I second that." Kiba smirked, easily evading Naruto's flying fist. "Hey!" He defended, unable to stop grinning. "I was talking about myself."


Kiba was paced his room when Hinata peeked in on him. "Kiba-kun?"

He looked over at his door. "Yeah, did you knock?" She gave a little nod and stepped into the room. "Sorry, I'm distracted."

Hinata looked concerned for a moment but didn't push for answers. "You didn't answer your phone so I decided I'd just come over." She fidgeted a bit, wringing her hands behind her back. "Shino-kun asked me to tell you that if you wanted to have a quick lesson before the movie started you could head to his room."

Kiba stiffened without realizing it.

"He said he had heard about the big test you had coming up and thought you wouldn't want to study over the weekend, um," She hesitated, walking closer. "But- but you don't have to Kiba. I'm sure he'll let you come over Saturday or Sunday."

He was quiet for a moment then smiled slightly. He reached out, brushing her cheek with his fingers. "Thanks Hinata." He pushed some hair from her eyes. "Nah." Turning away, he reached above his head and stretched. "I'll head over his direction in a bit, I wanted to talk to him about something anyways."

Hinata smiled back, Kiba seemed a little happier today, probably the game coming up. "Good." She turned to leave. "See you tonight Kiba-kun."

He flicked a hand lazily, uneasiness washing over him now.

Should he really go over to the other's room? It not like Shino had ever tried anything on him, or even hit on him.

Actually, if anyone had been sending mixed signals it was probably Kiba. The stupid kiss thing, getting distracted wondering about his eyes, coming to him when he was dead drunk.

He bit his lip. What if that's what this was all about? Shino thought that Kiba was trying to pick him up but wasn't interested beyond tutoring.

That thought pissed him off slightly. Kiba was a catch. Anybody, any guy, would be lucky to have him, dammit.

He shook his head fiercely. That wasn't the issue at the moment. The issue was if he wanted help on the test coming up or not. And, honestly, he needed it more then he wanted it.

With a sigh Kiba resolved to go study with the Aburame. Not like he should be worried. Shino obviously didn't like him and he decidedly did not like him.

Wandering to his closet he pulled it open and grabbed the dog food. "Aka, buddy." He whistled softly, waiting for the white pup to come running. He filled the plastic red bowl up then, using a half full water bottle, he filled the second bowl. "Dinner time."

The dog ran up between his legs and barked happily. Kiba reached down, scratching the top of Akamaru's head. "Ganna change, then go, I'll be back late. Don't make a mess."

Akamaru ruffed spraying kibble onto the floor.

Kiba tsked, but moved for his clothes. What to wear, what to wear. Grabbing a red shirt and faded blue jeans he tossed them onto his bed. He quickly stripped out of his current shirt and started to kick out of his pants when he realized he should brush his teeth. He bit his lip, he wasn't so great on the habit.

Mouthwash, yes. Actually brushing, no.

He wandered to his bathroom scratching his stomach idly. Kiba brushed his teeth lazily, picking his cell phone up from its discarded place on his counter. He flipped it open, revealing the full 'QWERTY' keyboard and the '5 Missed Calls, 1 Voice Mail, 3 Text Messages.'

He spat into the sink but stuck the brush back into his mouth as he checked the list in order from newest to oldest. 'Hinata, Naruto, Ino, Hinata, Shino.' Whoops, no wonder Hinata was left to send the message. He flipped the phone back closed, not caring about the other missed things.

Kiba dropped the toothbrush into the sink and rinsed his mouth. Afterward he stood and started at himself in the mirror.

Dammit, he was stalling. Snorting, he purposefully turned and sauntered back into his bedroom, tugging at his boxers.

Akamaru was on the windowsill, wiggling himself through the small space that was open.

Kiba had learned the hard way that Akamaru wouldn't simply 'hold it' until Kiba would take him out, so he rigged up this cool like step thing for his companion.

