Your Shadow

Summary: Sakura and Syaoran are engaged in front of the whole school (just to send the girls away from Syaoran) but the truth is: Sakura is just his bodyguard - a very bad one, by the way.

Chapter 1: Last Chocolate
Syaoran's Point of View

April 1, 2006

Touya had been restless all night. I did not go out today and I was supposed to be the one who's going nuts for staying at home all day but no. Kinomoto Touya, my top bodyguard, the very calm guy with a hard look on his face, seemed worried about something.

"What is it, Kinomoto?" I finally asked him. He had been by my side for almost three years but we were so not close to calling each other by our first names.

"Nothing, gaki," he replied coldly. Let me assure you that he does his job quite well but he had always said that respecting me was not part of his job description.

I saw him look at his watch for the -enth time and asked him again, "is something bothering you?"

He didn't reply so I asked him again. "What is it, Kinomoto? You can tell me," I continued. "I don't want my bodyguard to be distracted of something."

I heard him growl at me then sighed. "It's my sister's birthday today. I want to make it at home before she gets there but seeing as no one had come yet to replace me to 'protect' a gaki like you, I guess I have no choice but to stay here."

"Oh," I replied in understanding. "You can go. I'm inside the house, anyway. No harm will come to me."

He looked at me unbelievably. What, he couldn't believe that I have a nice streak in my personality? "I can't leave you unguarded, gaki. You know that," he said quietly.

I had to admit that Touya acts like a brother that I never had. But oh God, he sure knew how to be over-protective. I wondered how his little sister bears with him.

"I can take care of myself," I told him. "And you know that, too." I said to him with the same tone that he used on me a little while ago.

Just before he replied, another man entered the room and bowed. He took his position by the door and it was the cue for Touya to go.

"See you tomorrow, gaki," he said, taking off his communication thing and handing it to the new guy. "You can call me if you need me."

"Tell your sister I said happy birthday!" I called back to him before he completely exited the room.

I never really met his sister. According to Touya, she was seven years younger than him and totally different from him, starting off with her eyes and her hair. Occasionally, when Touya and I were bored and too tired to argue, he would start talking about his sister.

Of course, she knew what her brother's job was but she could care less, Touya mentioned one time. She did not care that her brother was the bodyguard of the most wanted heir of the most powerful clan in Hong Kong, hiding out in Japan.

Yeah, I found it interesting that she did not care at all.

April 2, 2006

I looked at the person on the bed. It was really Kinomoto, indeed. I didn't want to believe the news at first but I guess they were true.

Touya Kinomoto, possibly the toughest guy I would ever know, lay unconscious. The only sign that he was alive was the steady up and down of his chest. Other than that, he could pass as a dead person to me.

Glancing around the small hospital room, my eyes landed on the person sleeping on a chair near Kinomoto's bed. It was a girl, peacefully sleeping. I did not notice her when I came in. I would blame this dimly lit room.

Her leather jacket served as her blanket. Her legs were resting on a high foot rest with cushions. Her hair was practically covering her face and her arms were obviously crossed in front of her chest.

As if on cue, she started stirring. She slowly stretched out her arms in front, causing her jacket to fall. With very quick reflexes, she caught it before it even touched the ground. Oblivious of my presence, she looked at Touya, sighed and went over to the bed to hold his hand.

It suddenly struck me that I was watching this girl very carefully. My eyes were following her every move. Knowing that I could go on staring at her, I decided to get her attention.

"Hey," I whispered and then I saw her jump hearing my voice. She let go Touya's hand and squinted at my direction. Yes, the room was close to pitch black.

Moments later, her body straightened up and was fully alert.

"Who are you?" she demanded then turned the lights up, making the room a little brighter.

The new light hurt my eyes so I closed them for a while. Once I opened my eyes (and I was sure it was less than two seconds, so maybe it was more of a blink), the girl was just a few feet away from me. She was definitely fast. I didn't even hear any footsteps.

"Oh, it's you," she said slowly after taking a more proper look at me. "Good evening, Mr. Li."

I smirked. "How did you know it's me?" I asked her. I guess the 'disguise' did not work. "And who are you?"

"Kinomoto Sakura," she replied. "Touya's sister. And for the record, that is obviously a wig so yeah… And I guess you're the only person who would visit my brother in the middle of the night."

"Sorry for disturbing you," I said sincerely. "How is he?"

She went back to sit down on her chair, not bothering to ask me to sit down as well but I did anyway. So there we were, each on the side of Kinomoto. I glanced at her again. This was the sister Kinomoto mentioned. We met at last.

I finally understood where he got his protectiveness instincts – from this fragile girl! Who would want to see her hurt?

"He's stable," she answered. "The doctors are not sure when he will wake up."

"But he will, right? Eventually?"

That was a stupid question.

She scoffed and glared at me suddenly. "Why? Because you need your top bodyguard really quickly? You know, this must be the big break he deserves after years of protecting you so just leave him alone."

