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"Sakura-chan is my first true love. Ok…So it MAY have been a one-sided affair, but it still is love. I mean…before I even knew Hinata, I loved Sakura. Her wit, her beauty, her…"

Her what?

"OH…MY…GOSH…Is that all I like about her? THINK you DUMBO! What else?"

He tapped his head, "Definitely not her brute strength…not her bitchy attitude…Maybe I'm just tired…When I wake up tomorrow, I can think of this again,"

With a sigh, he heaved himself onto his bed, not bothering to change his clothes. He fell into a deep sleep, but even in his dreams, there seemed to be one girl who overrode all the terrible nightmares that constantly disrupted his sleep.

The one girl his mind seemed to be in denial about loving, but his subconscious didn't lack any problems there.

"Hinata…" he murmured.

Sunlight spilled out from the window above Chidori's bed. Slowly, her eyes opened. She stayed motionless for awhile, before clasping her eyes with her hands.

"I had to do it…I had to…Otherwise she wouldn't have been safe," Chidori whispered to herself reassuringly.

She slowly released her hands.

Heaving a sigh, she got up and headed to the common bathroom.

At 5.30am sharp, Naruto, Hinata and Chidori were eating their breakfast. A simple fare of toast and jam.

"I'm surprised you're actually early N…Naruto-kun," Hinata commented as she took a bite of her toast.

"I'm always punctual when it comes to missions," he scoffed, wolfing down his toast with vigor.

"Sure you are…" Chidori rolled her eyes as she smothered her piece of toast with blackcurrant jam.

She earned herself a glare from the blonde shinobi.

"Anyway, if we really want to be on time, I suggest we leave at 6.30," Chidori smiled as she got up from the table, her wet hair swayed gently to fall on her shoulders.

She washed her plate in the sink and went to her room to change.

Naruto munched on his toast as he glanced at Hinata, "So when would you like to start your training?"

Hinata blinked at him.

"Ninjutsu, taijutsu…you know…ninja training?" he smiled.

"Oh…OH!" she smiled brightly, "Anytime!"

"Hmm…How far are you in terms of jutsus?"

"Well, I can use substitution jutsu, camouflage jutsus and I'm quite advanced in terms of genjutsu," Hinata mentally ticked off.

"Why's that?"

"Kurenai-sensai seemed quite adamant in passing down the genjutsu techniques she knew. So she trained me quite hard in that area, until she…" Hinata trailed off as sadness engulfed her.

For awhile, neither of the two said anything.

"I'm sure she must have been a great sensai…"

"She was…A…Anyway…um…I…that's all I know in regards to jutsus," Hinata sighed.

"That's not a bad start. When we get back, I'll start teaching you how to jump over walls and stuff, but I'm guessing you'll master them in a synch if you are good at genjutsu," he laughed before taking his and Hinata's empty plates to wash.

"Why don't you take a shower while I clean up here?"

Hinata smiled, and slowly nodded.

She went to her room, with the intention of grabbing an outfit and towel, but then she caught sight of the unopened shopping bags.

'I'm definitely going to need help…' she groaned as she went to knock on Chidori's door.

"Um, Chidori?" Hinata called out.


"I need your help with something…" a slight blush crossed her pale cheeks.

Naruto's emerged from the kitchen, having cleaned up the place; for once in his life.

At the same time, Chidori's door opened, to reveal her wearing a fitting, turquoise blue tank top, and light grey, bloomer, mid-thigh shorts. She wore stripped knee-length socks that were of the same grey and turquoise colours.

Black flats adorned her dainty feet, and she had tied her forehead protector on her wrist.

Her hands, which were protected by black fingerless gloves, were tying her long hair into two loose braids.

Hinata spoke softly to the brunette who nodded and followed Hinata to her room.

Hinata almost closed the door behind her, but then, her head peeped out once again, "I think you should use the bathroom first Naruto-kun!"

He blinked as the door closed shut.

"You want me to help you with your wardrobe?" Chidori smiled.

"Well…When Naruto took me shopping, we bought a lot of clothes…but…I'm kind of unsure as to what clothing is suitable for what occasion…" Hinata nervously laughed, as she closed the door to her room.

"In that case, we could do that after the meeting!" Chidori piped up.

"Yes, well…Other than two kimonos, and the outfit I wore yesterday, everything else is in the bags..." she pocked her index fingers together.

