Okay, so. Right. Ahem. This is me, trying to make a rape fic. That said, I warn those who would tread through here that bad, bad stuff is about to go down. And as a side note, the title will probably make little to no sense until the end of the sory, which is in the next post, as I write far too much and don't know how to properly put a fic to rest. /warning

Title: Wait
Chapter: 1/2
Rating: R- violence, rape, bad words

Disclaimer: I got dibs on the big bad. All others are owned by CLAMP.



The skinny teen glanced up from tying his shoes, hands still working at making a tiny bow with the laces. Yuuko was in her relaxed, end-of-the-day pose, shoulders casually resting against the hallway wall as a pipe was held delicately at her lips with one hand.


Maroon eyes closed lazily as the woman drew in a smoke-filled breath, wispy trails sneaking from her lips to form small, gossamer clouds around her head when she spoke.

"Stay over tonight." Her eyes were still closed.

"Eh?" Watanuki straightened, laces done. "Why?" A suspicious thought came to him. "If this is for pancakes again..."

"Well that would be nice..." A tiny smiled tugged playfully at the older woman's lips.

The school boy made a disgusted noise and waved his hand in dismissal. "Forget it. I have a paper due tomorrow that I left at home. I can't stay tonight, so you'll have to make your own breakfast."

With that last statement, Watanuki stood and turned to the door, ready to leave.


Something about Yuuko's voice made him turn once more with a slightly apprehensive feeling.


The shop owner finally opened her eyes and turned a serious gaze to her employee.

"You're sure you won't stay?"

Watanuki began to get the impression that there was something more than pancakes at stake with the question, but... his paper was due and the teacher didn't accept late assignments. He had an A and he really wanted to keep it, especially since it was so close to the end of the year.

He did hesitate for a moment though, because Yuuko had an uncanny ability to know things. Weird things. Often painful things. If she asked him to stay, twice, she must really have wanted him to stay.

Maybe he could sleep over and just get up early? He mentally shook his head. If he were to wake up late, he would be screwed.

"I... can't stay tonight Yuuko-san." He couldn't quite meet her eyes as he told her that. But why should he feel guilty for wanting to go home?

"I see. Then, please be careful."

It had to be bad. She was telling him to be careful. That was definitely not a good sign. Part of him really wanted to stay then, but the bigger part, that responsible part that always told him to finish his homework before watching t.v., to wash the dishes after he used them and to make sure his uniform was clean , neat, and in accordance to school regulation, wouldn't let him blow off any school work.

Yeah, that part was probably going to get him killed one day.

It was kind of a depressing thought.

"I will. Well, good night then."

"Good night, Watanuki."

If Watanuki had looked back one more time, he would have seen several sets of very worried eyes exchanging glances. If he had been closer, he would have heard Yuuko quietly asking her girls for the phone.

And if he had, it might have changed his mind and made him go back into the shop. Or possibly, it would have just made the small lumpy stone at the bottom of his stomach all the heavier.

It was only the beginning of March, but lately the days had been increasingly hot. He had been looking forward to the switch to the summer uniforms, but at the moment he was thankful for the long black sleeves he wore, as the nights were still as chilly as the previous months.

Watanuki clutched the handle of his school bag tighter, the other hand burrowed deep in one pocket with arms clamped tightly to his sides in an attempt to keep in some of the rapidly diminishing body heat. He quickened his pace, with the hopes that the increase in movement might warm him up a little more.

His mind was somewhat occupied with incoherent hate babble of cold weather in general, so it took him several moments before he registered the footsteps behind him.

Very close behind him.

He knew the drill. Without even a backward glance, Watanuki broke into a full on sprint, his mind now focused solely on the push of his feet against the pavement.

Any on lookers would have been amazed by the sheer speed of his run, but there was no one around, so the only one left to appreciate his track skills was his pursuer. Watanuki highly doubted that the presence behind him was especially awed by his abilities.

The fact that whatever was behind him seemed to be gaining ground only proved to him further that it was not suitably impressed with his running.

Buildings whipped by, street lamps passed in a blur. There was, Watanuki knew, a small energy source inside of his body that was reserved solely for these purposes. A short supply that was only used for life saving situations such as this. It didn't matter how many times he tried to make use of it during gym, in hopes of defeating a certain smug bastard; he could only break into this particular stockpile when he was in serious danger.

