Majin Vegeta blasts the audience off their seats

-"Hey, Babidi sent us back to the martial arts stadium"- Gohan said

-"There goes our prize money"- Chi Chi was complaining (as usual)-"those two never earn a dime and they are always late."

The others were too focused on the fighters to pay much attention to her musings about money and whatnot.

-"Something is seriously wrong here"- master Roshi noticed it

-"Gentlemen, the tournament has already finished, you can come back next year"- the tournament announcer told them. Vegeta was facing them, no expression at all on his face. Inside the battle continued.

"This is your chance to win Kakarot with an audience, to destroy, to rediscover the pleasure it brings to kill and be the one with all the power. You will conquer this planet and do what you want with the survivors. You will be the King!"- the voice was trying to dull the pain he felt inside with promises. Vegeta was sure he had gone crazy. He had never felt so much power, such an amount of energy flowing through his veins and yet, there was just as much pain as energy in his body. What was the origin of that pain? He had no idea but the voice kept him busy enough to have time to find out. Later, he tought, he will search the cause of it later.

-"We are just here for a little exhibition match"- Vegeta told the announcer, who was delighted at the idea of being able to watch some true martial arts for once.

-"Goku! I didn´t see you back there, I am afraid YOU and YOUR friends have arrived a little too late"- the man walked towards Goku with a bright smile on his face.

That was it, the humiliation of it was just too much. Not only that stupid weakling was not afraid of him, the dark prince, but he had only noticed Kakarot moronic face, and he had the cheek to call him, Vegeta, HIS friend, as if that was all he could be called. No honour, no respect, he was just one more of HIS friends, of that bunch of losers. No way. It was about time these earthlings learned to fear him, because he deserved that.

Vegeta´s smirk turned into an angry scowl. Goku noticed the changed.

-"Look out!"- He warned the man

Vegeta powered up throwing the man into the air, where a fast Gohan caught him.

-"That is better"- Vegeta thought laughing. That would show them who should be the center of all attention.

Babidi had watched this and decided it was time to start giving orders to the prince.

-"Vegeta, time for some fun, this is your new master, Babidi, you should start by killing your friends!"- Babidi ordered him.

Vegeta waited, listening to the voice that was ordering him from the inside of his mind. Babidi was telling to kill his friends, which included Bulma and Trunks and that stupid Goten that was always close to his own brat. He clenched his fists. Why would he do that? That was ridiculous.

-"I won´t. My goal is to fight Kakarot, the others are nothing"- Vegeta lied. One thing he had learned in all those years on Freeza´s ship is that if you care for something, you are fond of a thing or a person that can be taken away or destroyed, the best and only way to save your possession is to pretend that you do not care at all.

-"Vegeta, how could you?"- Goku had always believed that inside the prince, behind all that hostile, arrogant, predatory attitude there was a soul fighting to survive. He had seen that during their first battle, Vegeta loved to fight, after all he was a Saiyan, but he had honour as a fighter, he cared about honour. Then, in Namek, when Freeza had killed him, Goku had gained access to his inner fears and desires and had understood Vegeta better, a strong and proud man but also a lost child that was turned into a monster by the circunstances but could be rescued, there was hope, he just needed some help to make it. And that help had appeared in the form of a blue-haired heir with a genius mind and a kind heart. Bulma has been the only one able to demolish one by one his barriers, destroying the old hate and replacing it with a desire to live and love. Goku had been surprised to see Vegeta in the planet, taking care of his son, watching the match. But this,...this was heartbreaking, all the effort, all the hopes, seemed lost now.

Babidi loved his attitude, his strength and decided to use a bit more of magic on him. To give form to that voice inside his head. Vegeta was not completely under his control but he knew how to increase that control and was ready to do it.

-"What do you think you are doing? Standing there, waiting for your turn. I did not raise you to be weak, to wait, to be condescending and to show mercy to your enemies. You were born a prince and you will never be a king until you learn to conquer, you must rediscover your true nature, my son, before it is too late and we all perish in the sands of time"- The voice whispered to him with an insidious tone that sounded familiar.

-"You are not my father, he is dead, besides, he never raised me, I was raised by Freeza"- Vegeta thought. He knew this was Babidi, still the sound of his father´s voice seemed so real.

