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It was a picture-perfect day and Rachel was walking home from her high school. She arrived at her dad, Richard Moore's detective agency and walked in the door. Richard was sitting at his desk, and Conan was sitting on the couch, taking a nap.

"Hey, dad," Rachel called out cheerfully.

"Hey, Rach, how was school?" Richard said to her. Conan had woke up from his nap in the meantime.

"It was great," Rachel answered.

"Oh, by the way, Rachel," Richard said, grabbing something from his desk.

"That new friend of yours stopped by earlier, wondering if you were here."


I had just walked across the street to Detective Moore's agency holding a letter in my hand. I knocked on the door.

"It's open," I heard Richard's voice say.

I opened the door and stepped inside. Conan and Richard were inside, but Rachel wasn't.

"Um, isn't Rachel around?" I asked.

"Hey, aren't you that new friend Rachel told me about?" Richard asked me.

"Yeah, that's right," I said.

"I just came by because I wanted to give her something, that is, if she's here."

"She does live here, but she's at her high school right now," Richard said to me.

"Shouldn't you be there, too?"

"Heh, I thought someone might ask me that," I said.

"I'm already done with high school; I'm actually a recent graduate last May."

"Oh, congrats," Richard said, even if it seemed pretty late to say that.

"Thanks, so since Rachel isn't here, could you give this to her?" I said, handing Richard the letter.

"Sure, I'll give it to her when she comes home," Richard assured me.

"Thanks a lot," I said, and left for my apartment.

(end flashback.)

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"You mean Mathew?" I asked.

"That's his name."

"Yeah, him," Dad answered.

"Since you weren't around, he asked me to give you this."

Dad handed me what Mathew wanted to give me. It was a letter neatly folded in at least 4 times, with a sunflower placed in between one of the folded areas. The front side had said, "To: Rachel from: Mathew." on it.

"Thanks, dad," I cheerfully said.

I gave him a kiss and went upstairs to read the letter Mathew had written me. Conan noticed the letter in my hand and followed me.

"Rachel, can I see the letter when you're done?" Conan asked me.

"Sure, Conan," I answered.

I sat down on my bed, and Conan sat beside me. Before I started to unfold the letter, I gave Conan a kiss on his head. Then, I finally unfolded the letter. It read:

Dear Rachel,

It's Mathew who's writing to you. I was wondering if you'd like to do lunch with me sometime this week if you're free? I do know you're taken with Kudo, but I was just wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me someday. I hope you'll accept. If you do, I'll tell you why I wanted to do lunch with you in the first place. If you don't, sure I'll feel bummed, but hey, at least I tried. I hope you like the flower, too. I picked it for you just in case you accepted going to lunch with me. If you don't, just keep it anyway. I'm not trying to steal you from him, I just want to have lunch with you because to me, you always look really pretty, and we're good friends now... Right? Well, anyway, I just hope you'll accept having lunch with me. I hope you'll either write me back, or pay me a visit or both. Take care now.

Your good friend,


I finished reading the letter and I was pleasantly surprised. Mathew wanted to do lunch with me! How could I say "no"? I handed Conan the letter for him to see. I got out a pen, a sheet of paper of my own and wrote back to him. I wrote to him:

Dear Mathew,

It's Rachel who's writing back to you. My dad gave me your letter. Thanks! Sure, I'd love to have lunch with you this week! How about tomorrow after I'm done with school at a nearby diner one block from my high school (Teitan High)? I finish at 2:00 p.m. Is that okay with you? Well, you're right, I am taken with Jimmy, but how could I say no to someone who's now good friends with me? I'm anxious to know why. Guess I'll find out when we get together. I understand why you decided to ask me to lunch because you're not trying to steal me from Jimmy, but I guess the real reason why will remain a mystery. Thank you for the pretty flower. I liked it a lot, and thanks for thinking that I'm pretty. You're sweet, kind of like me. Well, that's all I really have to say. Take care and thanks again for the letter. I'll be looking forward to having lunch with you.



When I finished writing back to Mathew, I folded it 5 times, and wrote To: Mathew from: Rachel on the front. Then, I grabbed a change of clothes and decided to change in the bathroom. I noticed Conan had just finished reading the letter Mathew wrote to me.

"What do you think, Conan?" I asked.

"Mathew wants to do lunch with me."

"That's wonderful, Rachel," Conan said.

"Are you paying him a visit?"

"Mm-hmm," I replied.

"Right after I change clothes."

I had my change of clothes draped over my left shoulder. I stepped into the bathroom and locked the door so neither Conan or Dad would open the door by accident and see me half-naked or anything else worse. I removed my change of clothes from my shoulder and set them down on the floor. I smiled to myself as I started to undress. I came out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later wearing my red short-sleeved shirt and blue shorts. I was about to leave my room, when I realized I had forgotten the flower Mathew gave me.

"Maybe I should wear the flower in my ear just to make him happy," I decided.

"That's a great idea, Rachel, I was just going to suggest that to you," Conan said to me.

Conan went with me downstairs to pay a visit to Mathew's apartment.

(End of chapter and Rachel's P.O.V.)

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