That might of been for the best, however, because there was a slight flaw with this particular avenue.

Watanuki put on that extra burst of speed that even Doumeki wouldn't have been able to keep up with and flew down the sidewalk. The footsteps behind him were starting to fall back and it lifted Watanuki's heart to think he might actually escape being molested by spirits that night.

A stirring of air in the wrong direction and a light whooshing above him were the only warnings he received before a large object was suddenly blocking the path several yards in front of him.

And so the slight flaw of running at breakneck speed reared its clumsy head.

The complete lack of ability to stop upon his own will.

The thing in front of him seemed more than willing to help him out and opened arms wide to welcome him. He might have been slightly more grateful if whatever was in front of him wasn't wearing the single most malicious looking smile he had ever seen.

Instead of trying to stop himself, Watanuki made a desperate veer to the right, hoping to have enough speed to simply race past the being. He was close to his home. If he could make it past, he might be able to outdistance the creature again long enough to find safety behind his wards.
The creature side-stepped to the right and impossibly large, midnight black wings spread open behind the thing, effectively blocking his escape route.

"Nowhere to go, little snack." The words came out as a guttural snarl in a voice like rocks scraping over the sidewalk, but Watanuki understood it nonetheless.

Who the hell was it calling 'little snack?'.

The fear momentarily drifted to the back of his mind long enough for him to get pissed off. He didn't plan on being anyone's snack tonight. Or any night for that matter.

His circumventive ploy a failure, Watanuki did the only other thing he could think of and grabbed ahold of a light post, jerking himself to a stop
and nearly yanking one of his arms out its socket in the process.

He stood, panting, arms wrapped around the post as if its slender length might offer him some protection against the creature in front of him.

"Do you think yourself clever, little snack? What will you do now?"

Both the voice and the nickname were beginning to grate on his nerves, but he couldn't really do anything about the former short of taping the thing's mouth shut, (like he was going to get close enough to try something that stupid) and he knew better than to give out his name to those that were from the spirit world. Yuuko had taught him the value of a name at the very least.

He couldn't think of anything that he could do really, but even if he could, he doubted he would have answered the thing's question anyway. For once, he wisely chose to keep his mouth shut.

"Have I stolen your voice, little snack? Have I so filled you with fear that you cannot even speak?" As it spoke, Watanuki could see row upon row of needle-like, glistening fangs and a black tongue. The teeth reminded him of a picture he had seen once of a moray eel.

The image did not comfort him.

Neither did the confident sneer that twisted onto the black lips of his attacker. Watanuki gulped and hoped that this wasn't one of those spirits that fed off of fear, because if it was, 'snack' wouldn't really cover what it was probably going to get in a minute.

For the moment, the creature seemed content to torment him from where it was, probably taking its time to get Watanuki to sweat and panic.

Mission accomplished.

Plans for escape flitted madly around his head, but he couldn't get any one of them to sit still long enough to find out if it was plausible.

'Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down.'

To his amazement, his mind obeyed the wish for serenity and slowed its frantic babbling. Now he could think. First: what was it he was facing? If he could figure out what he was dealing with he might know some way to get away from it. Yuuko had taught him several tricks for avoiding certain spirits, small things that might not necessarily repel them completely, but would at least stall them long enough to make a hasty exit.

The thing looming before him looked like nothing he had ever come across previously. Black as a moonless night sky minus the beauty of the stars, with skin so shiny it looked like patent leather where the light bounced off of it. A wing span that was easily twenty feet wide, which a tiny part Watanuki's mind mused that it would have to be so wide to pick up a body as tall and muscled as that.

The creature carried a human form. A very male human form, the bespectacled teen noted with embarrassment, finally realizing it had no clothes whatsoever on its body. Its face, well, Watanuki couldn't see it too clearly due to the distance and the shadows that were cast over it by shaggy black hair, but from what he glimpsed it was almost human in appearance too, though he couldn't help but think 'cat' as he looked into the jade green eyes glowing from beneath the tangled mane. They had the same tilt and he was pretty sure he had seen slitted pupils a minute ago.

"Have you decided what to do, little snack?" The tone was mocking. The smile, nightmarish.