He was on the first floor so it was easy for Akamaru to jump down onto the dirt below, behind the line of bushes. The problem was that the small dog to jump back inside. Naruto actually gave him the idea to hook some wooden steps up along the wall, the bushes would hide them and Akamaru could still get out to go when he needed. Rather ingenious for a blonde to think up.

And it worked; Akamaru would jump down, do his business, then jumped up the steps to the window and be safe once again.

And Kiba never had to worry about 'presents.'

Finally dressed, Kiba meandered around his room for a moment, making sure everything was still in place and he had what he needed, namely his cell, shoes and wallet. Akamaru was crawling back into the room when Kiba decided he would not take a hoodie with him.

Standing in the bathroom washing his hands, Kiba studied himself in the mirror again. His hair was brushed but still looked messy. His face was clear except for a small cut near his eye from practice earlier. His shirt looked all right, the skull was twined with roses and the red matched the markings under his eyes. His-

Fuck. Stalling again.

With determination, he marched from his room, calling goodbye to the dog who had already disappeared under the bed.

Once in the hallway, Kiba took his phone back out and started his way to Shino's room.

Might as well check those messages now.

Voice mail first.

He pressed the call button and waited. There was some static then a voice said, "You will die in seven days." Kiba grinned, dumbass Naruto. Muffled laughter sounded for a moment before cutting off with a click. He deleted the message.

With his attention on his phone Kiba knocked into someone. "Sorry." He said automatically, looking up.

It was Ino and she didn't seem to care, "Whatever." She waggled a finger at him. "Don't forget about the movie tonight."

Kiba looked expectant. "What movie? Not a chick flick I hope."

"We're watching BASEketball. Some American comedy that TenTen swears is hilarious." She flicked her hair, and smiled slyly. "Don't miss it." She winked and flounced down the hall the way he had come.

He whistled lowly, watching her as she watched. "Yeah, I'll be there." He replied, but really only to himself.

Kiba resumed his journey; he was still a couple turns away.

Right, text messages.

He had three, one from Sasuke, one from Sakura and one from Neji.

The First: 'The Dobe wants you to bring chips.'


The Third: 'Everyone is demanding you bring food. Preferably chips.'

Kiba snorted but didn't reply. He'd bring chips all right, but first he'd make them worry.

The sound of music hit his ears and that's when he realized he was coming up to Shino's door.

"/-is cool/ /Like a dog lying the corner,/ /They will bite you and never warn you/ /Look Out, they'll tear your insides out/"

Kiba stopped, listening to the lyrics emitting from inside Shino's room. Odd taste in music, he had always seemed more like a rocker to Kiba. The singer's voice sounded nice but there was another guy talking in the song. The deep baritone of the second man's voice complimenting the first mans higher pitched, breathy voice.

"/'Cos everybody hates a tourist/ /Especially one who thinks/ /It's all such a laugh/ /Yeah!/ /And the chips stains' grease / /Will come out in the bath/"

He felt like an idiot, standing outside the door, not knocking, not hesitating, but actually pay attention to the song.

"/You will never understand/ /How it feels to live your life/ /With no meaning or control/ /And with nowhere left to go/ /You are amazed that they exist/ /And they burn so bright/ /Whilst you can only wonder why/"

He picked up on another voice. It was in between the other two, kind of deep but still holding a high tone. Kiba could help a laugh when he recognized that it was Shino.

"/Rent a flat above a shop/ /Cut your hair and get a job/ /Smoke some fags and play some pool/ /Pretend you never went to school/ /But still you'll never get it right/ /'Cause when you're lying in bed at night/ /Watching roaches climb the walls/ /If you called your dad he could stop it all/"

Kiba could stop himself; he quietly turned the doorknob and peered into the room. The entryway that broke off into the kitchenette and living room was empty so he walked inside, closing the door behind him just as silently.

