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A tug awoke Naruto. Grunting, he turned on his belly, sleep taking him over once again. Later a chill settled over him, he felt cold, grinning lazily he groped around for Sasuke. Feeling nothing he stood up abruptly. Had it all been a dream? No. This was Sasuke's bed. But why wasn't he here? It was so early in the morning. The bed was cold where Sasuke's body should have laid. He had left. Startled Naruto dragged himself out of the bed, heart thundering, and his insides clenched with dread.

First he checked for a note. None.

He checked the kitchen. Empty.

Itachi's room. Empty.

The house was deathly silent, not even a murmur could be heard.

He went back to the abandoned bedroom and dropped himself on the bed, closing his eyes. Was Sasuke regretting what happened? Had it been too fast? Maybe Sasuke couldn't stand to have given himself to him. Maybe he was taking it as a sort of defeat? Maybe… maybe he had just destroyed everything.

Fuck. Why did the bastard have to leave? It felt so horrible, like a slap, like an unspoken reproach that made it so much stronger. He could have stood getting yelled at, a beating, but not this emptiness, as if Sasuke couldn't even face it.

Anger and deception began to build inside of Naruto; clenching his fists he tried not to feel too hurt. He wanted to destroy something to relieve his anger and all his pent up emotions. Should he have expected it?

"You moron! You bloody marked me!" came an angry yell from the bathroom.


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