Watanuki licked chapped lips and tried not to think about what would happen to him if those teeth managed to get near his skin.

His mind was beginning to go back into panic mode again, so he did the first thing he thought of and reached into his pocket, hoping that this particular trick would work on the spirit.

Watanuki whipped his hand from his pocket and prepared to run for it at the first sign of movement from the creature. The tinkling sound of a hundred or more tiny seeds hitting the pavement rung absurdly loud in the stillness of the night air. A second later a cruel laugh echoed after it.

"Is that it? You hoped to escape with poppy seeds?" The laughter cut off like a stop button had been pressed somewhere. The black spirit stepped deliberately forward, crushing the seeds beneath one clawed foot. No trace of humor was in its face when it next spoke.

"That little pick up trick won't work on me. Did you think me so powerless? Little snack?" The horrid nick-name came out in a vicious snarl. Another step closer.

Honestly, he hadn't thought it would work. Yuuko had told him that usually only new spirits or those with limited power would be distracted enough to stop and be forced to pick up the seeds, but it had been worth the try. Or so he had thought. The look on the creature's face was less than amused, and Watanuki began to wonder if he had just signed his own death certificate.

"I think, it is time to end the game."

Before Watanuki had time to take another breath, a flash of black muscle and wing was leaping toward him. Instinctively, he ducked to the side, left this time, landing painfully on his knees and palms, skin scraping against the rough cement. Oblivious to the cuts and scrapes, he was on his feet in less than half a second and getting as far away from the spirit as he could.

His feet hadn't taken him very far when the black thing was once more in front of him, blocking the path. Watanuki made a sharp left turn, skidded down a side street and then, inspiration striking, down a narrow back alley, where wings would be useless.

He heard a curse several feet behind him and knew the thing had gotten to the narrow turn, not pleased at all by the close walls.

It would take longer, but Watanuki still knew how to get to his apartment from where he was. Several blocks down and two more to the right. All the streets too narrow for flying.

Tentative hope blossomed in his chest.



Watanuki swerved around the small figure that for whatever horribly timed reason, had decided to stop right in front of him. He tripped over a loose rock and stumbled for a second before regaining his footing.

It had only lost him a total of maybe two seconds.

It was enough.

He heard something crack as several hundred pounds of demon spirit slammed
into him, dropping him to the ground with enough of an impact to knock the wind from him and black his vision for several seconds. When his vision unclouded, he was being flipped none to gently onto his back. For a second, he thought the thing was holding a knife, until he realized the slices to his clothes was coming from the claws on its hand.

Even the thick material of his winter uniform held little resistance against the razor-like edges of the spirit's talons. His skin, even less.

The front of his uniform hung from his shoulders in tattered strips, the front gaping wide, revealing long scratches from the top of his chest down to the waistband of his pants. The wounds stung fiercely, but he knew they weren't deep.

The thing was toying with him, after all.

If he could have caught his breath long enough to scream, he would have. But as it was, mindless fear kept him from anything other than shallow gasps and the occasional hiccup. Each breath causing stabs of sheer agony to shoot from the left side of his back

The spirit kneeled over him, wings folded once more behind its back. It's expression was positively gleeful.

Watanuki suddenly felt like throwing up. He could feel the burn at the back of his throat and his mouth began to water in the tell-tale sign of the coming disaster.

Something must have shown on his face, because the creature suddenly glared at him and dug clawed hands mercilessly into his upper arms, nails peircing into the soft muscle.

"Don't even think about it."

Watanuki closed his eyes and willed the bile down, gulping in deep breaths of cold air to try and cool the burn in his throat. He got the feeling it would have been very, very bad if he got sick right then. Through sheer willpower and possibly a small miracle, the nausea receded.

The pain did not.

Maybe the death would be quick though.

"I prefer women, you know." Watanuki was surprised enough to open his eyes. Up close he could see the spirit's eyes were slitted and also a darker green than he originally thought, or maybe it was the shadows again. He really couldn't make himself care either way. It was doubtful he would be filling out a statement for the police later.

The creature leered down at him in a way that made Watanuki's stomach clench tightly and try to escape though his feet.

"But you..." One hand released the hold on his arm and trailed fingers like tiny daggers down his chest. It would have been a loving gesture if not for the trails of blood that welled up their wake. "You'll do just as nicely, I think."