This girl was putting the blame on me. Predictable. Her brother is in a comatose state. He was attacked last night. Outnumbered, that was what I heard. He was on his way home… because it was his sister's birthday!

Not knowing what else to say, I lamely said, "belated happy birthday."

It was a gloomy greeting and she frowned more.

"Look," I continued. "I didn't want to make him go out on the streets that night. He insisted because he said it was your birthday and… you've been putting him off lately and he thought coming back home on your birthday would make you happy. He insisted on walking." I sighed.

"But you can blame me all you want. It's basically my fault. I should have had escorts with him. He made so many enemies for protecting me. The least I can do is to take the blame."

"I think your paying the bills is more than enough already," she said, gently this time. "I'm not really blaming you. I blame him," she nodded towards Kinomoto, "for being so hard-working… so loyal… so dedicated to his work." She paused. "I appreciate your letting him go on my birthday even though this happened."

She was really the reason of Kinomoto's protectiveness instincts! She… Her personality was so… It made me wonder if she was even capable of keeping grudges or hurting someone else or exploding in anger.

Her whole being was so delicate. Even though I did not know her quite well, just by looking at her, I could pretty much tell. I would love to be her brother as well, to protect her from the temptations of evil in this world.

Sakura turned to me and forced a smile. She held out her hand, I shook it. "It was nice finally meeting you," she said warmly, shaking my hand.

"Same here," I replied. She let go quickly.

"You can stay here for a while if you want," she said, putting on her jacket. "I'll just go get something to eat." She took her bag on the couch and exited the room.

Sakura's Point of View

It felt weird. Li and I shaking hands over Touya's body. For a moment, I thought my brother would wake up and start his over-protectiveness fiasco. As much as I didn't want his protectiveness, I was disappointed when he didn't even comment on me touching a guy's hand. His boss' hand.

I exhaled up to my bangs and opened the door of the room. I closed it quietly behind me and then the next thing I know, someone grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back.

It hurt so I did what I was trained to do. I knocked out the guy by hitting the back of his head. Another man attacked me but I was faster this time and was able to point the gun (from my bag) at the unknown guy.

"Who are you? Are you sent to finish off my brother?" I asked, very angrily.

Another figure appeared along the corridor. "Touya's your brother?" he said, not quite believing.

"I should have known," the guy that I was pointing the gun at said. "You're as tough as your brother."

"You sure knocked out Ken here," the newcomer commented as he looked at the unconscious guy on the floor. "We're Li's bodyguards."

I slowly put my gun down and put it back inside my bag. That was when I noticed their uniform, same as Touya's! I let out a forced laugh.

"Hehe," I said slowly. "Sorry!" I bowed at them many times as an apology. "I didn't know! And he attacked me first!" I pointed accusingly at the Ken guy.

"He didn't know who you were," the newcomer said. "We didn't know that you were in the room. Mr. Li insisted to go in alone."

"I'm really sorry," I walked towards the Ken guy and helped the two men to hold him up.

"We're sorry, too," the men said. And I knew that their sorry included sympathy for my brother.

"I'll tell Mr. Li what happened," I offered and opened the door. "Wait here," I told them.

I saw Li beside my brother's bed. He was talking to him but stopped when he heard me come in.

"I just knocked out one of your bodyguards," I confessed quickly and shut my eyes tightly, afraid of his reaction.

This was Li Syaoran! The most powerful heir to the Li clan in Hong Kong!

Instead of an angry blow, I heard him chuckle. I opened one eye to look at him. He was still sitting down and had only merely turned his head to face me.

"You are Kinomoto's sister!" he said. He turned to my brother. "Get well soon."

He then stood up from his chair and walked towards me. I was still expecting an angry outburst so I shut my eyes again.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said with a smirk.

I blushed in shame. "I'm really sorry," I mumbled, letting him walk out of the room first. "And he really attacked me first!" Being defensive as I was, I showed my wrist where the Ken guy touched me. It was still red.

"Let's get that checked," he said then signaled the two guys holding the Ken guy to follow him to the emergency room.

When we reached the corridor, splitting up to the exit and the emergency room, I stopped walking. "I don't need it checked," I assured him. "I'll go now. And I'm really, really sorry for this."

I opened my bag and took out a bar of chocolate. My last one. Oh well, I'll just buy more.

I slipped in the chocolate bar inside Ken's jacket's pocket that hung loosely on one man's shoulder. "Tell him I gave him that," I told them.

Bowing one last time to all of them, I walked towards the exit to the darkness of the streets.

Preview of Chapter 2:
Syaoran's Point of View

Kinomoto Sakura, a secret service agent as well? She was at the same league as her brother… as each of my bodyguards?

"Sakura Kinomoto," I jumped hearing the name. I didn't want to know where this was going. "She still goes to school. You'll attend the same school as her – there you go, one bodyguard."

I watched her as she took off her jacket before settling down on the chair. "Well let me tell you now," Sakura said. "Most of the assignments that the agency gives me are more of baby-sitting." I didn't see the big deal. "I don't think I can manage to baby-sit someone like you."

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End of Chapter 1