"OH! Well…We have to leave at 6.30, so we have 45 minutes to sort out at least some of your clothing," Chidori eyed the numerous plastic bags that had been stacked neatly in a corner of the room.

"You weren't exaggerating when you said you bought a lot of clothes…" Chidori smiled when she saw Hinata blush.

"…But since you came to this country with nothing, it would seem to be only natural for you to buy this many clothes,"

"How did you know I came to this country with nothing?" Hinata asked, slightly perplexed.

"Well…If you had brought something along with you, and if it was of any importance, it would only seem natural to take display it in your room, but there doesn't seem to be anything like that around," Chidori concluded.

Hinata shifted uneasily.

"But that's good,"

Hinata looked up, "How can that be good?"

"You can have a fresh start…Now, there's nothing around to remind you of whatever experiences you might have had in the past,"

"You're wrong…"

Chidori's eyebrows shot up, "In what way?"

Hinata slowly walked to the full length mirror that was in her room, "Each time I look in the mirror, I'm reminded of my past…I can't help but think how weak, useless and helpless I was…and I still am…"

Chidori walked up behind her, a pile of clothes in her hand.

"Well, I see somebody who's working to be nothing like she was in the past. You have us to help you through this Hinata-san! Don't forget that!" Chidori smiled before handing the pile over to Hinata.

Then she glanced at the other untouched bags and began to laugh evilly, rubbing her hands together with great gusto, "Now where were we?"

Naruto combed his hair in front of the mirror. He looked at his reflection and sighed. He then shook his unruly hair and repeated the actions to relieve himself of the boredom he felt.

"What the heck are the two of them doing in there?" he growled and glanced at the clock.


He paced in the living room and then finally settled himself onto the couch.

He glanced around, coming to terms with the silence that engulfed him.

How had he lived alone for all these years? How could he have possibly survived?

He hated to admit it, but after Hinata and Chidori had taken up residence in his apartment, life seemed to be more joyful…or at least more exciting.

Chidori was just like the younger sister he never had. Arguing, teasing…

Hinata on the other hand…what could he say about her? He enjoyed her company, he loved talking to her…he liked everything about her! From her physique to her personality…

Even though they had only been around for a couple of days, he couldn't imagine resuming the solitary life he used to lead before their arrival.

In fact…

His train of thoughts were disrupted when he heard giggles coming from Hinata's room.

A vein popped from his head, "That does it!"

He went to the kitchen to grab a glass, and stuck it to the door, placing his ear at the other end.

And for once in his life, he waited patiently.

"And then I accidentally reached for the salt instead of the baking powder! After the cake was done baking; I nearly broke my head trying to figure out why it was so flat…until I tasted it myself of course! My mother joked that we could give the recipe to the Hokage so that it could be used as a device for torture!" Hinata laughed at her misadventures.

Chidori laughed along with her, and then her eyes caught sight of something from the pile of clothes.

"WEAR THIS TODAY!" she yelled at Hinata.

Hinata could only stare at the outfit Chidori had procured from the mess.

Her left hand held a loose, lavender, woolen knit top with long sleeves. On her right hand, she held a fitting, grey, mid-thigh skirt.

"Isn't that…kind of short?" Hinata blinked.

Chidori looked at her, then at the skirt.

"Oh come on Hinata-chan! Flaunt those curvaceous legs you have!" Chidori thrust the clothes at her and pushed her towards the door.

Hinata glanced around, looking for tights or leggings that may have been lying around.

Chidori grabbed the rest of the clothes out of Hinata's reach and pointed, once again, to the door.

"I may not be able to see the future like you, but I know exactly what you're thinking," she huffed as she waited for the older girl to exit the room.

With a sigh, Hinata unlocked the door and proceeded to the bathroom.


Naruto's eyebrows raised in alarm as he heard the sound of the lock.

Quickly, he scrambled up from his place and jumped onto the sofa, with the glass in hand.

He whistled an unknown tune, feigning ignorance as Hinata walked to the common bathroom.

When he heard the bathroom door lock, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"It would have been darn embarrassing if Hinata caught me eavesdropping on their conversation," he grimaced, then laughed at his idiocy, but slowly his laughter faded off as he remembered the ending of the conversation.

"I wonder what Chidori meant when she said 'I may not be able to see the future like you…'?" he pondered aloud.

By 7.00am, all the Jiinchuuriki members had assembled in the Kazekage's office.

Naruto, Hinata and Chidori had arrived early, with at least ten minutes to spare. The three chatted with the other members who had also come early.

