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One day when Naruto and Kiba got very bored, they were sitting there eating ramen.

"I'm telling you Kiba! Sakura has a bigger chest than Hinata!!" Naruto almost yelled making tons of people turn and look at them.

"What," He yelled at the people. The guys who turned to them just turned back to what they were doing, mumbling something about hormones. The ladies all shot him death glares, and turned back to what they were doing.

"Nu-uh Naruto… Have you ever seen Hinata without her Jacket off?" Kiba asked, Naruto shook his head.

"Have you?" Naruto asked Kiba.

"Well duh, she is on my team and I do train with her! She is hot but don't tell her that, it's a secret," Kiba exclaimed.

"Really," Naruto asked.

"Yes! What size cup do you think she is?" Kiba asked Naruto.

"There are different cups? I thought they were just made out of material that stretches to fit!" Naruto exclaimed slightly confused.

"… Dude, where have you been? Everyone knows that there are different size cups!!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Well SOR-RY!" Naruto exclaimed angrily.

"What ever Naruto, all I am saying is Hinata's are is bigger!" Kiba almost yelled. Just then Hinata walked by.

"Hold on Naruto, I'll prove it to you!" He said and went to go talk to Hinata. He walked over to her and started talking to her.

"Hey Hinata, do you want to join me and Naruto for Ramen?" He asked and before she could even answer he had grabbed her hand and was pulling her towards where him and Naruto were sitting. He sat down and motioned for her to too, which she did (big mistake!).

"K-Kiba, is there any reason i-in particular t-that you pulled me h-here?" Hinata asked quietly.

"… No not really!" He exclaimed happily. Hinata then realized that Naruto was eyeing her like a hawk; it made her feel very awkward. She turned to Kiba.

"W-Why is he l-looking at me l-like that?" She whispered/asked, a little weirded out by him watching her.

"Hn… O you mean Naruto; well I told him that you had a bigger chest than Sakura. So he's checking!" Kiba said quickly and excitedly.

"Kiba, you did wh…." She was cut off by Kiba quickly unzipping and pulling off her jacket.

"K-KIBA!!!" She said so loud, you would not have guessed she could of!

"Look Naruto! LOOK!" He said very loud. 'So that's what she's been hiding all of these years! A CHEST, they are defiantly bigger than Sakuras!! Naruto thought. Before either Naruto or Kiba knew what was happening, Hinata had ran into the girls bathroom! They (Naruto and Kiba) both got up and ran to the door, but stopped when they saw it had Woman (I just have to say one thing! If you didn't get the joke! The joke is WO man don't go I there! Well anyways) written on the door.

"Hinata, Come out!" Naruto and Kiba said at the same time.

"No way, not after that!" She said without shuddering, which surprised all three of them.

"Come on Hinata, It now that bad!" Kiba said.

"N-O, NO!" Hinata said.

"Fine then we are coming in!" Naruto exclaimed.

"…. Naruto this is a girl's bathroom, I'm not going in there!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Fine then, let's ask Hinata if there are any girls in there," he said turning to the door, "Are there any girls in here Hinata?" Naruto asked

"...No," she said, 'Why on earth do they want to know that?' she thought.

"Well," Naruto said opening the door, "then we're coming in!" He exclaimed.

"WHAT!" Hinata screeched, just then the door opened. Hinata went into one of the stalls quickly, and locked the door.

"Kiba, climb under and get her!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Heck no Naruto, you do it!" Kiba responded.

"…Fine then, I'll get her!" Naruto exclaimed and started climbing under the stall door!

"AH, Naruto what the flip," Hinata shrieked loudly.

"Ha-ha!" Naruto laughed as he grabbed Hinata's hand.

"… Let go of my hand Naruto!" She exclaimed, as Naruto unlocked the door. Naruto picked up Hinata since she wouldn't move. Just then Ino and Sakura walked in the bathroom.


"Go Kiba, go! I got her!" Naruto yelled and ran out of the, bathroom still carrying Hinata. When he got out of the bathroom a lot of people were staring at them.

"Kiba, keep going," Naruto exclaimed. They ran off towards Naruto's house

to be continued

Kiba: what the heck!

Naruto: why the heck did you stop there? Come on!

Hinata: Ewww! You two went in the woman's bathroom! That's so wrong!

Leona (author): Lol! Sorry Naruto, cliffhanger! Hinata, it might be wrong but you have to admit! IT'S HILAROUS!!

Kiba: Why did you even write this?

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