By Ticklesivory

Rated: PG-13

Genre: My typical combination of drama, angst, and a touch of humor.

Summary: A TPM/AOTC era AU Obidala tale. Young Padmé Amidala is driven for success until a fateful meeting threatens distraction.

Warnings: Many plot devices of TPM and AOTC will be altered in this story as well as some original characters being omitted. Also, if you have read "How My Parents Got Together," the character of Sola has been drastically changed for this fic. You'll have to forgive the creative allowance I will be taking. Thanks.

Chapter One/Prologue

The Queen of Naboo was dead.

And that one significant event put into motion a series of others that would ultimately change the life of one particular young girl.

A young girl who had lost her parents to tragedy at an early age, raised by her older sibling – a strong-willed and stubborn woman who saw in her younger sister, Padmé, the opportunity to improve their family not only in social status, but in financial stability as well.

In Naboo's early history, the surest way to propel oneself up the social ladder was through a profitable marriage. But the current, more matriarchal society of the planet deemed that economic success and professional standing should be independently acquired through study, determination, and hard work.

Having become pregnant out of wedlock and then losing her husband to illness two years earlier, Sola Naberrie had automatically entered into a contract of governmental financial support, but her family and marital situation eliminated any chance that she had in pursuing any type of profession of significance. According to Naboo law, only childless females could attend the university or be elected to public office, which was where her true interest lay.

Thus, she became dependent upon her younger sister, Padmé, to improve their family situation, rising them up out of the lower middle class they had been cast into after the death of their parents three years past.

The older woman, now in her early thirties, ran the soft-bristled ivory-handled brush through her sister's long, dark mane, admiring the girl's reflection in the dressing room mirror.

Padmé had inherited their mother's looks, while Sola looked more like their father. And although sometimes the older sister suffered a momentary pang of regret, she had high hopes for her sister and felt no ill will toward her. It had been difficult, especially for Sola, but things were occurring as they should, and exactly as she had planned.

After Padmé's quick advancement to the top of her political science class, the young woman had been given the opportunity to serve an internship with the Naboo Council. Not too long after graduation, she had been assigned the empty council seat, making her the youngest representative ever, at the age of seventeen.

One short year later, the Queen of Naboo became ill, dying suddenly and unexpectedly, and Sola's goals for her sister drastically changed. Her hopes for Padmé's career had elevated to a much grander scale.

Naboo would have to elect a new queen, and Padmé was the most sensible choice. She was intelligent, handsome, a strong leader, and excellent speaker. And she was unattached. Not that being single was a requirement for election, but a husband would merely hold the young woman back.

Sola returned to the task of brushing out Padmé's hair. As Padmé's self-appointed assistant, it was a chore that she did not tire of, because one day, if things worked out the way Sola was planning, it would be worth it, since they would all be moving into the palace.

However, there was one possible glitch in her design. The queen's death had risen suspicions, and the Jedi were being petitioned to investigate.

A master and his apprentice were scheduled to arrive in approximately three days.