Hinata slowly petted Kiba's humongous dog, Akamaru. He whined in delight.

Oh how she loved dogs...

"Akamaru likes you! Though I have to admit I can see why…" he gently teased her, causing Hinata to blush.

Naruto – who had been talking to Shikamaru on how to play Shoji – stole a glance at Hinata. To his surprise, he felt a twinge of jealousy stab his heart, as he watched Kiba talk to Hinata.

Before he could mentally berate himself, Gaara walked in with a brown-headed girl.

Hinata looked closely at the girl, trying to figure out why she looked so familiar, and then she realized that it was Matsuri.

Shyly, Hinata waved at her. Matsuri, caught Hinata's wave and winked back.

"Alright everyone, listen carefully, as I don't want to repeat myself," Gaara glared at the Jinchuuriki members in front of him.

"All of you will be placed in a holding room. Each of you will be called by Matsuri…" he gestured to the girl beside him, "…individually into my office, where I will debrief you on your missions. After I have debriefed you, you are to return back to your house and prepare yourself for your mission immediately. Whatever mission that I have assigned to you must be kept confidential. In other words, you are not to tell anyone, even fellow Jinchuuriki members, about your mission,"

The group seemed a bit stunned, but nevertheless, they nodded their heads.

"We'll go in random order starting with you Haruno," he pointed at the pink haired girl.

She remained behind as the rest of the group was led to a holding room.

"Does Gaara-san always allocate missions like this?" Hinata whispered to Naruto.

"Nah. He usually just tells us our missions in front of the other members. If he does something like this, he probably suspects something…" Naruto drawled off.

"Like the possibility that one of us could be a spy?" she continued.

"Yeah. Like the poss…ibility…How did you know that?" Naruto asked abruptly.

"A hunch I guess…" Hinata smiled at the blonde.

Naruto grinned back, silently observing the clothing she was wearing.

The lavender knit-top, hid her curvaceous figure, but the fitted grey skirt emphasized on her hips. It showed her creamy legs to an advantage. Her feet had been protected by simple, yet feminine, ninja sandals.

Naruto gulped as he tried to keep his gaze forward, instead of to his right, where Hinata walked beside him.

This was going to be a long day…

Hinata and Naruto watched as one by one, the Jinchuuriki members were called from their rooms, until finally, they were the last two left.

With a sigh, Hinata glanced around at the empty room, wondering if the Kazekage would even give her a mission.

After what seemed like hours, Matsuri called them to the Kazekage's office.

She shut the door behind them, and then situated herself behind the Kazekage's chair.

"Both of you must be wondering why I called you two together," Gaara leaned his chin on his left palm.

Lazily, he picked up a pen with his right hand and began to spin it on his table.

"Matsuri will explain the situation to the both of you, ask any questions if necessary. Matsuri," he picked up a pile of papers and began flipping through them.

"Hai. My team has been hearing rumours that a psychic lives in the Rice Field Country"

"Rice Field Country? Isn't that where the Hidden Sound Village is?" Naruto asked perplexed.


"Why the hell would a psychic hide in enemy territory?" Naruto pondered aloud.

"It may be a rumour…" Matsuri started.

"Or perhaps it isn't," Hinata interrupted as she twiddled her index fingers together.

Naruto gazed up at her.

"From what I've heard about Orochimaru, he's proud, arrogant and vicious. In fact, his pride will keep him from searching within the country he guards for a psychic. He thinks he's infallible, and that none of the psychics would be 'dumb' enough to try and infiltrate his territory, and that's exactly why a psychic could be there. I mean, nobody would think that a psychic would live right under Orochimaru's nose," Hinata concluded.

Gaara pried his gaze from his papers.

"That's precisely what I thought myself. So I need to send ninja I trust for this job. I know that both of you are trust-worthy enough in my eyes," his gaze directed at Hinata.

She gulped.

Was it just her, or had the Kazekage tried directing that at her?

"Your mission is to infiltrate the Rice Field Country, and bring back the psychic here,"

"But Gaara, you do realize that Orochimaru has tightened his defenses around the Rice Field Country, don't you? I heard it's nearly impossible to get in now," Naruto commented.

"I know, which is why I'm going to do this. Hinata, this is your mission. You are to travel to Bird country in three days time. Chidori will be traveling with you. She will then leave after a month to her next mission. The Daimyou Toki, has agreed to house you there as a lady-in-waiting for three months. You'll take the name Kishimoto Hinata. You're history is that you moved to Bird Country 5 years ago after your family died in a massacre in the Whirlpool Country," Hinata nodded.

