Don't follow the crowd;

Do what you believe is right;

That is what you are always told.


no one does it.

I sure didn't.

I did what

my friends


what my peers thought

was good.

They convinced me they were right;

And I fell for every word they said;

Fell right into the palm of their hands;

I was molded into their desires

instead of mine.

I was young;



I'm not saying my actions are excused because of those things;


it's just easier

to not take full blame

even when you know you deserve it.

But now

I know differently.

I know about right and wrong;

Light and dark;

Good and evil.

They had told me it didn't exist;

They said that there was no good or evil;

They said that there was no right or wrong;

They said that there was only power

and those too weak to seek it.

I didn't want to be one of those people.

So I did it.

I joined him.

Whether I like it or not

I did it then

so I have to pay for it now.