Warnings: Language, violence, character death, (very young) teenage pregnancy, OOC-ness, etc.

Spoilers: Books one through five, probably.

Author's Notes: Okay, so this is my first story, on the internet, at least. I've never done fanfiction before, so please cope with me. My grammar/spelling, in the first ten or so chapters, aren't great, but I'm slowly re-doing it, because it get's better after that. (Yippe!)

First ten or so chapters go quick, but then things slow down. (Just thought you ought to know.) I'll update sometime between one and four weeks.

I hope you enjoy!

The-Boy-Who-Lived was sitting in the great hall picking at his Lemon pie just thinking, I have a godfather. I, Harry Potter, have a godfather. Wow and then I find out he's going in to hiding. Just Ducky.

"Harry?" his best friend Hermione said, "Harry, are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, yeah I'm fine," Harry said distractedly.

And from the head table the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was watching the two young teens. Ah yes, after dinner is over I will call Miss Granger to my office, and my plan will be in motion. Oh Albus you are a genius, he thought to himself.

After dinner was over the Great Hall started to empty Harry and Hermione were heading out when Ron came up to them.

"Hey Hermione! Professor Dumbledore wants to talk to you in private."

"Err, okay. Um, Harry, Ron, I'll see you later, then? I'll be back soon," she said. But as soon as she was about to go, Ron held her arm.

"Oh, and he wanted to me to tell you that the password is... um hersheys... herseys..? No hershrees... something like that," Ron said before letting go of Hermione's arm.

"You mean Hershey's? Wow, I think he's going for muggle treats now," with that said Hermione left.

"What's Hershey's?" Ron asked while they were walking to the common rooms.

"Oh it's a muggle chocolate-"

"Chocolate? I should try some of this Hershey's," Ron said.

Hermione was right in front of the Headmaster's office when she heard him talk. "Come in, Miss Granger."

Okay, Hermione, you are NOT in trouble, just remember that!

As she sat down, she noticed something in his hand. Is that...STARBUCKS?

"Professor? In your hand, are you drinking Starbucks?"

"Ah yes, I happened to be in muggle London yesterday and I felt a bit tired. I came across a small place called Starbucks Coffee, and I thought it was a call from Merlin himself. You know, you should try their Vanilla Coffee. But enough about the types of coffee I drink. I understand that you and Mister Potter are fairly close, am I right?" Dumbledore inquired.

"Yes, we are close, but what does that have to do with me being here?" Hermione asked.

"Ah yes, I would like it if you stayed with Harry this summer, at the Dursley's. Only if you wanted to of course." His eyes twinkled with a mysterious glow she never saw before.

"Oh! I would love that! Wait until I tell Harry-"

"NO! I mean, no, you are not to tell him about you. If you want to stay with Harry you are not to tell him, or Mister Wealsey," he said.

"Ok, I guess," She said.

"Ok Miss Granger all of the details will be on your bedside table in the morning. You may leave now, there is someone waiting for you in the common room." He winked.

She sat there for a minute wondering what that wink had meant. But then she got up and left his office pondering why she could not tell Harry that she was staying with him. Is it going to be a surprise? Hmm... Maybe he's got something planned. Oh well I've got to get off to bed its-- WOAH! Its almost ten! I better hurry. And with that she ran off.

Common Room...

Hermione was so tired from running to the common room, she didn't realize that Harry was sleeping on the couch. He looks so peaceful just lying there... I wish I could just–oh no Granger not again! STOP having those thoughts he's your best friend! She went up to her dorm and searched for a blanket incase Harry got cold at night.

She went back down stairs and found that Harry wasn't there. Strange, I knew I saw him here five minutes ago. Oh well, I guess I'll just go upstairs and sleep. She simply shrugged and headed off to her dorm where a wonderful night's sleep was awaiting her.

Dumbledore's office

"Yes Dumbledore you are very smart indeed. In two weeks the mudblood will be with Potter. She'll get pregnant and that'll pull them apart, and then that is when I move in. Why Albus I do believe this is going to be easier than I thought it would be," the Professor said while talking to himself.

He got up and started to pace around his office, occasionally drinking his Starbucks. He went over to a corner in his office where a potion was brewing, Oh Baby potion, as he liked to call it. It was a creation he made while plotting against Harry and Hermione, it was a combined potion of Lust and an overpowering conceiving potion, thus Oh Baby was made.

At exactly 10:56PM he summoned the Potions Professor, Severus Snape.

"Yes Dumbledore? I heard you are...plotting against Potter and his filthy mudblood," Snape said.

"Yes I am. Now can I trust you to do something very crucial in tearing Potter and Granger apart?" he asked.

"You can. What is it that you want me to do?" He asked with interest.

"In this, is a potion that I personally made for them. Pour this into Hermione's pumpkin juice in the morning. Everything is arranged," He said while handing over the bottle.

"How will I pour this without her knowing?" Snape wondered while looking at the metallic blue liquid.

"Find a way." he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

And with that Snape left.

The Next Day...

Hermione woke up ready to face anything that came her way. She looked to her left where she found a letter for her. She opened it and it read,

Miss Granger,

Ah, yes as you may know this regards your stay with Mister Potter this summer. I've already owled your parents and they have said that you are allowed to stay with him. Now you shall be leaving July 1st at 12:00 p.m. by portkey. By your letter you shall see an old ring that is your portkey. Now I'll leave you too it. Have a delightful summer, and I shall see you at the start of your fourth year.


Headmaster Dumbledore

Snape somehow found a way to pour the potion into Hermione's cup just in the nick of time.

Harry and Hermione sat down next to each other while Ron sat across from them. Ron was piling up on bacon, eggs, toast, and everything in site, Harry was staring at Ron in amazement. "Ron, where do you put all that?" Harry asked while staring at his plate.

"I don't know. Weasley metabolism I guess," He said simply before digging in.

Harry and Hermione shared a look before shrugging and started eating.

The rest of breakfast went by quickly. Harry and Ron talked about quidditch, and what they were going to do during the summer. Hermione drank all of her pumpkin juice and started to feel funny. She looked at Harry and had a sudden urge to snog him senseless.

I wonder if his lips are as soft as they-- WOAH! STOP RIGHT THERE GRANGER! Since when do you think like that? She shook her head

"So Hermione what are you going to do over the summer?" Harry asked.

"Err... Nothing. Oh look at the time I got to go, um... pack yes I have to go pack. I'll see you later Ron, Harry!" Just then she accidentally kissed Harry on the cheek. Harry sat there looking dumfounded Ron staring open-mouthed (keep in mind he was still eating) and with that she ran off like there was no tomorrow.

"Whoa, what was that for?" Harry asked while touching the place where Hermione had kissed him.

Ron didn't answer just turned red in the face and went on eating.

Is Ron...jealous? Harry thought as he saw Ron chewing with vigor.

Little did they know that the Headmaster and their Potions professor was looking at each other with a triumphant look plastered on both of there faces.

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