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Hate Love

There are three things I really hate about her.

1) I hate how she thinks that she isnt worth anyone's trouble.

2)I hate that fake act she puts up infront of everyone.

3) And I sure as hell hate that mean uppercut she has!

I can't believe her! I fought all of Seireti so she wouldnt die! Ok well not just me but a few of our friends. But still doesnt she understand how much she means to all of us! How much she means to me!

Ugh. I feel like throwing up everytime I hear that high pitch voice! Doesnt she know that everyone would like to see the real Rukia and not some girly-girl with a giggling disorder.Well maybe Keigo would. I would do anything just to see you smile and not some fake smile you give everyone at school.

Well I really do hate that mean uppercut that seems to come at me at break neck speed and which I seem to think makes contact with my face way to often!

The thing that I hate most about you is how it breaks my heart to see you in pain.

The End

Authors Note: Hope you liked it!:D Sorry for it being super short!

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