How Can I Not Love You

By: Mikaro

Summary: A love story that was never meant to be…ToFu

Author's notes: Hi guys! Well…this is my very first fic. Of course the pairing will be ToFu. I have to warn you that this story will not be your typical love story where it begins with the start of their relationship and… never mind I might spill the beans... to know what I mean read on and find out. Btw, the title is a song from the movie Anna and the King.

Disclaimer: FOR is not mine, I'm just writing for fun and for the love of the anime!

It was a beautiful spring day in Tokyo. Majority of the people of the busy city of Tokyo took their time of and opted to spend their weekend at the breathtaking, famous cherry blossom park instead of doing work. After all they all needed a break and this was the perfect day to relax. Most of the people in the park were couples, walking hand in hand or walking closely together there was so much love and sweetness in the atmosphere that it seems to make the cherry blossoms bloom more with beauty. Most of the benches were also filled with couples snuggling to keep themselves warm or just simply letting time pass by. The park was a place for couples, old or young. Everyone seemed to have a partner even the animals. Except for one person.

A man seated alone at one bench under a sakura tree on top of an elevated area, which looks like a hill seems to be staring down towards the field of grass. One would actually think that he was an unfortunate man, a loner, a man who was not able to find love but when if his face is looked upon the thought of him not finding someone to love who would him would be impossible. Who could not fall in love with a man who posses such beauty that even the Greek god Apollo would be envious of him. He had well chiseled features, the iciest blue eyes, long shining silver hair and his body was well toned which can be seen well despite his outfit that covered his Godliness well. His face despite void of emotions his eyes showed a glimmer of love as he was staring down towards the field. Who could be the object of his affection? How lucky that person must be to receive the love of a man who seem was not the type who would love.

In the field where the attention of the handsome man was, was directed to a young boy playing with a young girl. The boy had silver hair and icy blue eyes. The handsome man could not help but smile on how much his son resembled him. Knowing that his son was doing fine, having fun and playing with a companion he took out his book and started to read. Every now and then he would check up on his son and then proceed back to reading. Then at one time he looked again to check but his son was no longer there. He feared that something might have happened to him. But being the wise man he was he did not let his emotions take over him. He slowly looked around thinking that his son must have just strayed a little further. When he looked at his right he sighed with relief when he saw his son waving at him with such urgency and he saw that his son was carrying something or rather someone behind his back. Then he felt worried once again.

"Otousan! Otousan!" the boy cried out to his father. The handsome man calmly stood up to meet up his son.

"Aki…where have you been and what happened?" he asked as he kneeled to his son's level.

"Otousan, my friend is hurt. She tripped while we were playing. I was trying to call you but you seem too engrossed reading your book that you did not hear me. Then I tried to look for her mother but I cannot find her so I decided to bring her here instead. She is really in pain papa." Aki reasoned out to his father as he gestured to the girl on his back. His father averted his attention to the girl his son was carrying on his back. Her head was on Aki's shoulder that he could not see her eyes but he knew she was crying because of her sobs. He went closer to the girl and took her in his arms and carried her to the bench and made her sit.

"Tell me, where does it hurt?" He asked the girl softly.

"M…my…knee hurts…" the girl said in between sobs not looking at him.

"Daijobu, we will treat your wound to make it feel better. Now don't cry okay?"

"Yes. Don't cry Airiko my dad's a good doctor. He can easily make your pain go away." Aki said as he patted her shoulder.

Aki's father took his bag and took out an alcohol, cotton and band-aid. He poured alcohol on the cotton and said to Airiko, "This will sting a little bit." Airiko nodded. When Aki's father dabbed the cotton on the wound of Airiko, Airiko squirmed in pain but she did not scream. She was trying to take all the pain. Aki took Airiko's hand as a sign of support. Airiko squeezed his hand and yelped a little with Airiko's deathly grip. After that Aki's father blew on her wound and patched it up with band-aid. After treating the wound he gave Airiko a pat on the head and said, "It's done. It wasn't that bad was it? You are a strong girl." Aki's father comforted Airiko. Airiko nodded and looked at Aki's dad and said "Thank…you…sir…" Airiko shyly thanked her healer. Aki's dad smiled. And looked at her and was about to say something but stopped when he saw Airiko's eyes. Those eyes…they look familiar…it looks so much like… His train of thoughts were disrupted when Airiko and Aki asked him at the same time if there was something wrong. He smiled and said, "Nothing's wrong. And Airiko, you can call me Tokiya…uncle Tokiya."