A choked sob escaped from the teen, before he clamped his eyes shut once more.

Pain tore through his abdomen, ripping his eyes open. This time he did scream, twisting his body in an instinctual need to get away. His legs were pinned together, however, and the only thing he accomplished was causing more blood to flow from the new furrows across his belly.
Bespectacled eyes stared in absolute terror at the being above them, watching as dark droplets were licked clean from curved, black talons.

"Keep them open, little snack. I enjoy seeing terror in such pretty eyes."

Midnight lips curved into a disturbing parody of a smile.

"Do you know," the spirit started conversationally, as it reached down to Watanuki's temple. He flinched, but felt nothing more than the brush of smooth skin. "You were given to me?"

The hand retreated, to be held up for inspection in front of the creature's eyes. It took him almost a minute to think through the stinging and throbbing of his various cuts and bruises to make sense of the words.

"What..." He was surprised he even managed to croak that much out, but the thing above him seemed to understand what he meant. Or at least it smiled a bit wider, which he took for some sort of confirmation.

An almost absurdly long black tongue snaked out to lick the finger that had just touched his face.

"Tears born from fear... are the best." It sighed contentedly. "I'm in a better mood now."

Somehow Watanuki didn't think the sense of well being was going to extend to his immediate release.

"I'll be willing to make you a deal."

The injured boy squashed down the hope that dared to rise again inside him and just listened.

"Honestly, I don't usually make more than one deal so close together, but your tears have moved me."

Was he supposed to be grateful for that?

"You should be grateful, little snack."

Oh. Guess so.

Once more, Watanuki tried to speak and managed only the one word. "What..."

"The same deal I offered the person before you. I'll spare your life and your body, if you can give me the name of a person who would tempt me more than you."

This time, the pins-and-needles smile was downright malicious.

A cold shiver ran straight down Watanuki's spine. The spirit already knew his name and from what he said, someone, a person he knew, had handed him over to the creature.

"I have to say though, whoever you give to me would have to be quite exceptional. You are a rare treat indeed." The other hand still wrapped around his arm squeezed until he thought the bone might crack. Watanuki cried out in a hoarse scream until his voice broke and all that was left was a gasping sort of moan. Blackness crept around the edges of his eyesight once more.

The hand released him and he felt a sudden yank at his legs. He regained enough presence of mind to ascertain that his pants were now being sliced, much like his shirt had been and the material now lay in two halves. One below him and one on top, as the creature had cut two long slices from waist to cuff along his sides and another two from his inseam to the cuffs.

The fact that the spirit had been using its claws so close to his most sensitive areas probably should have freaked him out a little more, but the blood loss had started to catch up with him and he could only feel a sort of fuzzy disjointed horror at the new information his brain was giving him.

"I'll give you one minute, then do you know what I'll be doing to you?" The thing was positively drooling as it swept phosphorescent eyes in a lazy line down his body.

He did.

Suddenly the horror wasn't so fuzzy anymore.

"N-no..." Watanuki practically choked on the word, dread worming its numbing way into his body, causing his throat to close up and cut of any further protests.

"A name then. A good one."

For a desperate moment Watanuki considered it. With his heart hammering against his ribs, begging to get out and several dozen singularly aching injuries clambering their hurts across his body, he considered giving him someone else. He knew interesting people. People he considered far more interesting than himself. Why, Himawari was the most interesting person in the world and Doumeki, loath as he was to admit it, had for more to offer than him. And surely Yuuko would be able to handle a monster like this...

Surely she would forgive him. Would understand.

Watanuki closed his eyes and opened his mouth. His throat no longer stuck and his heart slowed enough for him to be able to hear something other than its own wild thundering.


He opened his eyes again. A clear blue gaze the color of twilight skies stared defiantly at the creature above.

The pointed grin grew impossible wide, a strand of drool leaking out from between deformed teeth to land on his chest with a small sizzle when it came in contact with one the lacerations there.

Watanuki blinked and gritted his teeth, but refused to look away. He was afraid, terribly afraid that if he did, his mind would follow the same path it had a moment ago. And he refused to let himself even think of putting one of his friends in the same position he was now facing.

"I was hoping you would say that. Would you like to know the name of your betrayer, before we have our fun?"