"/Yeah/ /You'll never live like common people/ /You'll never do whatever common people do/ /You'll never fail like common people/ /You'll never watch your life slide out of view/ /And Dance/ /And Drink/ /And Screw/ /Cause there's nothing else to do/"

Kiba found Shino lying on his couch, facing away from Kiba. He leaned against the wall, watching the teen sing along with the music. The teen didn't look like he was expecting Kiba, or really anyone. Light coloured blue jeans that were torn at the knees, a dark gray and blue striped sweater vest over a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a silly looking black headband with a red star on the side pushing his hair back and away from his face.

"/Want to sleep with common people, like you/ /Want to sleep with common people, like you/"

The song was fading out so Kiba could hear Shino more clearly now. Shino looked kinda cool when he wasn't been all freaky and shit.

"Want to sleep with common people, like you." Shino rolled over and sat up in one motion, startling Kiba. "Want to sleep with common people . . . Like . . . . You." Shino trailed off, now facing Kiba directly.

The room was silent, the music quieting for the last dozen seconds.

Kiba never did like quiet. "So, you like Indie stuff?"

Then the music was back, or at least strums from a guitar and a women singing. "/I can't stop thinking about/ /Cutting myself up/"

Kiba's eyes widened at the words and Shino didn't something Kiba found rather uncharacteristic. He leapt to his feet, ran to where his iHome sat and button mashed until it turned off.

Turning slowly, Shino kept his hand resting on the table behind him. "I wasn't aware that you were going to show up. . ."

"Yeah," Kiba swayed slightly, mind racing, trying to think of something witty to say. Nothing came so he replied, "Hinata said I could."

Shino straightened up, hand falling to his side, looking more like himself. "Yes." He moved toward Kiba. "You have a test over Frankenstein on Monday don't you?"

Kiba was pleased that he didn't react as Shino brushed his arm as he passed. "Sure do, ganna help out? Read me some SparkNotes?"

Without turning from his bookshelf, Shino scoffed. "Don't tell me you haven't read it." Pulling a book free, he headed for the desk.

"I've read a little." Kiba scuffed his shoes against the floor. He gave a glance about. "So, why do you have a dorm leader's dorm? Genma is our dorm leader, not you."

Shino looked over his shoulder. "Why does it matter?" He shook his head and pulled out the chair before Kiba could reply. "I was set to room with Raidou but he wished too, so we switched. Pleased?"

Kiba frowned, that didn't waste enough time. He edged toward the chair cautiously. "I guess."

"Then hurry up, the movie is in a couple of hours." Shino grabbed the extra chair sitting next to the door and pulled it to the desk, sitting down and opening the door.

"Wait," Kiba stopped again, hands raised. "You're going?" Why was he going? Did Shino even know anyone beside Hinata and himself?

"Yes, Ino came by and asked me to join."

"Really?" Kiba was a bit shocked. He hadn't realized that anyone had met Shino. "Huh."

Shino leaned against the desk and pushed his glasses further up his nose. "Now, can we get something done?"

Kiba shifted foot to foot. "I guess." Stupid books and their stupid tests. He plopped down onto the free chair and looked at the book before him. "Last I remember the Victor guy was really sick and Harry was watching over him."

"Henry." Shino corrected.

"That's what I said." Kiba argued childishly, crossing his arms.

Shino just shook his head again and Kiba decided he really, really, did not like that particular trait. "Well, we'll continue from there." Shino's head tilted slightly in Kiba's direction. "Is there anything you would like for us to go over before that?"

Kiba rocked in his chair a bit, focused on Shino's glasses. "Do you have bad eyesight or something?" He felt victorious when Shino gave an aspirated sigh. "You're always wearing those glasses, why not normal glasses with clear lens?"

There was a long moment of silence, making Kiba fidget, but he was resolved to not break it this time.

"Does it bother you that much, Inuzuka?" Shino finally said, standing up. He walked back over to the bookshelf, picking up a black rectangular box.

It dawned on Kiba that it was a glasses case when Shino flipped it open with a soft snap.