Bulma had been so shocked by what had happened that half her body was hanging dangerously down the railing, Chi Chi decided to hold her still y placing a soft hand on her back.

-"It seems like Vegeta attacked the others"- Bulma said, she couldn´t believe it, that was impossible. True enough, Vegeta was always bluffing that he was going to blow up the planet, but that was just his usual nonsense, and now, he only said it when his chicken was cold or if there were not enough egg rolls on his plate.

-"No, he just powered up"- Yamcha lied, he saw that Bulma was distressed and he still cared a lot about her, he knew all along that Vegeta was not a guy to keep around but she seemed so happy with him and Trunks loved him, so he had decided to be a good friend and had not said a thing. Bulma didn´t seem to believe him so he added-"but he has been a bit cocky"

-"Vegeta is different somehow"- master Roshi noticed the amount of hate coming from the saiyan, that was strange, he had not been so powerful and evil of late. There was something seriously wrong down there. He braced himself, the fight could turn nasty, specially for Bulma, Goku was her best friend but Vegeta was her...well, he was her man.

Mr Satan had decided to hide away, thinking that Vegeta was going to attack him.

-"Show them who you are, make them kneel before you, build your empire right now, become a king, fulfill your destiny. Show no mercy, show no weakness!"- the voice ordered him.

Vegeta, deliberatley slowly, turned around to face Kakarot. The prince was far smaller in height than Goku but his attitude was enough to make the others cringe in fear. Vegeta pointed a finger at Goku and said:

-"It is time, Kakarot"- An evil smirk on his face. His muscle bulging like never before. He moved his hand, extending the palm, ready to attack. Goku looked surprised.

-"Vegeta! No!"- Goku shouted, there were thousands of people there, not to mention their families and friends. Vegeta misunderstood his yelling with fear for his own life and laughed, forming a ball of ki and blasting it to destroy Goku, who had to act fast and cross his arms in front of him, trying to block the attack.

-"No! No!"- Goku was aware that he could not control such power and he feared what such a blast could do to the stadium. Vegeta merely watched him struggle and smiled. Finally Goku couldn´t stand it any longer and flew over the blast that detroyed part of the stadium. Gohan and the Supreme Kai shouted seeing the pain and deaths Vegeta had caused. The destruction was evident and devastating. Everyone seemed stunned but Vegeta, who was smiling.

-"Vegeta"- was all that Yamcha was able to say, not one of them looked at Bulma, knowing too well what her face would be like. She was paler than ever, unable to breath. She tried with all her might to make eye contact with Vegeta. There had to be a mistake, if she could look into his eyes maybe she could understand or make him understand...or...she was too broken by what had happened to speak.

-"Well done, my son"- the voice said to Vegeta-"that is more like you"

-"Killing weaklings has no honour"- vegeta argued but deepn down he was not worried, Bulma would find the dragonballs and that would be it. Besides those were mere humans, the planet could do without some. The fight that he was trying to start was by far more important. He had to show who was the strongest, his woman would deal with anything else after the fight.

His woman was kneeling on the floor, her hands gripping the railing, scared that if she was not grasping something she might fall. Her whole body trembling, he eyes on the verge of tears. That was not the same man that had kissed her on the cheek when nobody was looking when they arrived and she was storing the capsule with the ship. That was not the same man that had spend half of the evening training in the GR with his son, teaching him with an incredible patient how to block an attack. That was certainly not the same man that had kissed her with tenderness that same morning after they made love one last time before getting ready for the tournament.

-"Vegeta! How could he?"- she asked herself, dizzy by the grief.

Vegeta stood down there, refusing to look up. He knew she was up there and he was also sure that if he saw her, if he looked into her eyes, his resolve would falter, and right now it was too late to go back. He had to fight and win and then he would talk with her, but not now, she could not be a weakness, not again.

-"This is too awful!, there has to be a mistake"- inside she kept telling her that this was not her Vegeta, but she knew him, she could sense him, that man down there was the same she had been sharing her bed with for years. The killer she thought she had conquered had returned. It was just too much. Bulma fainted in Chi Chi´s arms, while Yamcha saw her and clenched his fists in rage.

Goku landed and faced Vegeta.

