Title: LoVe unfolding
Author: LoVe2006
Pairing/Characters: Logan/Veronica
Summary: Veronica needs to tell Logan something important. Spoilers for 3x9
Spoilers/Warnings: The first two seasons and probably something I read that's coming up for 3x9. So if you don't want to be spoiled for future ep's don't read!
Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to Veronica Mars or the characters.

A/N: This is my first VM fic. I've written stuff for other shows before, but I haven't posted anything in a couple of years. Please read and review. The more reviews the more new chapters. I expect this to be 10 chapters or less, but we'll see.


It had been three weeks since Logan had broken up with Veronica. She had been surprised to say the least. She knew she'd been hounding him about school and was a bit too nosy about where he was and who he was with. She hadn't meant to be so distrustful. The truth was she wasn't sure how not to be. Not when she'd spent so much time catching these people that cheated on each other and then seeing how it all blew up in their faces. She'd always pitied the ones that had trusted so much only to get betrayed in the end and that was when she'd vowed never to let herself trust someone so completely. She wouldn't let herself turn out like the women she had helped.

Maybe that hadn't been the way to go after all, because now she was sitting by herself finding out that her life was going to change, instead of with Logan. Her father was out of town and she was thankful for that at the moment as she looked at the small plastic stick in her hand with two pink lines. She wasn't sure how it'd happened. She had always taken her pill faithfully at the same time everyday. This shouldn't have happened.

' Well I guess I'm in the 1 that the pill fails ' , She thought miserably.

How was she supposed to do this. Her mind was racing. She knew she had to tell Logan, and she was going to have to tell her father. She had finals in two weeks and had buried herself in studying for them in an attempt not to think about Logan and where she'd gone wrong. It was the main reason that it'd taken her two weeks to realize that she'd missed her period and it'd taken another two days for her to get the courage to buy the test. Now here she was with her suspicions confirmed. She wasn't sure what to do so instead she just sat there on the edge of the bathtub and cried.

It was two hours later before she left the bathroom and went into her bedroom. She didn't even bother changing into pajamas and instead just crawled into her bed with Backup curled up next to her. She was surprised when she woke up and it was daylight. She hadn't expected to sleep through the night, but apparently the day's events had exhausted her.

She knew the longer she waited to tell Logan the harder it was going to be. So she decided she had to take her emotions down a notch so that she could deal with everything rationally. She took a shower and got dressed and headed to Hearst. It was Thursday so she knew Logan had class until 11:00 am. Now she just hoped that he was actually there.

When she arrived to the building his class was it was only 10:50 am so she waited outside on a bench where she could see the doors where he would come out. Up until now she had remained calm trying to keep her emotions at bay. Now as she sat there waiting she started to get nervous. What would he say? What would he do? She had herself worked up to the point she was about to leave when people started coming out of the building. Then she saw him.

She stood up and headed in his direction. She was halfway there when he noticed her too and turned trying to avoid her, but she jogged up to him.

"Logan," she said.

"Veronica," he answered turning back toward her," I'm kind of in a hurry".

"I really need to talk to you," she told him.

He saw the pleading look in her eyes and was certain she wanted to talk about their relationship. It was almost the same look she'd had the day he'd broken up with her.

"Can we not do this right now," he asked her while he continued to walk toward his car avoiding looking at her.

"Look, I wouldn't have come if it wasn't important," she told him as she tried to keep up with his pace.

"Alright," he said caving in," but not right now. One of my professors is having her final today instead of next week so I need to go study so I don't flunk out of college."

"Okay," she agreed reluctantly," when then?"

"I'll call you tomorrow and let you know," he said as they approached his car and he unlocked it.

"Okay," she said turning to walk back to her car, but then she turned around," Don't blow me off, Logan. I meant it when I said it's important."

Logan nodded before getting in and starting the car.

Veronica headed back to where she had parked feeling a bit unsettled on how her first conversation with Logan since they'd broken up had gone. She hoped this wasn't an indication of how he would react when she told him.