He didn't. But the spirit didn't even wait for him to open his mouth before telling him. A coil of tension he hadn't even realized he had, loosened when he heard who it was. A boy he barely knew from his home room. A stranger, really.

It occurred to him then, that he had thought for a moment it would have been one of his friends. Watanuki felt somewhat disgusted at himself for all the traitorous thoughts circulating in his head the last few minutes. It made him almost as sick to his stomach as the thing above him did.

The creature leaned over his head, hands braced to either side of his face, and brought its mouth down to his ear. "Does it hurt, little snack? To know this person was willing to throw your life away for their own?"

Watanuki shuddered at the impossibly hot breath against the side of his face. It smelled of old blood and, oddly, wet earth.

The demon spirit leaned back as he contemplated what it had asked.

Truthfully, Watanuki couldn't bring himself to hate the boy who had turned him over the thing. The skinny teen, himself, was used to dealing with supernatural entities and was scared witless at the moment. He couldn't imagine being an ordinary person and suddenly being faced with a situation like this.

No, he couldn't blame the boy much. But he could still be ticked off about it. As if he didn't have enough problems without other people throwing there own at him.

Whatever response the creature had been looking for, it obviously wasn't the one he got. Green cat eyes narrowed dangerously and dark lips curled back with a deep growl.

Watanuki's eyes widened and he felt his bravado slipping away in to the background. He was suddenly very aware that he could probably measure his life in minutes now. Adrenaline surged through him in a tingling rush. Without warning, he raised both knees as quickly as he could, taking advantage of the small wiggle room the thing had given him when it leaned forward earlier.

The spirit was caught off guard enough for him to raise his legs and slam them into the muscled chest as hard as he could. It barely moved the thing, but it was enough for Watanuki to slip from underneath it and scramble to his feet.

He should have known. It was an impossible long-shot to begin with. But he refused to go out without a fight.

Somewhere along the way, his glasses had been lost. He stumbled into several trash cans and half tripped over some kind of box before the spirit attacked him again.

This time he was slammed face first into one of the walls, his face barely turning aside in time to take the force with his cheek instead of his nose. He swore he could feel every line and bump on the brick beneath the chafed skin.

"So you like it rough do you? Well I'm more than happy to oblige."

Watanuki had less than a blink to register the meaning behind the threatening words before what was left of his clothing was ripped from his body, leaving him shivering momentarily in the cold night air.

Right before a blaze of fire tore through him and tried to rip him open.

He had a voice after all. And with every merciless push against his body his screams echoed down the alley and up into the sky. Those horrible teeth were locked firmly onto the top of his shoulder, causing flesh to sear as warm trails spilled down the front and back of his chest. Clawed fingered dug into the yielding flesh of his hips, adding more to the streams. But all that only registered as a dim reminder in his head. All of his senses were more firmly fixated on the searing agony between his legs as the creature pushed inside him ruthlessly. Every pound of the things hips against his own sent his body crashing into the wall with its force. Watanuki's hands scrambled uselessly at the wall in front of him, hopelessly in search of a way to distance himself from the spirit.

Eventually even the screams died away into simple whimpers and sobs. His legs trembled and Watanuki wished for nothing more than an end to the humiliating violation he was receiving. Blood flowed freely from between his legs now and he knew even if the thing were to release him at that instant, there was no way he could run.

An eternity passed in what could have been minutes or an hour. Still the demon spirit tore at his flesh and hammered himself into the abused boy.

Finally, when Watanuki was sure he would just ask for the thing to kill him already, the creature removed it mouth from his shoulder and leaned forward to lick his ear. Watanuki couldn't even find the strength to be revolted.

The claws gripped tighter, wrenching another gasp from him. It seemed like the creature was holding back nothing now as it thrust savagely in an out of Watanuki's body. Blue eyes opened wide and stared unseeingly at the wall before them, tears slipping silently down torn cheeks. His mouth hung open, but no sounds but a low wheezing came out.

"When I come, I will kill you."

The injured teen could only feel relief at the words. It would finally be over.

"I will tell you my name, little snack, so that you may take it to your grave and know who sent you there. And I, I will rip you open and drink of your life as I watch the light dim from you eyes."