"Meanwhile, Naruto you are to go to Grass Country. The Daimyou there has created a false profile for you. Your name will remain unchanged; Uzumaki Naruto, you were born and raised in grass country. You're working as a highly-skilled gardener. You have no living relatives," Naruto smiled.

"A highly-skilled gardener?"

"Yes…Well, according to Haruno-san, you seem to have a talent in that area," Gaara replied.

"SAKURA NOTICED?" Naruto grinned, "Oh yes! Maybe she's finally falling for me!"

The dense blonde failed to see a certain raven-headed girl bite her lip in dismay.

"Yes, well…back to the mission…" he gave Naruto a warning look.

"Yea, yea Gaara! You don't need to be so serious all the time," Naruto smiled.

Gaara smirked at the blonde.

Naruto will always be Naruto…

"Anyway, after about 2 months, both of you will be taking a 'vacation' to the Earth Country's Hidden Rock Village. I will send you both letters to tell you when to move out. The both of you will happen to stay at the same inn, and hence after, you fall in love, etc. etc. and get married, you will then have your honeymoon in Taki. Naruto will ask for a job transfer to the Rice field Country, while Hinata will quit her job and…"

"WAIT!" Naruto cried.

"What?" Gaara asked, slightly annoyed.

"Repeat what you just said,"

"You will ask for a job trans…"

"No before that!"

"You will fall in love, etc. etc. and get married. You will…"

"Married?" Naruto echoed.

"Yes," Gaara nodded.

"As in the union of man and woman…"


"The whole, 'Till death do us part,' thing?"

"Yes…" Gaara's eye twitched.

"B…But we barely know each other! We can't get married!" Naruto protested.

"Yes…But for the sake of the mission, you need to," Matsuri interjected.

"Will we be legally married, or is this a false marriage?" Hinata burst in.

"Unless you want anyone to find out that this whole thing is a set-up, it has to be a legal marriage," Matsuri worriedly looked at Hinata.

Nobody moved…

He's going to be married to a monster…

She's going to be married to a demon…

"Hinata-san," Gaara slowly spoke.


"There's another reason why we need to get the two of you married,"

Naruto perked up.

Gaara passed a flyer to the girl.

'WANTED: Dead or Alive

Name: Hyuuga Hinata

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Description: Has long black hair and byakugan eyes.

Thin and scrawny.


Reward: 1 million yen'

Hinata's eyes widened.

"W…what is this?" her hands gripped the paper violently.

"Your father has issued this to almost all of the major countries. He wants you back Hinata-san," Gaara replied, leaning back in his chair.

'No…This can't be happening…'

"The picture they put up of you was taken when you were a kid, so your pursuers won't be able to know what you really look like. However, with your byakugan eyes, you're a dead giveaway,"

Hinata could barely absorb what Gaara had been telling her, her eyes fixed on the flyer in front of her.

Her heart nearly broke.

"What's going to happen to me?"

"Bounty hunters are obviously going to come looking for you. Which is why I need a strong ninja to be there for you at all times," he glanced at Naruto.

I'm causing everyone so much trouble…

I'm hindering their plans…

I can't let that happen…

"I'll go back to Konoha," she declared suddenly, "If I'm with all of you, I might put your secret organization at risk. Orochimaru may find out that you guys are planning a coup d'état right under his nose," she announced.

"That isn't going to happen," Naruto strongly declared.

Hinata looked up.

"I made a promise never to leave you alone, and I never break promises. You aren't going back to that place," his eyes met Hinata's.

Immediately, a sense of relief flooded her being.

"We knew you were going to say something like that!" Matsuri laughed.

"That's why the only way out of this mess is if Hinata gets married,"

"How does getting married solve anything?" Hinata's voice wavered slightly.

"Since you are of legal age, you can get married. Once you get married, you change your maiden name, hence, your father has no authority over you anymore. It leaves you free to live your life," Gaara explained eyeing the Hyuuga with concern.

Hinata buried her face into her hands,

"Of course, after the mission is over, the two of you could get divorced and resume your lives…" Matsuri rushed on.

Naruto and Hinata, however, seemed to be caught up in their own worlds.

Would she mind marrying me?

Would he mind marrying me?

Would they ever agree to the proposition?

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