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Last time on Forgive And Forget If You Can

Miley's POV

Jake: "Miley…I love you."

"I…I can't Jake" I say regretfully "I need…to think."

Miley (thinking): I love Jake. I LOVE Jake… I Love Jake! I love him and he loves me.

There was a pause from the other end. "We're afraid that Mr. Ryan was involved with an accident on his way back to his bungalow."

"Please be ok Jake" I think "Please be ok."

Chapter 7 "Memoria"

Jake's POV

Dark. Everything is so, so dark. I can't see anything, can't feel anything, can't concentrate on anything.

I don't what I'm doing here. I don't remember what I was doing BEFORE I got here, and I can't think anything.

It's just dark.

Then, there's white light. It's brilliant, it's blinding. It's everywhere, coming out from nowhere. I'm in a white existence.

Then there's blue. Dark blue, almost black or purple. The nothingness becomes a hallway, the hallway fills with people. They're all going in a certain direction, a certain destination. They go into rooms and don't come out. Then the room disappears and a new one takes it's place.

Everything is going so fast, I can't concentrate on it all. Then I notice for the first time nurses in white outfits and hats with a red cross are pacing up and down the hallway, somehow avoiding the mass of people and their movement. The nurses have clipboards in their hands. They seem to be looking at people and then checking something off on their clipboard. I wonder why I didn't see them before.

I walk up to one of them, but she doesn't look at me. I'm standing right in front of her, but she doesn't seem to realize I'm there.

I tap her on the shoulder to gain her attention. I'm surprised at the warmth of her shoulder, yet her face is as pale as a china doll.

Her head shoots in my direction. "Hullo. Jake Ryan you are. Room 132. Come." she speaks fast that it takes me a few moments to comprehend what she is saying. Her tone is quick and choppy, not threatening, but not friendly either.

She looks at me expectantly for a minute. I just stare back, unsure of what do next, waiting for her to tell me what's going on.

But she doesn't do that. Instead, she spins around and walks quickly down the hallway, her back facing me. I'm about to ask another nurse what's going on, when I realize I'm following the other nurse down the hallway. I'm not walking, but somehow I'm moving. And before I can understand what the heck is going on, Room 132 is right in front of me.

The door opens without any assistance from me, and I enter. There's an empty hospital bed and waiting chair right next to it. Machines hooked up right near the bed yet no one is in it. A TV in the corner of the room is playing.

I'm sitting down in the waiting chair and my gaze is focused on the TV screen. I can't look away.

A show is playing, but I'm not familiar with the name. The theme song starts. It's "If We Were A Movie". There's clips of a guy and girl. The guy has blond hair and the girl is a brunette. It takes me a few seconds to realize the guy is me. But I don't remember the girl.

Then the show starts.

(Miley is sitting in living room, on the couch, looking depressed)

(Lilly enters living room)

Lilly: Miley, you can't just keep sitting there. Don't WORRY, Jake'll call you. Just have a little faith.

Miley: It's been 2 weeks Lilly, if Jake WANTED to call, he would've already!

(Lilly looks at Miley for a moment)

Lilly: So that's all you're going to do? Sit on the couch and mope around?

Miley (looking defiant): Why not?

Lilly (racking brain for reasons): Uhhhhh, OOH! Today's David Hasselhoff Day at the beach. (looking sly) All the boys are wearing Speedos!

Miley (sighing): How can I think of boys when I've just been dumped?

Lilly (discouraged): Oh you're right. What about…

Miley: I don't need a distraction Lilly!

Lilly (looking surprised): You don't?

Miley: I just wish Jake would call already!

Lilly: What if he doesn't?

Miley: I don't want to think about that. I really don't.

Then the scene switches.

(Miley just entering her room with Lilly and Oliver right behind her)

Miley: I was thinking about last night Lilly, and you're totally right! Jake loves me, he told me so before he left. So what if he hasn't called me. That doesn't mean he doesn't love me anymore!

Lilly (exchanging look with Oliver): Uh…yeah. (gives Miley thumbs-up) Nothing's a kiss. I mean, a miss! (panicked)

Miley (raising eyebrow): Ok. (looks at clock) Ooh, The OC's on!

(turns on TV at the same time) Oliver and Lilly: WAIT!

TV Anchorwoman: -night. Teen People's #1 Hottie of the Year, Jake Ryan, was seen kissing Holly McCarthy in a Romanian nightclub, Scandal. Jake has been filming a movie in Romania and reportedly invited Holly to the club with him. Yesterday a reporter was interviewing Holly when she claimed "Jake just pushed himself on me and started kissing me. He just wouldn't let go of me. It was very romantic." When asked if she was now seeing Jake Ryan, she simply stated "We've always been seeing each other."

(Miley turns TV off)

Lilly: Miley-

Miley (holds hand up): …

Oliver (to Lilly): Let's go Li'l.

(Lilly shoots Miley a worried glance one more time, then silently follows Oliver into the hallway)

Miley (singing): I'll be laughin' through my tears… (shuts eyes)

I remember this girl. Miley…I think.

Then the TV shuts off, leaving me to think. I see…Miley. I remember her face, but nothing else. I feel frustrated. Why can't I remember her?

All of a sudden, the room is moving around me. I stay put in the chair but the walls become longer and shorter, different shades and different sizes. Then, as quickly as it started, it's over.

I look around, not knowing what to expect next. The bed now has a body in it, a boy with blond hair and all these wires and tubes sticking in him.

I stand up and make my way to the bed, slowly, cautious, when all of sudden the door flings open and a brunette walks in, practically running.

"Oh my gosh…Jake" she breathes.

She pulls the chair I was just sitting in closer to the bed, and sits on it. I'm still standing here, like an idiot-watching.