"My name, little snack." It's hips jerks erratically against him now, telling the skinny by just how repulsively close the creature was to releasing inside of him. "Would you like to know?"

He really didn't give a fuck anymore, honestly. Would have told the thing that too, if he could have spoken.

"Tsurai Ankoku." Painful Darkness. How terribly poetic.

The gravelly voice had an obscenely intimate quality to it and Watanuki wondered if maybe he would be sick after all. With the last bit of strength he could gather he turned his face away from the monster's mouth and braced himself against the increasingly violent hammering against his backside.

The world finally began to slip away into blessed darkness and silence as the thing arched into him and reared back his head to strike the final blow.

Watanuki was about to close his eyes when a blurry image appeared around the corner of the alley and struck a pose that felt vaguely familiar to Watanuki. He gave up trying to figure it out however, and closed his eyes after all, preparing for one last agony.

A second later there was an intense heat at his back accompanied by a thunderous bellow that quickly faded, leaving him with an empty space at his back.

With no weight holding him up, the weakened teen slid heavily to the cold ground, not even bothering to catch himself. The welcome blackness that had been only moments away retreated in light of this new confusion.

Watanuki was left staring blankly at a pile of newspapers in front of his face, wondering if he was dead, and why it still hurt so much if he was.
Footsteps beat rapidly against the ground, coming closer to him.

He couldn't even be bothered to feel afraid, only closing his eyes against whatever new torture awaited him.

The footsteps stopped near his head and a thump sounded a second later accompanied by shallow pants. A light brush of fingers against possibly the only uninjured part of his chest roused him enough to look at the new visitor in front of him.

He should have been surprised, but then again, maybe not. Wasn't this always happening after all? He would get in trouble, only to be saved by the one person he would never ask to do the saving in the first place.

"Doumeki..." He wasn't sure if he even said it out loud or if it was only the slight moving of lips that it seemed to be. But whatever the case, the archer seemed to know what he was saying.

"Watanuki." Now why should he sound so choked up? Dear god, what was he doing?

"Don't... Doumeki... don't cry... please don't..." If Doumeki cried, the smaller boy wasn't sure he could keep himself sane. What must he look like to put that haunted expression in the other boy's eyes? A mess surely.

"I'm so sorry, Watanuki. I'm so sorry." The hand on his shoulder moved as if to touch his face, but stopped only to hover uncertainly above the skin. Watanuki could understand the dilemma, the repeated slamming against the wall probably hadn't done wonders for his complexion.

"What..." The wounded boy tried to ask why Doumeki would be sorry, but the mass of injuries was beginning to steal his breath again and he could barely think through the blinding torment that was his body.

Instead of answering, Doumeki stood up and moved his hands to the belt holding together his kimono robe and began to untie it. Once undone, he slipped the robe from his shoulders and started to remove it.

Unreasonable and baseless fear rocked Watanuki. An anguished cry escaped from his throat and he tried, without success, to stand up. "No, no. Not you too.. no, no." The skinny teen moaned over and over, hiccupping and crying in his panic as he continually scrambled on the ground, struggling to get away.

Doumeki stood, motionless, in just his t-shirt and boxers with the robe hanging temporarily forgotten in his hands, gaping in a mixture of horror and sorrow at the boy below him. Dropping to his knees, the archer only clenched his jaw, breath hitching slightly as he carefully draped the robe over the injured boy. He stood and walked over to where his bow lay on the pavement several feet away, then hooking it over his shoulder, he turned back to Watanuki.

As the taller boy approached, Watanuki hid his face in one arm, unable to look his friend in the face after such an embarrassing display. How would he ever be able to apologize for something like that?

Watanuki heard the other boy kneel down next to him and softly call his name. He refused to look up. The archer had seem him cry enough already, dammit.

Doumeki called his name again and sighed when it elicited no response yet again. "Watanuki, this is going to hurt. Please, just... try to bear with it, okay?"

The shorter boy was just trying to guess at what Doumeki was talking about when a pair of arms slipped beneath his back and behind his knees and lifted him into the air.

A small cry managed to get out before he promptly fainted.

AN- So, this was my first try at something of this, er, particular nature. I would truly like to know how it turned out and if I should just refrain from trying something like this again. Contrary to popular belief, I do know how to take a hint. XD

As always, thanks for reading!