-"Shame on you, the Vegeta I know would have never done this"- Goku told him - "There was no honour in that."

Vegeta smirked pleased to see Kakarot angry, he was lost to his victory, his true voice was becoming less and less strong and he could do nothing but follow the flow.

-"I know that look he has got in his eyes all too well"- Android 18 said, knowing that things were not going to be easy.

Bulma had recovered her senses and Yamcha help her to get up from the floor, her mind racing, she got closer to the railing once again.

-"He can be doing this, not now"- She said, not after years of living in this planet, of learning to control his temper...not after all he had done, all the sacrifices and efforts she had loved and he had done for her. That was not possible.

Goten and Trunks were flying, Trunks was scaring Goten, as usual, because it was funny and easy to do. His mind wondering what the fight between his dad and Buu could be like, unaware of the turmoil in his parents life.

-"Calm down, Goten, Gohan and my dad are really strong"- Trunks told his best friend-"and they say that your dad is okay too"

-"He is!!!"- Goten shouted

Meanwhile Mr. Satan had found some courage and had tried to scare Vegeta, making him laugh in a way he hadn´t for a while. Bulma´s blood ran cold, she did recognised that sound, it was the same disgusting laughter she heard when they returned from Namek, a sound that was full of bad memories and that she had hoped she would never listen to again.

-"Well, you two seem to have unresolved business, I say you two fight for an exhausting amount of time and then I will take care of the winner"- Mr. Satan offered

-"Quiet!"- Vegeta was already tired of the clown. Mr. Satan recoiled in terror. Vegeta´s eyes were fixed on Goku-"Shall we commence?"

-"This isn´t the time Vegeta"-Goku replied. He was trying to find a weak spot through which he could recover the old prince and get rid of this new monster. He knew there must be something he could do to stop this madness.

-"You will fight with me Kakarot"- Vegeta´s order sounded almost as an anguished plea. Vegeta searched his new black soul for answers and then he found it. Kakarot loved the weaklings, he would be enraged by their deaths. That could be it.-"Unless you want to pile up more dead bodies on your conscience"

That certainly call his attention back to the question in hand.

-"Vegeta, I know for sure you won´t"- Goku knew this man, so he decided to play with him-"how sad, I never thought you were weak enough to be controlled"

Gohan could not believe it, what was his father doing?

-"Answer me, Vegeta, did you let yourself be a slave?"- Goku knew that the word "slave" could bring the prince back, he had hated so much to be one of Freeza´s slaves, that memory had to work, it had to do the trick, pride and hate for being controlled, that had to be the key.

Vegeta merely smirked and extended one hand, placing the palm in a way, ready to blast his energy again. The prince searched the stadium. He knew he was not able to locate Bulma´s ki because she was a weak woman and no warrior but he knew her. In a moment like this she would be surrounded by her friends, specially by that useless dung heap of ex-boyfriend, that was surely not going to miss such an opportunity to gain point with her. He traced his ki, there...there he was, dear, old Scarface was standing next to that old master of Kakarot. Therefore, Bulma had to be close to them. He calculated the distance and the effect of his blast. If Bulma was there, the harpy had to be there too, and Kakarot and his brat loved her, for some unknown reason. If he blasted that area, leaving them safe but scared, that would trigger Kakarot´s wrath, and Bulma would be okay after a few minutes. He focused, he could not miss an inch or she would be dead and then...Vegeta warned the voice: if she died, if he killed her, then the fight and the rest of the planet could be damned, he would not care anymore, if she died, Buu could eat the planet piece by piece for all that he cared. That would be it.

Goku saw what he was planning to do, he could sense his friends too and knew that the blast could kill them. What was going on in Vegeta´s head? Bulma was there too? Was he ready to kill her? Goku doubted and feared it at the same time, if he could kill her then the old Vegeta was gone and he would be forced to kill this new dark version.

The blast destroyed the wall and Yamcha kneel covering Bulma´s body with his own. Puar shouted and Master Roshi threw his old body to the floor. It had been a close shoot. One inch right and they would have been dead.

Vegeta didn´t even look at them, he could still feel Yamcha, therefore, she was alive. And now he had Goku where he wanted him. The fight was about to begin.


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