The Planning of the Honeymoon

In response to a contest being held by the site, Love on the Run.

Summery: When Han and Leia plan their honeymoon, Leia learns a little bit about the man she loves.

Author: The Bullet


Han exasperatedly turned around to face Leia. They'd been putting off planning their honeymoon for weeks, but they couldn't put it off any longer.

"Han, I don't see what's wrong with spending our honeymoon on Naboo."

"Look, your worship, I've been avoiding two planets for my entire life, and those two were Imperial Center…"

"Courescaunt!" Leia corrected.

"Whatever, Courescaunt and the other was Naboo."

"Just because Naboo was the Emperor's home planet, that doesn't mean that we can't go there. Palpatine's dead now."

"Baby, I wanna go to Togoria. Okay?"

"What's wrong with going to the place where my parents had their honeymoon? Why are you so set on going to Togoria?"

Han looked over Leia's shoulder, staring at the window, reliving a memory that he thought he'd buried long ago.

"Back when I was younger, there was a girl I used to know," Han said dreamily. Leia thought about asking him who the girl was, but she decided to wait and see what the big deal was about. "We had to drop off two of our friends who were Togorians. They wanted to go back home to Togoria, and it was on our way so we took them. We were gonna leave, but they insisted that we stayed for a few days, so we did. I took Bria to spend a day at the ocean. She was the one who taught me how to swim, by the way." After this, Han came back to reality, and he refocused on Leia, trying to cover up his embarrassment. "Long story short, I wanna go back to the place where I made the first good memories of my life."

Leia's face softened. She never knew that Han had ever loved anyone else. He'd always seemed so stuck on himself when she first met him, but… maybe something happened that changed who he once was. She decided to try and find out.

"What happened to her? Bria, I mean."

Han hesitated for a second before answering. "Well, we kept getting torn apart, but a few days after our second time breaking up, I got the news that she'd been killed. It was my job to tell her father about her death. Those days on Togoria were the best times I'd ever spent with her. I just want to try and relive those days. Only this time with you."

Han looked into Leia's eyes with a look of pleading.

Leia laughed. "And here I thought only Luke could give me a face like that! Alright, we'll go to Togoria. Only one condition; you're packing."

Han grinned, and gave a mocking bow. "Certainly, your worship."

The end