And so Iori-sempai throws her 2/5 of a cent into the Balthier/Vaan pile! I'm sure I'll actually write something a bit longer... Later. cough.

He should have known better, Vaan thought in retrospect, than to trust a pirate. And a pirate as peculiar as Balthier at that. He couldn't help it though, he'd been so excited at the prospect of seeing the airship of a real live sky pirate. But now, he had Balthier calmly leering at him, looking entirely too pleased with himself.

He knew there had to have been some kind of subtext underlying that offer, an odd light in Balthier's eyes, a dark purr of promise in his voice... and why would he offer anyway? Damnit, he'd ignored all the possible danger signs and plunged in hastily, yet again! Penelo always did get onto him for it. Vaan decided it was high time to break the silence.

"What?" he asked, exasperatedly. Not exactly the smoothest of openers, but hey, it was a start.

Balthier just raised his eyebrows and shoulders, "Whatever could you mean?" Acting perfectly innocent, Vaan noticed. He fought down the urge to twitch.

"You've been staring at me the entire time!" Vaan tried his best to remain unflustered as he said this sentence. He leaned back in his seat, "Doesn't it take some sort of concentration to drive an airship?" It was nothing short of a grumble.

"Oh, that," Like he hadn't known. Bastard. "Nevertheless, there's no need to worry," Balthier inclined his head to the dash, "It's operating on autopilot," he explained, not even taking his eyes from Vaan. "I thought you'd enjoy the view from here more than anywhere else on the ship."

Vaan was almost touched, but he knew better than to show it (he had reason to be suspicious after all!). "Then, why are you here?"

Vaan regretted the question the second he saw a smirk cross Balthier's lips.

"Oh, you know. Enjoying the view."