1. The big explosion, again (part 1)

It had been a peaceful week at Capsule Corp., at least as peaceful as it could get when you have a crazy-about-training-all-day alien house guest, and when the only daughter of the Brief´s family had just had her latest breakup with her on-off boyfriend, Yamcha.

Her parents had never interfered in her relationship with Yamcha, actually, they have never interfered with anything she did, ever. She had been a spoiled brat in that sense, but this time she had to thank them for leaving her alone, till she could get over the fact that this was really the last breakup. She paced her room full of furious indignation, she couldn´t believe the cheek of the man, he told her that he had met someone new, another girl and that it was for the best.

-"How dare he?"- Bulma was angrier than usual-"For the best? It might be the best for him ….but, What about me?"

But she had to admit that this was not entirely Yamcha´s fault, he had not cheated on her, he had decided to tell her the truth before anything happened with the other girl. And, there was the fact that they had been kind of distant before that, something had happened between them that had little by little destroyed what they once shared. It had been like raindrops, that everyday had eroded their love. Or so she saw it. Yamcha had said more or less the same, and he had told her that those raindrops had a name and a pair of angry eyebrows attached to it.

-"What are you trying to say?"- Bulma had been so shocked

-"Come on, Bulma, do not play naïve with me, I know that you fancy him"- he replied-"everyone can see it, your mom knows, your dad too, I bet he is the only one who hasn't found out, and that is simply because he can only think in one thing: training"

-"First of all, a whole world of no"- said Bulma, who had to turn away so Yamcha couldn´t see that she was blushing-"he is a monster, a crazy alien, obsessed with Goku and his royal pride….and secondly, why do you have to create these lies to justify what you are doing?"

-"Lies? Funny coming from you. I have told you the truth, I meet another girl, I am sorry, but I am sure that you found someone else way before I did. I hope we can remain friends…that is why I decided to tell you this now."- he said.

That was weeks ago. Bulma was so angry she decided to avoid seeing anyone, specially the proud prince. He delighted in have verbal fights with her; annoying her was his idea of a hobby, and she was in no mood to indulge him. He made her mother promise that she would not tell anyone what had happened with Yamcha and that she could have her meals in her room till she was feeling better.

It was late and she was tired of being in such a small space, besides, she was over her grief already and ready to kick someone´s behind in order to feel better. She went to the kitchen to find something tasty to eat and she turned on the light. Someone else was already there. Vegeta was stuffing himself in the Saiyan manner, which could be quite disgusting to watch, but Bulma was more than used to it. He looked up and saw her. He almost choked on a piece of chicken when he saw the blue-haired girl dressed in her pj´s but he forced himself to concentrate on his food, making an effort to ignore the fact that he was happy to see her.

Vegeta was as proud as he could be, he could not accept the idea that had missed her. At first he hadn´t noticed that she wasn´t there. He trained, ate, and demanded more equipment, just like any other day. Then one night, when he was exhausted, resting on the floor of the gravity room, he realized that he hadn´t spoken to anyone in the last two days. He had not fighter her with verbal puns and acid remarks, he had not enjoyed torturing her with his witty comebacks and she had not shouted her anger and frustration at him for weeks. It was a weird feeling, he felt something was missing, and it was her. That stupid woman he despised, or that he thought he despised…..he wasn´t so sure anymore…maybe it was because she was quite attractive, he had already notice that when he met her the first time, but she was busy flirting, shouting, running and being with Kakarot´s gang. He could remember when she was inviting him to stay at her house, calling him "little one", he was still so angry about that, and then, out of the blue, she said that he was a bit attractive too. And that left him speechless…he had never met anyone that could do that without an energy blast. While they waited for the dragonballs to recharge in order to ask for new Namek, he had to endure living in the same quarters with all those green nameks, but what infuriated him more than the litlle walking peas was the presence of that good-for-nothing boyfriend that Bulma had.

Suddenly, Vegeta realized that scar-face had not been around much lately, and a grin appeared in his face. So that was the reason the woman had not been feeling herself these days and why he had been deprived of his favourite hobby.


I hope you like it, English is my 2nd language, so I am sorry for any possible mistake...I hope I will be able to finish the story, )