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Sometimes the truth didn't matter. Lies were apart of it all; streaming in from the flow of blood inside. Will knew that. Hannibal knew it too. Because of that knowledge Hannibal continued to irk Will with his truth and the realism of the lie.

"You my Will can never live without the fear." Hannibal said taking a bite out of his dinner."It stays with you always. No matter how long you try to bury it. It rises up and takes hold."

Will took a drink of his water bottle and nodded. He turned his head away and coughed. He had a cold; not from bacteria but from Hannibal Lector himself.

"Sick?" Hannibal asked, eyebrows raising with a curious look.

Will smiled slightly, "Depends on the meaning. Sick from a disease or bacteria; like a cold? No. Sick like I'm bored and want to do something else? No, that happens only in mornings. Sick that I'm tired of playing this stupid game with you; maybe."

Hannibal replied instantly, "Of me? Good because this game needs to end."

Will nodded in acceptance and stood up. He had Hannibal right in front of him, alone and weak. He took out his gun and aimed.

Hannibal smiled. He knew this would happen.

"Dream of me."