In what seemed like an intricate dance to Kiba, simply because He'd only seen Shino san glasses once, the dark shades were replaced with black-plastic framed glasses.

"Very," Kiba started, smirking. "Nerdy."

For the first time, Kiba was able to see the look of irritation Shino sent him. Granted, it was very similar to Sasuke's happy look, the fact that he didn't have to guess what Shino was thinking was pretty awesome.

The teen sat back down. "May we continue?" Icy blue eyes locked on his own reddish brown and Kiba's awesome feeling dwindled to an unnerved feeling. That shade of blue cannot be natural. And he almost voiced this before snapping his teeth closed and nodded.

Shino continued to stare. "Well, do you need help on anything or not?"

Kiba was taken aback. Did he need help with what? He glanced at the desk and saw the book. Ohhh, right. "Yeah, um," He looked back up. "I don't get any of it."

Shino's face started to contort and his eyes narrowed a faction before he was neutral and his right hand rose, brushing through his hair. Absentmindedly he adjusted his headband.

Without thinking about it, Kiba reached out and grabbed Shino's hand.

With an unhidden shocked look, Shino automatically tried to pull away. "Inuzuka . . ."

"Hang on, stop." Kiba muttered. He was curious about something and was damn well going to find out.

Using his own right hand, he held Shino's palm out, toward Kiba. Then he pressed his left hand too it.

Damn, his thought was true. Shino's hands were bigger then his. And by almost an inch it seemed.

Kiba slid his fingers higher, brushing tips against tips.

"Inuzuka?" This time, Shino was ignored.

How is it that Shino had calloused fingers? Kiba could remember him talking about gardening, but that wouldn't toughen your fingers would it?

Then Shino's hands was gone from his grasp and he frowned. "Oh, cummon you pussy. It's not like I was molesting you."

Shino looked indignant. "How would you know? I like boys, what if that was a major come on to me?"

That shut Kiba up and he turned pointedly back to the book. "Just read."


The movie wasn't that bad. But all it really was was a bunch of penis jokes with the occasional one-liner. Kiba was just sure it would have some moral by the end of it. He had yet to see it.

Actually, he hadn't paid much attention to it at all. So it was very plausible that he had simply missed it.

There was something else that had captured his interest.

That being the way Shino and Hinata interacted.

For a gay guy, Shino sure was good at flirting with girls.

In less the whole 'gay' thing was a ploy.

Kiba kept falling back to that point.

Had Shino been serious when he'd said that he liked guys? Or was he just trying to scare Kiba off?

Oh, oh, there he goes whispering in Hinata's ear.

Kiba leaned forward slightly, trying to overhear, but over the screaming 'friends' on the television and the living room between him and them, it made the process hard.

He watched as Shino stood, and started for the door. Kiba hastily fixed his eyes on Hinata, but she was still in place, now leaning against her cousin on the other side of her.

His eyes darted back to Shino to see he was just standing by the door, hand on the knob. He seemed to be staring at something in Kiba's direction, Kiba turned and looked over his shoulder, no one was behind him.

But Shino was still staring and staring. After a few more seconds, Shino opened the door and walked out.

Kiba found himself standing without the conscious thought too, then he was moving toward the door and slipping out into the hallway.

And there Shino was, leaning against the wall, eyes trained on the opposite side.

On some level Kiba knew that he would be.

Still donning his clear glasses, Shino turned and locked eyes with Kiba.

They stood still, watching the other, appraising the other.

Shino lifted a hand and held it out to Kiba. A silent invitation.

Kiba regarded it. It was the same hand he had studied earlier. He knew what it held, what inferences would be made if he took it or if he didn't.

Kiba was not one to like the silence, but he hated to break it with noise.

So, without a word, Kiba placed his hand in Shino's.

- - -

I promiseI won't let you down (you down)If you take my hand tonightI promiseWe'll be just fine (this time)If you take my hand tonightIf you take my hand tonight- Promise by Simple Plan

- - -

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