Beware... daydreams do not leave you so easily...

The Daydream
A Danny Phantom FanFiction by Cordria


Buried deep in the recesses of its host's mind, a creature older than time opened its eyes. It could feel the palonegro. Slowly, ever so slowly, it stretched out a tendril of thought from its hiding place and tenderly caressed the mind of its host. This mind was completely human, it knew, and malleable. Not like that other one. That hybrid.

Carefully, it touched a spark, redirecting it. Its host suddenly dropped the book that had been in its hands. The creature grinned, pleased. It spread its vague form through its host's brain and closed its eyes.

With the surety of practice that had never taken place, yet it could clearly remember, the creature began to take over the human's mind.

Unable to move, the host screamed in her mind, tumbling into nothingness.

Within an hour the host was completely taken over. The creature lifted its fingers to play with the palonegro once again dangling around its neck. It grinned happily, its mind turning back towards its thoughts of the young hybrid.

If there was one thing a ten-thousand year old possessed, it was patience. The hybrid would not win. This time it would do things on its own. No outside influences.

It just needed a new plan. Nobody beat Criatura for long. Nobody.

Someday soon the hybrid would belong to it. Forever.

The End.

So the ending wasn't as big a surprise as I figured. Most of you caught the 'spark' in the last chapter.

Thanks to everyone who has read this disaster. :) And especially to Writer's-BlockDP, Arabic Blessing, Chaos Dragon, Nebecula, Sasia93, tony64, Ginny of Queenscove, and Fan-Fic-CC27 for reviewing the last chapter!

And a HUMONGOUS thanks to midnightpyro for betaing the whole thing!

I'm too tired to write a big author's note... so... G'night. (yawn)