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Rock of Ages

T.J. Winchester

Hey, I'm T.J. Winchester. That's T.J., not Teresa Jane which is what my people call me when they're mad. I'm 16 and a junior in high school. My dad is Dean Winchester, he works part time at a car garage and one thing you should definitely know is we do not get along. He blames me for not being able to hunt as much anymore when he should be blaming my mother.

My mother, Monica Lions, was some random chick my dad met in a bar and screwed. Nine months later I popped out and two months after that I was on my dad and Uncle's motel door step.

My Uncle and Aunt, Sam and Sarah, are pretty cool people. My Uncle works as a teacher at my high school which sometimes blows but is also beneficial. My Aunt owns her own gallery now and she's cool to talk to when the male Winchesters are being assholes, especially the oldest one.

My Pop, John, really doesn't like me. He too blames me for Dad not being able to hunt as much. He also thinks since I'm a girl I can't hunt as well as a guy which is complete bull because I'm awesome at hunting. Well, now that you know about me and my family let's get started shall we?

"Do I have to go today?" I was begging my dad once again to stay home from school.

"I wouldn't give a rat's ass if you stayed home but Sam will kill me if I let you skip another day. He's all about the education crap, you know that."

My Uncle Sam walked through the doorway just then, "Education is not crap."

"Whatever, I better go then. Don't want to be late." I said in a sarcastically giddy voice.

"I'll drive you T.J. just give me a minute." Uncle Sam said looking for his book he left here.

"Um…Uncle Sam, no offense but it's not cool to pull into the school parking lot with your Uncle slash homeroom teacher."

"I'm not giving you the Impala, I need it today to run errands and you've already miss the bus so go with Sam."

"Fine, by the way I'm going to the library after school today."

I guess I should have mentioned I like learning about everything. I just hate doing it the school's way. I mostly just read on my own and people think I'm dumb because I don't participate which is completely untrue.

"Alright, but be back here by 6 because Pop is coming over tonight to let us know about the next hunt." Dad explained.

I immediately turned to Sam, "Is Sarah coming over?"

"Sorry T.J., she's working tonight."

"Well, this sucks."

I was heading for the door when my dad called my name again.

"T.J., try not to bust anyone's nose today. I'm sick of dealing with their parents' phone calls."

"Well, if my school wasn't filled with assholes…"

"Sammy, try to keep her off someone today."

"Oh yeah Dean, because that's so easy."

"Can we go now?" I whined.

We pulled up to school and I immediately jetted for my locker. I was switching books when I heard my name.

"T.J., my love!" I heard him say dramatically.

My best friend, Kevin Vet, we've been friends since third grade and he's liked me since we hit puberty. He's the Ducky to my Andie. I don't like him that way though and he knows this and apparently he's fine with it.

"Hey Kevin, who's today's victim?"

"Well, Tag Johnson was picking on a freshman today?"

"Was the freshman doing anything to him?"

"Nope, poor kid was just trying to find his class."

"Alrighty, I'll take care of it at lunch. I got to get to history, so I'll see you later?"

"I can't believe you can't be late for history, your Uncle is the teacher!"

"Yeah, tell me about it."

I ran to my history class and slid through the door just before the bell rang. My Uncle looked up from his desk and smirked at me before he got up to hand us back our tests. I once again got a D- which earned me a scowl but nothing more. At lunch Kevin and I walked out to the courtyard to find Ted.

"Now remember, Ted is a big guy so he'll probably go for a right hook first."

"Okay, I get it. What are the chances that my Uncle will break it up?"

"Only a 40 chance, he's grading papers and will most likely be in his room all period."

"Sweet, there he is!"

"That's the kid he was picking on before, poor little freshman."

"Kevin, you're on Uncle watch. I'm going to go take care of this," I walked over to where Ted was holding the poor freshman's book above his head, "Give it back, Ted."

He turned and laughed at me, "Well, well, if it isn't Tough Ass Winchester."

"Give him the book back."

"Or what Winchester? You going to break my nose like you did to Todd and Mike."

"I might, it depends on how pissed off you get me."

"You wanna go Winchester? I can take you right here, right now."

"Give him the book back and we'll get to it."

Ted threw the book which the freshman ran after; Ted came over and stood in front of me.

"You sure you want to do this? You have no idea what you're getting yourself into."

"Let's go then tough guy."

"Stupid bitch."

Kevin was right; he did a right hook first which I easily blocked. I grabbed his arm to level myself while I did a high kick into his chest. Dad's training comes in handy for something. When he was on the ground I jumped on top of him and started slugging his face.

"Teresa Jane!"

I immediately stopped and jumped off of Ted, apparently Kevin had failed at Uncle watch…again.

"Get inside now!"


"Now Teresa!"

I started to walk away when I heard Ted mumble something along the lines of whore so I turned around and started kicking him in the ribs. That's when my Uncle grabbed my arm and dragged me to his room and pushed me into a chair.

"Teresa, I'm so sick of this fighting shit."

"Uncle Sam…"

"No, I don't even want to here it. One more time T.J. and I'm going to start reporting you, this can't keep happening."

The bell rang so I stood up and headed for the door but he called my name, "You know I'm going to have to tell him, right?"

I put my head down and nodded, "Wait till I get home from the library so I can explain my side."

Great not only was my Uncle disappointed, my dad's going to more pissed than usual, and my Pop is coming over so that means I'm just going to get yelled at even more. It's going to be a fun night.