"Uncle Tokiya?" asked Airiko in confusement. After all she knew that you only call older people uncle and auntie if they were her parent's friend or part of the family. Tokiya just chuckled at the reaction of the child. She's smart he thought

"Yes, Uncle Tokiya because you are a friend of my son and any friend of my son is a part of our family." Airiko just nodded as a sign of understanding.

"Tell me Airiko, who are your parents?" Asked Tokiya.

"My parents are…"

"Airiko! Where are you?!" A woman called out.

"Mother I am here!" cried out Airiko while waving to her mother who was half way up the hill. Her mother saw her and ran towards her. Airiko jumped down from the bench and also ran to her mother leaving Tokiya and Aki at the bench. When they met they embraced as if they were separated for such a long time.

"Oh thank God you're alright. I have been looking all over for you. I was so worried. Don't you ever do that again." Airiko's mother said breathlessly over her head.

"Okaasan…" Airiko croaked.

"Yes?" responded her mother still hugging her tightly.

"I…can't…breathe…" Airiko said breathing heavily.

"Oh, I am so sorry." Her mother said as she pulled away. Then her mother looked at her in the eye as she asked her "Where have you been? Were you hiding from me again? Didn't I tell you that…"

"Mom, I tripped while playing with my friend Aki. We tried to look for you but we can't find you anywhere so Aki brought me to his father a doctor who made the pain go away." Airiko told her mother like a grown up woman.

"Oh, my baby. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you…" Airiko's mother took her into her arms and hugged her.

"Okaasan, I'm okay. I'm a strong girl." Airiko's mother shook her head in disbelief and smiled at the same time knowing that her daughter was becoming so much like her.

"Of course you are strong, you are just like me." Airiko just smiled at her mother.

"Airiko, who is this friend of yours? And who is his father?"

"Knowing their name is not enough. You should meet them and thank them mommy." With this Airiko took her mother's hand and dragged her up the hill to where her friend Aki and uncle Tokiya was. When they were almost near the top of the hill they saw that Aki and his father were packing up to leave.

"Aki! Matte!" Airiko called out.

Aki turned around to face his newfound friend. He smiled and walked towards her.

"I see that you have recovered fast Airi-chan."

"I told you I am strong." Airiko boasted Aki remained silent.

"Oh, Aki, this is my mother" Airiko gestured to her mother who was panting after being dragged all way up the hill.

"Mother, this is Aki my friend."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Hirigizawa." Aki bowed in courtesy

"It is a pleasure to meet you too, Aki." Replied Airiko's mother who already caught up with her breath.

"Come mom, you have to meet Aki's dad." Airiko was about to pull her mother again when her mother told her, "I can walk there my dear daughter, no need to drag me." Airiko just shrugged and went ahead with Aki. They finally reached Tokiya. Tokiya was fixing Aki's bag his back turned back form them. Airiko and Aki went to Tokiya's side while Airiko's mother stood a distance away.

"Uncle, I want you to meet my mother…"

"Father, Airiko's mother is here…" Aki and Airiko said in unison as they tugged on the older man's trousers.

From point of view of Airiko's mother she saw that Aki's father nodded his head as his attention was called to inform of her presence. Airiko's mother felt that something was familiar about the profile of the man in front of her. She could be mistaken, or is he... when Aki's father turned she put a smile on her face, but then when she saw Aki's fathers' face her smile changed into an 'O' shape. She was right. It was him.

When they came face to face they both said in unison…



The two children were surprised. "You know each other?"

The only answer they got was a "Yes" from their parents because they were in such state of shock.


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First my mind is quite mixed up so I think the consistency is not…there… hehe

Here are the ages of the aforementioned characters in this chap…

Tokiya- 32

Fuuko- 31

Aki (full name Akiyo) - 7

Airiko- 6

I know Aki and Airiko are quite young to speak in such mature way...but hey kids today are definitely becoming smart know? Am I right? hehe...peace kids!

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