"Oh Jake." she holds one of the boy's hands and clasps it between both of her hands, stroking it.

I watch her expression. A mixture of shock, grief, and sorrow are easy to read on her face. My heart skips a beat.

The girl turns to look at the heart monitor. BEEP. Pause. BEEP. Another pause. BEEP.

She turns back to the boy, and then kisses his forehead. "You can't go Jake. Not yet. People need you. I need you." She pauses, looking at his closed eyes, giving his hands a gentle squeeze. "I love you."

Before I know what I am doing, I find myself approaching the girl. "I'm right here." I say "I'm right here."

But she doesn't look up, her eyes focused on my motionless body and now her tears are flowing freely. "Don't go Jake, you can't go. Not yet. Not now."

Then a nurse enters the room, followed by several men in blue uniforms. "We're sorry Miss Miley, but you'll have to leave the room now. Mr. Ryan is about to go to surgery now."

Miley makes a desperate attempt to wipe her tears with her arm, but her eyes are still red. "He'll be Ok, right, Nurse?"

The nurse bites her lip, nods at Miley briefly and then turns to help the surgeons wheel the body out of the room. She isn't very comforting when it comes to life and death.

Miley slowly makes her way out of the room, and I follow her. I feel a strange urge to, but I don't know why and I don't remember this girl.

There is a waiting room where other people are, reporters, men, women, girls, boys. It seems half of the world is in here. I wonder how I'm going to find a place to stand, but I manage to find a small corner in the room where I can somehow see everybody.

Reporters literally lunge themselves onto Miley, shoving microphones at her face, bombarding her with questions. "How IS Jake?" "Why have you gotten permission to privately visit his room when everyone else is stuck outside?" "Are you and Jake an item?" "Will he make a full recovery?" "Is Jake Ryan dead?"

I yell "Leave her alone!" But no sound comes out of my mouth. I try to walk toward Miley and the reporters, but I can't move. My feet are rooted to the ground. I can only watch.

But Miley ignores them, much to the reporter's annoyance. But they just move on to another unlucky nurse or staff that happens to innocently walk by, unaware of the attention they'll receive.

Miley sits down in an empty chair next to a blonde and a boy with black hair. She looks down into her lap.

"Is Jake…how…is he?" the blonde asks, unsure of what to say.

"The nurse said he would be fine." But Miley's voice cracks, and it doesn't sound very confident.

The conversation goes into silence, but the rest of the room is loud and noisy. People are exchanging rumors and bets, gossip and facts.

Some of the girls are crying, full on sobbing, others are exchanging worried glances with their neighbors, all waiting for the word of success on Jake Ryan.

Then, a girl with black hair and a skimpy dress enters the room, flailing her hips and receiving grins from boys. Everybody clears her path, and reporters pounce, only to have this girl's bodyguard push them out of her way.

The girl makes her way over to the front desk. Something about her is making me cringe, but I don't remember her name or why I have a sudden dislike for her.

"Holly McCarthy. I'm here for my…" she looks around, then giggles, and whispers to the poor secretary "boyfriend. Jake Ryan. I need his room."

The secretary shakes her head. "I'm sorry. But he is unavailable right now."

Holly rolls her eyes, then reaches for her purse and gives the secretary an 100 dollar bill. "Is this enough?" she asks in an offhand tone.

The secretary narrows her eyes and slides the bill back to Holly. "This is a hospital Miss McCarthy, not the black market."

Holly widens her eyes and makes an offended sound. She huffs, and takes one quick glance at the now full waiting room. She makes a face. Then spins around, and heads for the doors, bodyguards immediately on either side of her. "We'll be waiting in the limo." she says, back still facing everyone.

Then she's gone.

I don't like Holly.

I turn my attention back to Miley, who is staring out after Holly. I wonder if she heard her saying boyfriend. I hope Miley doesn't believe it. I can't believe anyone who agrees to be Holly's boyfriend. They must be like, a Grizzly bear or something.

Then, again, the walls start moving. They grow longer and shorter, but no one seems to notice this, not even Miley. There is less people, then only Miley and the boy and blonde are left. Eventually, the boy leaves, the blonde following.

But Miley's still there. She's just sitting there, looking at her lap. I wish I knew what she was thinking. The urge to hold her, tell her that I'm all right, it's…maddening. But I can't talk, I can't move. I can only…wait.

After what seems like years, a nurse finally enters the room. She looks doubtfully at Miley. "Miss Stewart?"

Miley rises, confidently. "Yes."

The nurse nods, her face placid. "You may see Mr. Ryan now."

Before I can see Miley's expression, I feel something sucking me back, vacuuming me clear out of existence. But now I'm on a bed, and my every inch of my body feels bruised and sore. But I know one thing.

I can't be dead. Being dead can't be this uncomfortable.

There's a distant BEEPing noise, and lights. Everything's blurry, and it takes me a while to focus. Machines are hooked up to me; a liquid flows through a tube and into my wrist.

I sigh, then lean my head back into my pillow. How the heck did I get here? It all comes rushing back to me, Romania, Holly, an open window, singing, a car, more light…

And then, as if on cue, a girl opens the door and steps in. Miley.

"JAKE!" she squeals, then goes to stand near me, pulling up a chair and sitting. "Jake, you're…you're…"

"Alive, yeah." I finish for her, my voice hoarse at first. I attempt to clear my throat.

She smiles sheepishly, then takes a deep breath. "I was just…afraid…" She looks down, her face more somber. "I was more afraid you might not…wake up."

"I'm not going to leave you Miley. You know that." My voice is clearer now, and so are my thoughts. "I love you."

She nods, grinning. "I love you too."

"What?" I don't believe my ears.

"I…love…you…too." she says this slowly, then cocks her head. "I love you Jake."

Then she leans over, and kisses me. I don't pull away.

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